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Cake the Cat Pattern

By RainOwls
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Here you go guys, a pattern for Cake the Cat Plush!

A lot of you have been asking so I made this up, hope it helps :)

I used soft fluffy 4way stretch white fabric for her body, light beige fabric (with stretch) for her spots, and around 2 bags of cotton batting to stuff her with

Cakes eyes are suppose to be white...but I think she looks better with colored eyes because she's basically all white anyway so she has pretty blue eyes instead :)
Shes 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

used ~FlawedRemnant Jake plush as a reference ;)

Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward

Finished product :)

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Great pattern. Are the seam allowances included in the drawings' dimensions or do you have to add them? If they are included, how bug are they? A quarter of an inch? Or half an inch?
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Planning on completing a Fionna cosplay to wear in August and September next year and I am really, really glad that I found this pattern because I wanted a little cake to carry around with me at the cons. :heart:
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and do i hand sew the bottom of the feet?
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this helps so much i am making one for my halloween costume

Inekoitplz  oma gosh it does look better with the blue yet i only have white:omgnoes:
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Hi! :) I really like how your Cake looks! :3
Actually, I'm going to cosplay Fionna so I decided to make a Cake plushie, too. Thank for the patterns. ^^
However, could I ask you for a short manual how to sew all the parts together, please? I'm a total beginner so I would really appreciate that. :))
Thanks for your help eventually! :)
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Which socks from Ardene did you buy? They look really nice so I wanna make sure I find the right one~
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Wow I commented on the wrong picture... OTL
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lol that's alright.
They were white thigh-highs, with 3 light blue stripes. If you cant find them there, American Apparel has them [link]
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Amazing! Do you have a tutorial to go with the pattern????
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Around how many yards of fabric did you use?
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It was scrap fabric (all in bits and pieces) but I think it would be about 1 meter
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Where did you get the fabric from to make this?
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At FabricLand.
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There is a place called FabricLand. Of course there is. I don't have any fabric lands around me o.o
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did you hand sew him
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Thank you SO much for this pattern. :heart: This will make the perfect gift for my friend.
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So about how much fabric did you use of both the white and beige?
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this pattern isnt to scale, if you want it to really work you have to put each piece on a different page to make it fit :3
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Going to attempt this to accompany my Fionna fancy dress costume in a few weeks, I need to make the hat aswell :')
So thanks!
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I got to the part with the eyes, and I'm kind-of clueless on how to make them. ^^ll
Odd faceless cake is really cute anyways.
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How big would you make the tail?
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it's really up to you, her tail is pretty big in the cartoon I made it way smaller so it wouldn't be in the way. It's more of the shape you want I made mine a little over 12" i think but you can make it bigger :)
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Thank you very much!:D
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