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FireClan Mentors and Apprentices
Firestar could hardly wait to start the ceremony.
The camp had barely been designated -- a lovely view above SeaClan's beach territory, on the rocky cliffs near a puddle of water with a constant sound of a waterfall nearby echoed dully through the caves that FireClan decided to make its camp in.
Free from the sun, the caves were cool, the entrance a simple small hole in the side of the cliff that was found almost by accident and decided it would be a nice place to settle down.
Once they had built their nests and designated areas for every warrior, kit and apprentice, finally it was Firestar's time to shine. His Clanmates seemed to be aware of his plan, because they started gathering with him before he even made the announcement. Must have been the smile on his face that tipped them off, for he only wore it when he had something leaderly to do.
"Let all Cats in FireClan gather beneath the Dead Tree for a Clan Meeting!"
The Dead Tree was, in fact, a large slightly charred tree that conne
:iconpatchyfallenstar:PatchyFallenstar 5 2
[oSaC] Well then...

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Pebblepath Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!  
It had been a few days since Pebblepath's shameful return to Haven and she'd done little more since the event other than run the interior of the walls and do her assigned duties. She did no more or no less than what was expected of her and avoided most of the more populated areas of Haven, not wanting to run into Haven's golden boy and submit to another round of mocking again. Today, however, she happened to know that he would be out on a patrol for quite some time, so she finished her responsibilities and strode into the Commons, head held high despite the incident, and moved to sit on her usual sunning rock.
Not too far from the rock, a group of kits was playing. Their squeaks and squeals were obnoxious to an extent, but nothing that would keep her from closing her eyes and relaxing here. So long as none of them de
:iconunaestrella:UnaEstrella 2 0
Fleetpaw Ref by PatchyFallenstar Fleetpaw Ref :iconpatchyfallenstar:PatchyFallenstar 21 10 [ArD] Lily of the Night by iRain-y [ArD] Lily of the Night :iconirain-y:iRain-y 6 2 Last friday night by EternalFyr Last friday night :iconeternalfyr:EternalFyr 5 3
[OSAC] Special Report
Hopflight yawned as he waited on his perch on the roots of the Roost. He was on-duty, waiting for any reports to come in for patrols or any requests to be asked of him so he could take care of them. He made a point to make himself available for at least a couple of hours every day, always at the same time. He'd just finished debriefing Timberstep and Hawkpaw after they examined the wreckage of the weapons after the siege, and it seemed like no one else had been waiting to have a turn after them. He stretched, taking a more comfortable position and watching Hanevers relax in the Commons far away.
Firkeeper led the way to the Roost, strides purposeful and strong. She gave Flightpaw a reassuring nod despite the worry boiling in her stomach. Her eyes fell on Hopflight. Here we go, she thought, taking a deep breath. The whole walk home she had been rehearsing what she wanted to say. Now she found m
:iconmarciedio:MarcieDio 2 3
A Show of Faith .:Rp:.
Sootpaw tracked down Dovepaw in much the way he had tracked down everyone else. He jogged forward, calling out to her, without using her name. His expression was tight, but focused. He sat down nearby, waiting for the dame to turn her full attention to him, tail curled up around his paws.
The black tom twisted his gaze around to look at their surroundings. There was something akin to interest in his eyes as he gazed at the trees, but he didn't say anything else. His ears twitched as a copper-furred tom passed, laughing quietly at what the dame next to him said.
Dovepaw had been padding through Haven, arching wide away from the commons, not exactly looking for another issue like the day before. At a familiar voice calling out, she paused, stormy gaze flickering over her shoulder to peer curiously back at Sootpaw. Was he talking to her? Watching him sit nearby, she blinked, but he clearly wanted something from her- which was odd, but caught her curiosity.
:iconouttsider:Outtsider 5 2
unseen | osac
Deep breath. Close eyes. Leap forward.
Exhale. Open eyes.
Five rocks, each different colors. Grey, bluish, reddish black, pale white, pale white. One - no, two were sharp on one edge, the kind of rock Crow would nilly avoid when walking. The rest were smooth; the reddish black was largest, about the size of his paw, but not terribly heavy.
There were small, almost shiny creatures marching along in a line beside the grey rock; they crawled over the sharp edge as though it was smooth, as though the sharpness didn't affect their trek.
He wished them well on their venture.
Sometimes, an injury unto one is barely seen by another.
