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nicktoons unite

By Rainmaker113
sometimes being a hero means that u gotta babysit two troublesome 10 year-olds and a silly little sea sponge while also trying to prevent the entire multiverse from collapsing. no biggie, right?


All characters belong to Nickelodeon
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OMG this just warms my heart! Your style is so precious! :heart:
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oh gosh thank you!!! I took a quick look through your gallery btw and your style is also really freakin cute aaaaa <33 keep up the lovely work!!
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You're welcome! :hug: Btw, I love how often you do friendship/familial type drawings! You know how insanely rare and precious it is to find someone who gives that a lot of focus?? It's appreciated! I actually had seen this drawing when I searched up Nicktoons Unite on Google a little ways back before I came back to DA and I absolutely MELTED over how cute it was! :heart:

(and thank you! :heart: :aww: )
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omg!!! thank you??;;; that really means a lot to me tbh, because I'm obsessed with friendship/family relations and I hardly see that in fandoms at all ;o; So for anyone out there who needs a break from shipping content and just wants good ol' fashioned friendship or familial interactions, that's what I'm here for! ;u;;

(aaaa you're so welcome, hun! :'D)
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Danny is the big bro they all need omg <33
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hECK yeahea!!! the goodest big bro ;w;
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This is the cutest! I love these guys.
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aaaa thanks!!! they were all super fun to draw! ;w;
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Very nice crossover work!
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Thanks, hun!! <3
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God I remember this game sobs it's so good and your art is too
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lol I've actually never played any of the Nicktoons Unite games xD I definitely love the crossover potential it has tho ;o;; Some interesting character dynamics and interactions to explore there!

And btw thank you, hun!! :'D <33
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They're pretty alright from my memories! I'm not sure how they hold up XD A lot of them are saving the world from all of the bad guys in their universes teaming up from what I remember? It's pretty cool 

It's no problem!!
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omfg i actually looked some of them up recently and . ... sadly they don't hold up very well now kfdjgf (tho folks still consider the GBA version of Battle for Volcano Island to be the better one, and that one doesn't look too awful :0)

but the concept in general is good ;o; I feel like it probably would've made for a good TV movie special or something around that time, but the window of opportunity for that is long gone now haha
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Ahh I didn't think they would stand up too well, XD GBA Crossover games were always a cash grab of stuff :< It's a shame because if they put a lil more thought into it there can be some really cool stuff! Like, there was a crossover for jimmy neutron and Timmy turner that was pretty good from what I remember! It was like, jimmy Timmy power hour? It was fun and silly but it was neat! I think they made a game too- not sure?

But!! There's a lot of opportunity- but I understand why they didn't go too in depth, it can be difficult enough making a game under a tight budget, so it makes sense why they'd not really focus on the other stuff
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yeah I feel like overall it was a solid concept, but the execution was wonky for the time - especially since some of those licensed games really aren't very good overall?? The concept could've been interesting as a TV special, similar to like, the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, but I feel like they wouldn't have been able to blend the visual styles of each show very well (given how they approached the JN/FOP crossover haha)

But from what I understand, the Nicktoons Unite games take place after that, because they reference the fact that Jimmy and Timmy have met before in the games! So that's actually a nice little continuity nod imo :0

Personally, as weird as it is, I kinda like the concept for Battle for Volcano Island in some ways? Where the characters are interacting within a separate setting entirely, so there's more space for interaction and less focus on trying to cram in as much about each world as possible. idk, again the execution and plot of those games are also not very good but the base idea has some potential ;o;
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Yea they weren't good but I bet they sold pretty well XD It was a money grab in the end, but the concept like you said is pretty interesting! :D Maybe if they pulled an MCU and combined them one at a time? Idunno maybe slowing down to introduce everyone to each other would help a lot. Keep the world more- well, connected XD

Did they really reference em? :0 I never caught that as a kid I don't think, that's cool tho :0

Yee I could defiantly see how that could work, sort of sticking them in a different setting, also explaining maybe why their powers are different for the game as well as getting to see them in a completely different environment- trying to see how they'd react and how Danny and the gang would come together ;; Tho yea the writing was a bit.... off XD But if they took more time I'm sure it could have been a lot better
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