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Evo Color Dump

By rainrach
I actually DO art still, I promise! I swear! I just do little snippits here and there and forget to post them...till one day I consider posting and--LE GASP--I have a WHOLE SLEW of Evo stuff I can quilt together to throw at you! DANCE, MAGIC DANCE!

Starting at the top left we have a simply-styled, McCracken-inspired, saucy Jean Grey;

Going clockwise is an unintentionally somewhat Bryan Lee O'Malley-looking Todd;

In the upper right-hand corner is a MUCH more my-styled Lance, sporting a charming grin, might I add;

Below them is ~ThePast's version of genderbended Remy--Renee a delight to draw--a real quick coloring job though;

Speaking of quick-coloring jobs, below Renee is *BlazeRocket's version of Wanda from her ever popular fan comic series Evo Everlasting;

And finally, a not-so-quick coloring job and the NEWEST of all these sketches, the one I finished today, Pietro's head.

WHEW. See. I do stuff. It just lies around until I remember I have it. Fun times.
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brensey's avatar
Wanda looks like she's cosplaying Betty Boop
MatchaEle's avatar
I see big improvement!
Toad is awesome as always, oh you :heart:
I like all pics, make moar!
Personally, I love the Maximoffs at the bottom the most.
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Wow, awesome. Gotta love Wanda boobies, but Lance's expression wins for me.
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
Pietros' head is my favourite in this, followed by Wandas' jugs, Jeans' pointiness, and Lances' smirk.
valeriadgarcia's avatar
Jean reminds me of Ms. Bellum from the powerpuff girls. xD
well done.
comic-nut-001's avatar
Gambit.... is a ...a girl... and he's so... BEAUTIFUL! lol.
ThePast's avatar
GB Remy! GB Remy! 8D

Also, that's some MIGHTY boobie glue that's holding Wanda's dress on.

BlazeRocket's avatar
Not glue. Hex magic :D
ThePast's avatar
Yes, but it's much more fun to say 'boobie glue' :XD:
BlazeRocket's avatar
I cannot argue with your logic. Point yielded to the distinguished lady from New Zealand. u.u
purpletiger's avatar
Why is my favorite picture here Jean? I don't know...
Cold-Creature's avatar
Jean's looking- so like her high and mighty self-- XDD <3 Nah nah- she's gorgeous- I love her legs~
And Lance looks sexy- I just wish he was bigger- and took up more space! ;D
Anyway, gorgeous work- I'm glad you're still doing some art~ <333
*gets out her Labyrinth soundtrack*
BlazeRocket's avatar


I still love that you drew Wanda for me. Forever. And for always. And ever. :iconheartemote:
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