Carefully, he turned and closed his eyes, creeping forward through the wide clearing as he found his way through the small area. He crept toward the edge this time, moving to the roots of a gnarled tree, one that looked like wind had battered and beaten it until it had grown so strong the wind had no say anymore. Carefully, he examined the tree’s hard
:iconarorion:AROrion 4 1
cloth and bone | osac
Sootpaw had spent quite a while asking some of the adults where he could find "that one annoying kit who pretends to be nice." When he finally got a firm answer, he let out a slow breath before turning away without a thank you. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to talk him into doing this for him, but he knew that he was going to need support if he was going to get anywhere with the delusional dame. "Hey," Sootpaw called as he got closer, jogging forward a little bit in case the kitten decided to rush off. He wasn't exactly ready to be forced to track this same kitten down twice in the same day.
Crow looked up from his grooming, finding that doing it without the scrapscarf on was a different experience. Something absently wondered if he should take it off every time now - though he might have it as a habit before he got it back. He shook his head to get out of it, looking to Soot with a distracted expression. "What'
:iconarorion:AROrion 3 1
second set of eyes | osac
Crow had wandered aeay from the Commons after the stories debacle. He had been paying attention this time, to the leaves and the bark and the strands of grass that felt like fur not quite clean. He'd also been aware of Dove quietly tailing him the entire way there. The had made his way to the Eye. He sat upon the edge of the glassy surface, casting his gaze over his shoulder. "You wanted to talk, Dove?"
Dove trailed quietly behind Crow, studying him, the way the slight breeze moved his fur, the way he carried himself. Trying to sort him out, sort out what was wrong, how she could help. She watched him sit, watched him focus on her, and she moved to sit beside him neatly. It took her a moment to find her voice. "...Are you alright, Crow?" She eventually asked, looking up at him slowly. "You've seemed... Off lately, and I just..." She sighed, shifting her weight on her paws. "I'm worried about you. I want to help,
:iconarorion:AROrion 2 2
It's Time to Talk | Mio an Arno | oSaC
Mio groaned while stretching out her front legs as far as they could before pushing herself up, and giving each of her back legs a good stretch. Back on all four paws, Mio shook her fur from any loose bedding that might've stuck to her long fur before padding out of her sleeping hole.
It was warm out today, despite the dreary appearance of the clouds hanging overhead. Ah well.
She plopped down on her back hunches, giving her paw a good lick before running it across her face in hopes to wipe the sleepiness from her expression. She didn't sleep much again last night, but that's alright. After cleaning her face, Mio moved to the most ambitious morning ritual; her chest fluff. It was always such a daunting task, trying to insure her white chest hair looked pristine but looking good is such an important quality. Her Mother taught her that.
It was an ugly morning, but Arno had little time to stop and contemplate the sunrise. He’d been up before dawn with Ebo
:iconkaliikka:Kaliikka 3 3
Practice by Caracal-Caracal Practice :iconcaracal-caracal:Caracal-Caracal 14 1 MYEH by Lord-Lorzd MYEH :iconlord-lorzd:Lord-Lorzd 6 2 Flint Learns About Microcomputers by Zynonia Flint Learns About Microcomputers :iconzynonia:Zynonia 7 4
The Journey to Cheos
"Ivory." The small white she-cat felt a gentle paw nudge her awake. It took a moment to remember why someone would be opening up her curtains before the sun was properly in the sky, and then she remembered.
Springing from bed, legs still tangled in the blankets, Ivory stumbled excitedly to the ground, shaking herself out.
Her mother laughed gently, making a feeble attempt to smooth her fur down before giving up. "Ebony and Hail are already awake, I'm going to get Adrianna," Senna glanced to the empty satchel in the corner of the room. She had asked Ivory to pack last night before bed, but it seemed like she'd stumbled in rather late and hadn't had time.
"Get your things together and I'll see you downstairs" she sighed with a smile, "Remember only pack the essentials you need for the Ball."
There wasn't really that much she needed. Ivory was perfectly happy with the necklace she had, and her ribbon, and she could walk with those on, the satchel seemed kind of unnecessary. But mum wanted
:iconsparkeythehamster:sparkeythehamster 4 3
To Be The Very Best
Violet eyes opening sharply, Talyn stretched out her long body, pulling each muscle gently in turn until her limbs felt spritely enough to get her out of bed. It was early, it was very early, but on Ladybug's recommendation she'd been getting out bed early to do morning exercises before the rest of the day began. She'd been keeping this up for the last two moons, and had only intensified her training after Wish had been made a full Villager ahead of her. If they were going to be bonded one day, she didn't want him to think he'd been paired up with a she-cat who couldn't carry her own weight.
