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brotherhood completed by rainingcrow brotherhood completed by rainingcrow
the companion to my x-men reboot project piece

download full size for best view.

and If you repost anywhere. My name is Rainingcrow, dont leave it out. ;)

Move X-men to the MCU and do it right! This is my pitch.

First off … Cast ideas

magneto - Jason Isaacs – Alternates choices Gary Oldman Daniel Day Lewis

toad - Brad Dourif

mystique - Gina Gershon, Eva Green, Rose Mcgowan, Amber Heard, or Charlize Theron

mastermind - Hugh Laurie

blob - Ethan supple

Quicksilver -Tom Felton was used in this piece but I would really bring back Aaron Taylor Johnson.

scarlet witch - Emma Watson was used for this piece but I love Elizabeth Olsen in the role and would not change that at all.

avalanche - stephen moyer

Sabretooth - Sean Bean, or Thomas Jane

juggernaut - Dominic Purcell

pyro - robert pattinson

destiny - emma thompson

Charles Xavier - Pierce Brosnan – alternate choices Daniel Day Lewis,

Ororo - Aisha Tyler – alternate  Lupita N Yong'o

Rogue - Neve Cambell or Lauren Cohan

Jean - Jennifer Garner

Cyclops - Timothy Olyphant, or Mathew Bomer

Emma - Jeri Ryan, or Ali Larter

Kitty - Michelle Trachtenburg – alternates Jodelle Ferland, Chloe Moretz,

Mccoy - George Buza, or Joel Edgerton

Colossus - Owain Yeoman

Logan - Christian Kane , No alternate

Angel - Jesse Spencer

Nightcrawler - Anton Yelchin

Banshee - Denis Leary or Tony Curran

Bobby - Alexander Ludwig, or Dylan O’brien

Cannonball - Ryan Kwanten

Remy -Josh Holloway

Havok - Mike Vogel, or Garrett Hedlund

Jubilee - Brenda Song or Ellen Wong

Madrox - Jensen Ackles

Psylocke - Grace Park or Maggie Q

Now with that out of the way I would address the production goals and directorial style.

Marvel has been good about his so far. You don't treat it like a superhero movie per say. Treat it like a genre movie in which certain people just happen to possess powers instead of weapons. I would go serious  and dramatic with this one. The fighting is important and so is the action, but it shouldn't be all shootem up popcorn fun flick. I mean you have this framework for serious stories that could rival some of the best war movies ever made. These exist along with extremely compelling and fleshed out characters, yet it has the potential for social commentary on modern society as well as the past. Don't make it look fantastical and over the top... Movies I would love to see it take the tone of would be things like "watchmen" "batman begins" and "dark knight" and even "interview with a vampire".  Get a writer in the mix that knows ensemble writing and character study. Get a director who knows how to film a story, not just action and effects…

Keep the characters individual costumes. Yes they are a team, but they are also each unique and have their own needs in fighting attire. Some of them are public, some aren't, some wear symbols, some don't, some need extra breathing room or flexibility in their clothing, that others may not etc... (example, if one of specialties is advanced martial art hand to hand combat... you don't need a stiff suit that will inhibit your movements.)

Ok as for set up. If you saw watchmen and how they plated out the opening scenes of an alternate past then you should get this pretty well.

Begin with slow pan thru a desperate battle, silently... begin a voice over from Xavier as the battle fades into black.

"My name, Is Charles Xavier. I leave this recording for posterity, no matter what happens next.
The world around us has changed."

begin showing era appropriate clips of society and appropriate imagery as the following is described.

"For some time now I have feared these days would come... And attempted to prepare.

when I was a young man, a much longer time ago than it would appear on the surface. (aside) The aging process is slowed in most of us it seems. (redirecting focus) I went to war. I was not a soldier you see but a medic, and I saw the worst of the world. "

blah blah etc. Have him explain that he discovered his powers. Show some ww2 stuff possibly including Magneto being freed from the cc... preferably include a brief glimpse of captain America in there somewhere. Then have Charles discover that he was not the only one when he meets magneto. (I would have a young medic Charles treating a wound on a young magneto, and then have them both surprisingly look up into each others eyes, so we see the moment they both knew)

"In fact there were many more like us in both the present and the past"

show logan in the 1800's along with some other clips of different time periods and oddities like circus freaks and such. Show magneto and Charles researching and then in a lab with Charles looking thru a microscope (standing)

"but the rare extraordinary individual made no difference to the world. It marched on, with its own issues and problems"

show the sixties and the civil rights movement marches, riots etc.

" Initially the public discovery was resigned to the back pages of science journals and novelty news articles. Little attention was paid... and as more and more of us grew of age, I began our school. A hiding place and safe haven for young people with extraordinary gifts."

show some scenes with young beast, scott, and jean.

