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General Rules

  • No porn, hate, offensive, sexist or racist material will be accepted into our galleries.
  • Due to the open-source nature of Rainmeter, no deviation that is being offered for sale, in whole or in part, will be accepted into our galleries. Commission based sales will be included in this rule.
  • We only accept skins/screenshots/add-ons/plug-ins that are properly credited. For further clarification, read blog posting Proper Crediting.

CLOSED Featured Gallery

  • Strictly for skins/suites that have won the 'Skin of the Month' or 'Skin of the Season' Award.
  • Group moderators may also use this gallery to feature exceptional skins that show what Rainmeter is capable of doing.

OPEN Rainmeter Skins

  • Only for original skins/suites that you have created personally or as a collaboration with others.
  • Skins that have been heavily modded will be accepted into this gallery only if they are truly different from the original and the original artist has been credited and linked to.
  • All skins must be packed in the .rmskin format and must be downloadable via Deviantart.
  • Skin packages should not contain plugins that are included in the Rainmeter installation.
  • Submissions that contain links to external sites will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis but are likely to be respectfully declined.

OPEN Screenshots

  • Only screenshots showing Rainmeter skins posted on Deviant Art will be accepted and the description must include the artist's name and a link to all of the skins used in the screenshot.
  • Submissions that contain links to external sites or include skins that have to be downloaded from external sites will be respectfully declined.
  • If you submit screenshot after screenshot with only a change in wallpaper, the first one submitted will be accepted, all the others will be declined.

OPEN Works In Progress

  • For skins/suites that you're working on that you want to share with others to get some feedback or if you have an idea/concept and would like to generate interest or discussion on it.

OPEN Add-Ons & Plugins

  • For add-ons, plugins, manuals, etc.

OPEN Supporting

  • For deviations that support Rainmeter and Rainmeter Group like stamps, badges, banners, avatars, pageviews, journal entries, news entries, etc.

OPEN Rainmeter Workshops

  • For deviations that teach principles of creating Rainmeter Skins.
  • There should be an accompanying example skin if applicable.
  • The workshop must use current coding standards at the time of submission.
  • The workshop must be an original concept that does not duplicate existing workshops.

Thank you for understanding and for submitting your deviations to the correct gallery.

Rainmeter Group Administration

© 2010 - 2021 Rainmeter
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JpotatoTL2D's avatar
Thanks, it's really usefull, now I know how I can send my «Work In Progress Skin list» ; )
Bradd9's avatar
The links to the .rmskin format are broken! I need to fix my link to my skin!
Benguy12's avatar
hey? where is the submit button? or is that only for members
phantomghost1525's avatar
only for members, bro :) soz...
murasaki55's avatar
nice changes! :boogie:
toastbrotpascal's avatar
These are some great rules. But to be honest, I doubt a bit that people will fully read it.

It's a bit too long. Maybe you should shorten it as much as possible, so you just get it within a few seconds.

This is meant to be a disclaimer, isn't it? =D
karmat111's avatar
Yeah, we figure that most people won't read it, but hopefully they'll at least skim through it.

But they are all points that have come up in the past and it gives us some guidelines to use when accepting or declining submissions.
bendenfield's avatar
I think it's as short as possible. Shorten it more would mean a loss of content. Also, because the texts are so narrow it seems to be more than it actually is. Additionally the text is very easy to understand. Even I managed to understand it :D

And yes, it sort of is a disclaimer, but not intended to be primarely :D
livinglightningrod's avatar
The journal looks awesome, and the rules even more so! Great work!

I have a random idea- is it possible to have a sub-gallery inside of a larger gallery? For example, could some of those 'variant' skins, which aren't original or modded enough to qualify for full skin-hood, but may not actually be showing a full screenshot either, be grouped into a 'Variants' gallery under the Skins gallery? And of course, suites assembled from many other unmodded or slightly modded skins could be left in the Screenshots gallery.

It might just seem strange to have small-preview, single modded skins (with just a new color or size or font, for example) in a gallery full of full-sized desktops. But like I said, it's just a random thought.

The main point is my first, shorter point: great job guys!
karmat111's avatar
I was kinda thinking the same thing, but then we might end up having too many galleries. We'll have to see how it goes.
livinglightningrod's avatar
Great minds think alike! ;)
bendenfield's avatar
Technically it's possible to have sub-galleries. If I get you right, you mean something like this?
  ->Rainmeter Skins gallery
     -->Variants sub-gallery
livinglightningrod's avatar
Exactly. With a little description, perhaps, that these are less-than-original variations of the original skins in the main gallery, and of course they should all be properly linked to the originals.
bendenfield's avatar
Okay. We will discuss this in the Back Room :)
karmat111's avatar
And he said he was out of ideas, ha!
bendenfield's avatar
It's hard to find a beginning. Once I have a color scheme and design idea in mind it's easy going :D Only the part making it compatible for IE is depressing :nod:
poiru's avatar
Awesome work with the CSS bendenfield! :)
bendenfield's avatar
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