Grooming down her fur, Talyn spared a quick glance in the direction of the empty bed at the other side of the room where her sister had slept until recently. After being made a full Prophet, Sofiya had declared she was moving out, insisting to Talyn that she would always be welcome to live with her. But, considering how fast Irena and Mink's Bonding Ceremony had been planned, she guessed that
:iconsparkeythehamster:sparkeythehamster 3 0
F2U Totoro Icon by Cottoneeh LDS_05 by AkumiIrako F2U Totoro Icon by Cottoneeh
so i'm deciding to finally fill this thing in yeehoo. and i hope you know that i WILL BE moving this box to very top of your page so that everyone can see just how much i love you bb.
Totoro icon [free to use] by pinkbunnii
i know that sometimes we piss one another off and make one another wanna rip of the others' head but a few minutes later we also just do something stupid and make up and love each like the sister's we are and always will be. words cannot describe how much i really do love you and how much you have and always will mean to me. you're my best friend, my sister and one of the most amazing people i have ever had the luxury of meeting in my entire life.
Totoro icon [free to use] by pinkbunnii
i know that we have put each other through hell multiple times, but we have always held hands through it all and held on for dear life and ended pulling one another straight out each time. you are always there for me and talk me into and out of stupid things. even if your grammar is that of a 3rd grader's it still means everything to me. and you always make cute ships with me even if they arent really canon and you always kill stuff for me on tera and are just overall a friend that no one could ever come close to comparing to.
Totoro icon [free to use] by pinkbunnii
i love you bae, thank you for loving me.
Totoro icon [free to use] by pinkbunnii

Totoro: Free icon by Miss-Rabbit Totoro: Free icon by Miss-Rabbit .:Tag You're It, Tag, Tag, You're It:. by GrinnyHail

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[AD] Let The Demon Play :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 1 5
Dusk's Secrets and Brews by RainningDoom Dusk's Secrets and Brews :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 5 0 [oSaC] Underbrush by RainningDoom [oSaC] Underbrush :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 3 1 [oSaC] Tree Top View by RainningDoom [oSaC] Tree Top View :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 3 1 [oSaC] Into the Fog by RainningDoom [oSaC] Into the Fog :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 5 1 [oSaC] Lizard Study by RainningDoom [oSaC] Lizard Study :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 4 1 [oSaC] Wall Watch by RainningDoom [oSaC] Wall Watch :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 7 1 [oSaC] Hope by RainningDoom [oSaC] Hope :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 5 4 [oSaC] Strides by RainningDoom [oSaC] Strides :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 3 1 [AD] Mom? by RainningDoom [AD] Mom? :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 2 1
[oSaC] Long Time No Speak
The trial was over with, and the new chief had been named. Duskpaw felt bad she hadn't gone to the Fonts to try and help but honestly, she had been tired and trying to collect her mind. She didn't want to be unstable and she needed to catch up on her rest. The night terrors she used to get often were calming down again, her mind was too tired to keep plaguing her with them. But also, she was trying to go out a bit more to hunt. Granted she never went far, but enough to grab some prey to help out where she could. She wanted to make sure that others were getting fed since the recent information slip left some unable to go out without being hunted down. And it felt good to be able to help out, and a good time to study the new behavior of the ashen. It was part of her job after all.
But she finally getting a tad bit of free time, before she had to go to her next study session. She wanted to be prepared for what would happen in the future, so she had to study a lot
:iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 0 6
[AD] Meet Me On The Battle Field by RainningDoom [AD] Meet Me On The Battle Field :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 10 6
[AD] The Dreams, The Choices
Breath in.
Breath out.
Okay, now repeat.
Breath in.
Breath out.
No it's not working...
I still can feel the anger in my chest, it's like a fire?
You have to control this now, just focus.
I just have to breath.
Take a deep breath, feel the anger in your lungs.
Now breath out, release that anger with your breath.
Expel it from your body with each breath 'til your free from it.
No, I feel like it's just getting worse. This isn't working for me...
Maybe a good training session would be a good cure.
To feel my claws cutting into the bark of a tree. Watch as it bends to my power.
I'm stronger then Quartz, why does he get the glory?
Because he is the royal guard. You were just the child of some poor dame.
but why would I want to hurt anyone...this all is just bad.
What of my family?
What of Quirrel?
What of Aster?
What of the kitten?
