Journal Entry: Sun Apr 10, 2011, 6:52 PM

Updated 21:33 12/04/11

I've just been informed that some of the recent stolen uploads contain keyloggers that cannot be detected using VirusTotal.  DO NOT INSTALL ANY 'SKIN' THAT USES AN .exe INSTALLER!

The last few days has seen an influx of Malware into the Rainmeter Gallery. Below is a list of the malware containing deviations that I have found.  If you find any others please leave a comment.  I've already reported every one of them and sent a message to the Help Desk.  Please report them and any others you find.  Maybe they'll finally get removed.

They are all uploaded by recently jointed accounts that usually only have one deviation containing malware. I'm assuming they're all by the same person or a small group of people.  In most cases the deviation preview and description are identical to an older deviation with and addendum of 2.0 or something similar to the title.  All contain .exes.

Please note that some of these do not set off a malware/virus scanner, but do compile other programs that appear to be malware as well as create registry keys.

Someone either doesn't like Rainmeter or thinks it's an easy target.


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