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Valerie Scott and the Little People

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Character  Valerie ScottLocation  Earth
© 2020 Rainman1131
This is a ten-image cross-over set combining characters from the Land of the Giants tv show and the Scooby-Doo cartoon series. Again, no dudes or dogs, only ladies. The amazing images are created by rosepab. The text and story are mine, and if anyone doesn't like the direction the story takes or the types of interaction that take place, I'm the one to blame (and if you really don't like it, I'll try real hard to care. It's my commission, jerk :)).   

    Velma glanced over at her friend in the passenger seat. “So, you really believe this nonsense about a giant roaming the back roads?”

    Daphne shrugged. She flipped down her visor to check her makeup in the mirror. The stunning redhead turned this way and that, then smacked her lips at her reflection, seemingly satisfied. “I don’t know, Velma, but there are lots of people reporting on this. They say she’s over twenty-five feet tall.”

    She?” Velma steered the Mystery Machine around a wide curve in the road, slowing down appropriately. “Jinkies, Daphne. They’re saying that the giant is a woman?”

    “Yeah! How awesome is that! If we can hook up with that giant girl, nobody will be able to mess with us!”

    Velma looked away from the road long enough to give her friend a pointed stare. “And who exactly is messing with us now?”

    Daphne rolled her eyes, giving her thick hair a flip off her shoulder. “Oh, you know what I mean. With a giantess on our side, we can do anything we want!”

    Velma sighed. “Daphne, the chances are exceptionally good that this is entirely a case of mass hysteria.  Giants simply do not exist.”

    Daphne shrugged again. “If you say so, Velma. You’re the Brainiac, after all. Although…” The beautiful redhead pointed a slightly shaking finger at the windshield. “…the giant girl in the road might disagree.”

    “Daphne, that is the most ridiculous thing I ever – “

    “STOP!” Daphne yelled, grabbing at the dashboard with both hands.

    “Daphne, come on. There’s no reason to…” Then she saw what Daphne had been pointing at, and slammed on the brakes, bringing the Mystery Machine into a tire-smoking, shuddering stop. The van stopped mere inches away from a ridiculously large pair of lavender go-go boots.

    Daphne, her hands still clutching the dash in a death grip, smirked over at her friend. “Yeah, you’re probably right. No such thing as giants.”

    Velma pressed her face up against the windshield, peering up to see the huge boots blending into a pair of tree-sized yellow pantyhose-covered legs that rose up into a checked lavender miniskirt. She turned to look at Daphne, who also had her nose pressed up against the windshield.

    Daphne felt Velma’s gaze, and turned to grin at her friend. “Jinkies?”

    Velma frowned, as she reached over to open her door. “Oh, shut up.”

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Very good pic but I thought Valerie as a giantess would have been bigger.

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Yeah, Val is a bit smaller than the usual giantess you see around here. That was on purpose on my part. I wanted to change things around and have the interaction occurr at a different scale.