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Hey there! Aria/Pekoeboo here (formerly Rainmaker113)! I'm just a quiet woman who loves cute characters, but likes creating a fair share of emotional and angsty content as well. With that said, I'm an adult, so expect some level of mature or edgy content sometimes. (I have a limit with "mature" content though, and I typically will block any new followers who have a lot of k*nk, f*tish, or s*xual content on their profiles. I don't like my art being associated with any of that if I can help it.)

Also I'm NOT a shipper, since familial and platonic relationships are far more interesting to me, anyway.

Side note! I draw a lot of AU stuff and art based on some private roleplays/stories I've made with friends, which might be a bit confusing to new followers or visitors of this blog, haha. If you're unsure about anything at all, don't hesitate to ask! I love answering questions about the stories I'm working on!

Thanks for stopping by! <3


Favourite Movies
Most of the early Pixar films (pre-2010/2020 era) | some Disney stuff | The Prince of Egypt | Kung Fu Panda 1+2 | The Chronicles of Narnia films | and many, many more
Favourite TV Shows
Psych | Avatar: The Last Airbender | Gravity Falls | probably more that I can't think of
Favourite Games
Super Mario Sunshine | Mario Kart: Double Dash! | Luigi's Mansion | Professor Layton | Ace Attorney | Tetris | Minecraft | Hitman (WoA Trilogy)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo GameCube | PC
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint | Wacom Intuos4 Tablet | and some good ol' paper and pencil

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Long time no see! Saw recently that a little piece of your Mario art was used in a YouTube video and made me think of you

oh gosh heyyy!!!! it's been a while!! how have u been, girl??? ;0;

also rippp at the fact that the person didn't even credit me properly hahaha - I should've expected that tho, since a lot of my older Mario art got reposted a lot xD glad you thought of me tho! I certainly appreciate <33

Yeahh, I couldn't help but notice. I was like, hmm, this looks familiar haha!

I've been doing pretty well! Been doing a lot of Twitch stuff and art commissions. Hope you're well!

oof a bit of a late response, but better late then never, I suppose!

oh wow! has Twitch been treating you ok? I've heard a lot of debate over it, which is why I've never made an account myself lol. so glad to hear that you've been keeping up with the art as well tho!

things have been alright on my end, just kinda chugging along through life and making the most of it whenever I can xD things could always be better, but at least I'm still Creating and I feel like that's worth something! ;u;

Hello there! Have we met before?

"familial and platonic relationships are far more interesting to me, anyway." That resonates with me so much :heart: Even when I do "ship" if you want to say it that way, it's in the end more about them being a family rather than their "romance".

honestly this comment kinda took me by surprise because I'm convinced no one ever reads my bio haha! but yeah, I'm so glad you agree! romance is fine when it's done right, but it's not something that appeals to me personally as much as the found family stuff :'0 idk man... it's just. So Good <33

Thanks so much for the llama by the way! :'D