There's a slew of new malware skins uploaded to the main Rainmeter Gallery in the last couple of days.  All downloads in the list at the end of this post are infected.

We try and check all the skins uploaded to our gallery for malware before accepting them and we try to keep this list up-to-date, but real-time interferes, so please practice safe downloading!

Some things to watch for:
- comments are usually disabled or hidden
- they are fairly new to dA, just a couple of new skins
- their profile page only has a few items on it
- they rip a skin/preview/description then upload it with malware or keyloggers
- downloads are zipped and have an .exe file which is the virus
- don't download files like Build.exe, Run.exe, FullInstall.exe, *.rmskin.exe, Full_Set_Up.pif - basically anything that ends in .exe or .pif.

How to test each download for a virus:
- Right-click 'Download File' link, choose 'Copy Link Location'
- Go to VirusTotal at and choose the Submit a Url tab
- Click on 'Submit Url' and then paste the link location in the Search Bar

If you come across malware, report it as malware. If it's your skin that's been ripped, report it and file a DMCA takedown notice.

- Karen

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