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Cloudy Rainmeter by TheMelonLord1636
Silver Rain for Rainmeter by ionstorm01
Snow by killall-q
Android KitKat for Rainmeter - Inverted Gapps DLC by ScoobSTi
Cute Joker Desktop by Legend0804
:: BEACH :: by DarkEagle2011
Stormtrooper Animation  by s3gone
Rainmeter/dockfinder/mactype desktop layout by s3gone
Time and Date
CHRONOS IV (Resizable skin for Rainmeter) by adni18
TIME.DATE (Resizable skin for Rainmeter) by adni18
Kelson (Modified)-ApexXx-SenSei|My Desktop 47 by CatArt-1304
Waves 0.1_by Cat Art by CatArt-1304
Weather Fixed 01 by dollofroz
Blur Weather (extended)  by ApexXx-SenSei
Blur Weather  by ApexXx-SenSei
Royal Weather (UPDATED 21-MAR-2023) by xenium-ART
J. Seven 1.0.06-11-2023 by Thinkr8
Three Lynx .x.x.x by The-Utopia-Code
Firecracker Links 1.1.1 by The-Utopia-Code
Polaroid Music Info Rainmeter Skin. by StarLender
Feed Readers
Archillect Loader for Rainmeter by undefinist
SubredditViewer 2.0 by badBeur
CurrentInfo 20150417 by Ragingwasabi
UNITY2014 Slideshow and Feed Reader for Rainmeter by esnooze
T-8 Network 1.0 by Thinkr8
FFXIV Ping Meter 1.2 by Ragingwasabi
Rainmeter-NetStatus 1.0 by pawlygon
Network meter 3.0.1 (tweaked version) by hmn
Disk Space
Deco Drives Mini 1.1 by The-Utopia-Code
HDDSuite VR2.1 by sephirotess
USB Drive  1.0 by void00R
HDDSuite VR1.1 by sephirotess
Side Bars
Windows 10 SideBar For Xwidget by PhysX4
Epure VR1.1 by sephirotess
Rack Sidebar by HiTBiT-PA
PhantomBar(V2) VR2.1 by sephirotess
Horizontal Bars
Ojos Avatar by Helen-FireGirl
Enrevesao by KOTPA
Gothic Scrolls by The-Utopia-Code
UltimateStatusBar - Status Bar Windows - Rainmeter by CTurner314
Search Bars
Harry Potter Search 1.0 by KimeBracer
LAUNCHER - DOCK I by adni18
System Information
NeoGothica 1.3.2 by The-Utopia-Code
My Current Desktop #1 by Legend0804
UPDATED: Captains Log v1.3 03-10-2023 by Thinkr8
Beta - Previews
Hex H - Screenshot 1 by Zerogate309
Icon Sets
Wallpaper Bits by Helen-FireGirl
My Current Desktop #3 by Legend0804

Get your Daily Dose of Rainmeter

Welcome to #RainmeterGlobal.
This a global directory of all the best Rainmeter skins, a place dedicated to every single Rainmeter fan and skin developers all across the globe.

Join our group
  Find this button at the top of group page and hit it:

*Note: If you like to help us then you can join the contributors team. In order to do that after clicking the above button and in the popup that appears, there will be a drop down menu, open it and choose "Contributors". Your request will be reviewed by the group crew and if your history meet certain requirements, you'd be approved as a contributor. If you don't have the enough time to be with us, it's okay, you can still help us by one of the following ways.

Contribute your previously uploaded skins

 1. Go to the group gallery.

 2. Click the "+ Submit to this Gallery" button which is placed at the right top corner and then select "Contribute an Existing Deviation...".

*Important Note: Please do not forget to choose an appropriate gallery name form the "Submitting to:" drop down menu located at the top of "Choose A Deviation" window. Other than "Featured" all other galleries will accept your submissions.

Contribute skins uploaded by other artists

 1. Within all art (skin) pages, when you scroll down enough you would find a label on right hand side of the main layout, called "Featured in Groups:".

 2. There will be a button (below the listed groups if any) called "+ Add to a Group".

*Note: This method can also be used for submitting your own previously uploaded skins and again please do not forget to choose an appropriate gallery name form the "Submitting to:" drop down menu located at the bottom of "Submit to a Group" window. Other than "Featured" all other galleries will accept your submissions.

Hi everyone,
Thank you for visiting Rainmeter Global Directory.

We've decided to create this group in order to build an organized directory of all Rainmeter skins released over planet Earth (hopefully we will support other planets soon). There will be no admin approval policy in this group, meaning all your submissions and join requests will be accepted automatically. We hope that all of you Rainmeter skin developers and fans would help us to make this group a great place where everyone could easily access all skins they need, and fast.

For now we've have 17 galleries including:
- Suites : Layouts that take up the most space on your desktop and include all commonly needed information and features.
- Time and Date : Analog/Digital Clocks and Calendars.
- Weather : Climate and temperature related stuff.
- Multimedia : Players, volume controllers, anything else related to audio, video or images.
- Feed Readers : AKA RSS readers. (news, email, facebook feeds, etc... .)
- Network : Network related tools and monitoring systems.
- Disk Space : Get information about capacity and specifications of your hard disk/flash drives, file and folders.
- Side Bars : They are designed to sit on left or right side of your screen.
- Horizontal Bars : If you need some skin to fill top or bottom of your screen.
- Search Bars : Search your computer, Google, Bing, Wikipedia and etc from your desktop.
- Launchers : Easily access your favorite programs and folders on your desktop.
- System Information : They provide information related to hardware devices of your computer system.
- Minimal : Very small and tiny skins.
- Other : Any skin not related to other categories.
- Beta - Previews : Beta version and Previews of skins that are going to be released soon or are still in beta stage.
- Icon Sets : What Rainmeter skin designers need the most, extremely helpful if you are going to design launchers.
- Screenshots : Show us what you've accomplished with Rainmeter on your desktop.

We would like to hear from you and all suggestions and ideas are greatly welcomed.
Join us, invite your friends and let everybody know about this place.

Thank you for reading.
*Updated: June 23rd 2013.
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Thank youThank you! Thank you!  for adding my Rainmeter Skin to your group Ahooooy Matey! 
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Just a FYI - EKillmonger ( stole skins from
ApexXx-SenSei and put them under his name.
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Hey guys, just wanted to share a skin I created for controlling smart light bulbs - Smart Bulb Control
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