Proper Credits

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 24, 2010, 5:27 AM

"When a person writes a Rainmeter skin, he or she has created a piece of intellectual property. Unless stated otherwise, that person is assumed to reserve all rights to his work. Obviously, you're free to do whatever you want with it on your own system (not like anyone could stop you), and no one will mind if you share it with your friends, take screenshots, or post bits of code when you're giving or getting help. But if you redistribute it in your own name - no matter whether in its original form, a modified form, or as part of a larger package - and you don't at least have the artist's verbal permission, then he has every right to demand that you take it down. The same goes for plugins, addons, images, icons, and any other resources you want to use in your skins." - Kaelri

We recommend you distribute your skins under a open source license such as the "Creative Commons BY-NC-SA". These licenses allow redistribution as long as proper credits are given. They are also against using the code for commercial purposes. Allowing legitimate redistribution can only increase your skin's recognition and your own.

We want to stress that all skins and suites submitted into the gallery must be properly credited. If we find out that a deviation used code without permission or without giving credits, we will remove it from the gallery.

theumad and poiru on behalf of the Rainmeter team

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