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By rainrach
2nd and final entry to the :iconevo-obsessed-club: Xylophones contest. BARELY on time, might I add.

My favorite misbegotten mutants enjoying a jam session on the side of a hill. They're playing "DayDream" by Lovin' Spoonful. Why? Because I am just that lame. They're up to the part with the whistling...which Todd is providing for them. Awww. That sleepy bull toad. XD;;;

Yeaaaaaaaah, wish I'd started working on this earlier. And, uh, although this has NOTHING to do with the picture...HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody!

The Sketch: [link]

Where's Pietro...? Wait for my next deviation. :evillaugh:
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I wish to can draw such amazing pictures...
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I really love Freddy in this :) Everything looks wonderful. ^-^
Nekooujo's avatar
aww this is cute ^_^
Kemoton-Zurisan's avatar
So peaceful!!
OH! You give me so many great ideas with yer wonderful art and writing!! >W<
>-> *Runs off to doodle*
I love the BG and expressions specially!! ^^
Great job! =3
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You are still making Xmen Evo fanart. That is crazy :D
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I know. How sad is that. 6.6
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No way, man. It's awesome. I wish I had time to finish my comic. XP
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Dude, I wish you did too! I LOVE(D) that comic.
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Such a serene moment for them. You've just inspired me to write more evo fanfiction, and I had just told myself that I was going to concentrate on original stuff in '08. Ah, well.
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That grass is beautiful. Plus the entire tone of the drawing. Love Lance's lanky-ness. And the world never hurts for more Freddy love.

Plus: You entered my contest. And for that, I <3 you.
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Oh my gosh peitro did houdini

this is awsome i love all the color
Fangirl-of-Doom's avatar
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Wow, that looks incerdible. I love the posing, really nicely done.
Yami-Neko-Tsuki's avatar
Me likey. My brain isn't coming up with anything other than that at the moment. XD

...I know this is completely unintentional, but a few of the entries go pretty well together. Uncanny.
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Awww! that's cute!

And I love the grassy effect.

This is really, really well done!

Good luck (again) ;P
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Ok ok, maybe you do have a reason to brag after all =P

Very well done and hey, the grass turned out pretty bloody good, and yes, they are lovely clouds.

Yay for Freddie, he really doesn't get drawn enough.
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This is really cool. :D The grass and the clouds look reeeeeally nice, especially the clouds. The clouds are freaking awesome. I really like Lance's pants, and their wrinkles and the holes in them. It looks great! I think Lance is my favorite part of this picture. :P This is really nice overall. I DO wonder where Pietro is. Great work!

Yaaaay, Happy Halloweeeeeen! :love:
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I really, really like their shoes.
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First commet!!!Yay!The three most LOYAL brotherhood members!Must fav.
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