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Anything for Jean

By rainrach
Finally I get a chance to submit this! I created this back in November for the 2011 Evo Calendar. I was lucky enough to scoop up February. The actual calendar cut off the sides, so a lot of my references were cut off by the border. LE SAD. However, you can see them all here! Oo la la!

Rogue's had enough of all this unwarranted attention Jean is receiving. I have a feeling THIS vaguely malicious plan may backfire though....

The boys that are hitting on Jean are actually my OCs, my sister's OC, and then a random guy. We're allowed to use our own OCs if they aren't OBVIOUSLY OCs. You'd look at them and just think they were random people, so. IT'S OKAY THEN. The OCs are Ross (the blond), Nick (redhead in the orange), Kail (black hair), and another OC from a project I haven't really shared on here before...and don't intend to now.

Ohhhh Jean. 'Dem boy'll do anything for you.
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Someone gave Jean a live puppy
flash600's avatar
When the snowball hits her she'll proabally laugh and then get into a snowball fight with Rouge
flash600's avatar
Jean looks a little overwhelmed
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Rogue: I have a snowball with your name on it Jean. XD
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My goodness, you know...I'm not overly surprised! Jean always seem to have this effect on the boys :giggle: Poor Rogue, I love how sly she looks! I also am really impressed by how much detail has gone into this-the clutter of gifts, including a puppy, that charming little pavilion in the background and even the names carved into the tree let alone their costume designs! Wonderful work, this is very nice portrayal of a multi-character event and your line art is so clean!
LapisLazuliLynx's avatar
I love you Rogue! :love: Nail her between the eyes!! Snowball 
She's gonna Fastball Special Jean's face! WOOOOOO!!!!!
Linx8489's avatar
omg rogue through it at her itll be funny~!!!
herofan135's avatar
LOL! This is so great!
7disney7's avatar
ha! this is so perfect! i loved the dynamic they used to have there! great work!
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I dont think my previous comment went through for some reason. Hmm.
Okay. This. This is perfect. Get her with that snowball, Rogue!
...Also. Little angry Duncan is hilarious.
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This. This is perfect. Get her with that snowball, Rogue!
...Also. The little angry Duncan cracks me up so hard.
TheScratchMan's avatar
Wait, I just noticed... what are those initials carved into the tree in the heart? It looks like J.B+P.M to me, but... Hm...
rainrach's avatar
J.G. + D.M. (Jean Grey + Duncan Matthews) ;)
TheScratchMan's avatar
Hm... Funny lookin' 'G' and 'M' then. :P
rainrach's avatar
It's hard to carve into a tree! Especially if you're a doofy football jock. XD
TheScratchMan's avatar
What's that in Rogue's hand? Something for Jeanie?
Noxali's avatar
I love this, its a wonderful piece, I'm more on Rogue's side though... Probably because the makers tend to make Jean into one of the Biggest Mary-Sue's I've ever seen.
Hahaha, lol, such a lovely present!
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
More awesome every time I look at it.
vocaloidfan1001's avatar
This how I think of Jean and Rogue.Great job in the art. :la:
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