Was the kitten even born yet?
Was Quirrel okay?
What if she died giving birth?
What if the kitten didn't make it?
Who did the kitten take afte
:iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 2 2
Raul by RainningDoom Raul :iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 8 4
[AD] Night Time Thoughts
That fight, it had his blood racing. The addicting feeling on knowing how easy it would have been to make Lyre bleed and beg for mercy. But those thoughts blurred his actions, left him unable to deal with him. Why was that tom being so weak, not even fighting back? And then she came bursting into the room, she had to come into the room!
Oh well, she was gone now. “I have to keep her safe…” He wanted to laugh why should he care about her? Emotions was awful, they were messing with his goals. Maybe he could just rest, that would fix his mind.
He took to his bed and laid down, eyes closing heavy as sleep took him into it’s embrace. But it quickly shifted from something peaceful to dark. Oh, how part of him wanted to run. Cowardice he deemed it, he would not flee from it. He’d beckon it forward to face him. Let him show his mind what to fear.
There were other kits about playing, fighting with one another about the area. He was to himself fighting. Th
:iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 2 2
[AD] Red Eye'd Demon, Wake Up
Lucas was going about his day, he had been patrolling the village a bit, and had been relieved for a bit. So he was relaxing under the shade of a nice tree on the outskirts. His eyes closed as he could feel the breeze blown through his fur, the grass, and the leaves. It felt nice, with the warm sun on him to fight away the fall chill. The seasons always seemed to come and go so quickly sometimes he forgot. Time just flew when he was near Quirrel. He still was more then happy with them dating and where he and Aster stood. It made them all happy and if they were happy he was okay with that. He'd do anything for them. Part of him considered messing with Aster, while he knew he only truly felt an attraction to girls, he didn't mind sharing the fun. And he'd never messed with Aster, he wondered how he'd act. They'd probably laugh it off.
The grass shuffled softly and made Lucas open his eyes. It was a rare sight he saw, someone from his kithood, but they rarely spoke now. It was sad, but Lu
:iconrainningdoom:RainningDoom 1 1
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Masa ''Widow'' Aoyama | BEB | ALIVE by RainningDoom
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Lucas = You could be the Hero = by RainningDoom
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Nikita by RainningDoom
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Raul by RainningDoom
Raul | Kitten [1st] | Male | Single
Opal by RainningDoom
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Chat - Sometimes, depends if you hit me up to remind me or it's a major plot event.
Comment - Yep, just shoot me a comment and we can talk about it.
Note - Yep, just hit me up with a note and we can talk~
Skype - Yep, just ask for my skype name~
Google Doc. - I do these mainly for big group rps, but yes I totally do these~
Other - It depends, feel free to ask~
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leaves [f2u] by kittnboys Notes leaves [f2u] by kittnboys
- I'm horrid with starters, so it's always nice if you can do them, but if not I'll try my best!
- I'm always open, just slow in replying unless I find it an interesting plot or it's important for a assignment.
- I roleplay third-person, paragraph format.
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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

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To a guy I love with all my heart. I know it hasn't been long, but I've taken years to know you. I remember when I met you, looking up and feeling fear, but I didn't know why.
I remember how I didn't want to say a word because my mind went blank. My chest felt lighter, my mind clearer and relaxed. I always smiled and felt no pressure.
Maybe back then my body had known, but my mind was just too slow. I wish I had back then, hadn't been blind to my heart's mind. But it went to the side.
I had thought I found a great guy before, only to be thrown to the floor. I felt no trust, and my feelings faded. I felt broken and cried, but the moment I saw you I felt better. The tear in my chest felt smaller.
You helped me each day, and a smile grew easier to wear. You are the one who saved me, and picked me up from my fallen state. The feelings came clearer and I grew scared, I didn't want to hurt again. But each hug you gave my heart grew bright.
I turned to my friends with a plea not know how to tell the man of my dreams. A simple note I write five times, still each I hated but tried to hold on tight. I gave you the note and walked off, my heart pounding in my chest. The next day my heart flew, though neither of us asked each other out the message was clear. The moment we kissed my heart stopped, and I felt my world freeze. I knew you were the one and I hope you will stay with me.
I promise to help with what I can and try to show you how much love I feel for you. But those three words I say so much don't say how much I mean. But I'll keep saying it and try to show you. So I'll say it now and hope you can try and understand.
I love you Tyler, forever and always you'll rest in my heart.
Happy anniversary love.
I'm in love... by ciara-cable
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