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After some discussion we have decided to bring back Skin of the Quarter Season. This is a reincarnation of our old Skin of the Month contests, just a bit more spread out.

The plan so far is to have a one month nomination period after each quarter of the year. We will only be accepting nominations of skins that were submitted to DeviantArt within that quarter of the year. We're hoping this will encourage the creation of new skins. Because of a limitation to the number of items we can place on a single pole, we the moderators reserve the right to whittle down the competition before voting.

After nominations are closed we will have one week of voting. There may even be a prize for the winner.

As of this blog the rules are as follows:
  • A Skin of the Quarter Season must be released during the time period of the poll.
  • There is a technical limit of 10 suggestions per poll. Suggestions exceeding this limit may be decided upon by the moderators.
  • You cannot suggest your own skins or suites.
  • The suggestion must be uploaded to deviantART, must be available in the .rmskin format, and must be in the Group Galleries.
Look for more information around July.

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Is this for real, I only see one post here back in may or did it crash and burn.

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We stopped running the skin of the season competition a few years ago.  I'm not sure why it stopped but think it had something to do with smurfier moving on to other things.
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Maybe one day when life slows down.....

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Looking forward to it :) thank you
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when write a journal about top skins?
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We will not be taking nominations until July.
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ok ill be waiting
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Circulo Skin must be in the Skin of the Season
... one of my favorite ... link: [link]
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I have one skin which I submitted 5 or 6 month ago, but I'm going update it later. Is it ok if I will update it and suggest as a skin of the season?
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You cannot suggest your own skin. We would like to see completely new skins being submitted for Skin of the Season.
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Figure a more catchy title would be "Skin of the Season". Just throwing that out there. :P
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