" acceleration was inevitable... So I'm afraid was the fracture between us."

Show magneto and Xavier fighting. Show young brotherhood members being recruited. Move thru the 80's showing new team members joining. training, teaching etc.

"and for a time our internal conflicts were kept hidden from the public eye."

show some fight scenes between various x-men and brotherhood members

" As mutation began to occur with increasing frequency, the rest of the world finally took notice... And even in a new world full of heroes and villains alike...those of us born this way were viewed with fear..."

public battles between various marvel heroes and villains, accompanied by news clips concerning "mutant hysteria" profane anti mutant graffiti, william stryker televangelist speaking on tv "god did not make these abominations"

"We simply could not hide forever."

NEWSPAPER HEADLINE IRON MAN THWARTS MASKED MUTANT - juggernaut pictured below, magma accidentally setting her school desk on fire as she falls asleep on it etc. newscaster "Congress convenes today regarding the possible implementation of the sentinel program"

From this point I would actually begin the movie. And basically it would play out very similarly to the beginning of the original x-men animated series, combined with the public reveal episodes of x-men evolution.  Headline news shows Scarlet witch “FORMER AVENGER, A MUTANT!”

The team already exists. A new found mutant is brought to the school after being rescued from some horrible fate (probably kitty or jubilee)there are some basic scenes introducing characters and building up the world they live in. (clearly part of the MCU with the acknowledged existence of other individuals such as iron man, hulk, thor etc...) explain some things, have a danger room scene, have some of the characters discussing how they're glad they don't have to hide anymore. Logan grumbles about missing the days when things were simpler while sipping a beer. Scott and Logan have some tension. Logan flirts with Jean... Emma flirts with Scott... show off the school etc. Gambit shows up, back from a trip in the middle of all this... Rogue slaps him (we don't know why) Later they have some sort of make up scene... ya know just the typical stuff we're all familiar with

Basically show the background happenings of both the x-men and the brotherhood for a bit. Show that the brotherhood is planning something. Show magneto busting Juggernaut out of jail.

Juggernaut and the x-men fight. It makes the news. The sentinel program gets approved.

Then Magneto publicly issues a terrorist threat video to the public. (show it broadcast on the news nationwide and even in times square) And have the government and public TREAT THE BROTHERHOOD AS A TERRORIST CELL. That's definitely crucial. Government officials choose to hide relevant information from their assets. The Avengers are prohibited from intervening. (Mystique pulling strings)

Have it all lead up to the big showdown fight we saw at the opening. Have it take place in D.C. between the Lincoln memorial and Washington monument etc. Probably have another battle taking place between other members in new york. (yes that's right 2 battles at once in 2 locations with each team split in their members as well as some other marvel heroes making brief appearances working damage control or rescue, or assist… IE – Spidey trying to fight Juggernaut but getting knocked out, Vision trying to protect Wanda from Jean…

When the fight is over have Charles, Jean and Hank speaking in a congressional committee. (we cant hear them because the movie is being tied up with another voice over) show some aftermath, and some rebuilding... show where the public's unease still exists (probably have someone with a physically evident mutation out shopping and show people acting nervous avoiding etc... but the mutant smiles because they are walking openly in the public without being attacked) tie up any unanswered bits and leave the movie open for a sequel…  One which somehow involves Doctor Strange, Wanda, Magneto and Nightcrawler  bringing quicksilver back from the dead as a subplot.


Certain things I would insist on being included.

jubilee at the mall.

storm flying, having an accent, behaving regally, and at least once referring to herself in a fight seen as something akin to "master of the winds" in that somewhat deep foreboding angry voice she gets... (rather than the sweet little whisper that halle berry tried to drop to when her character was trying to be intimidating... I hated her performance more than most anything else done in those films)

Beast in his lab, pouring a vial into a beaker while hanging upside down

gambit incinerating a queen of hearts until nothing was left but a heart, which he silently puts into rogues palm.

colossus has to have a thick russian accent

bobby has to be a smartass, and a little immature

psylocke has to perform a high kick to someones face

kitty and colossus have to be close

rogue has to fly and have super strength (Ive seen the girl throw a sentinel by its foot before in the comics, she needs to be that badass in the movies)And honestly If I was gonna tell any actress how to prepare in order to play rogue I would send them to any waffle house in the south and say, pick the most attractive middle age waitress there, and study her.

rogue and nightcrawler need to both know mystique and who she is to them respectively.

and xavier should at some point either get his floating chair or strap on those mechanical leg braces, cause I wanna see him at the battle, not just sitting back hoping things go well. He needs to be the one to neutralize magneto once the others have gotten his helmet off.

And furthermore, acknowledge his relationship to juggernaut.

and for crying out loud, if a student is included as a minor character, they need to have as much loyalty paid to who they are as the team does.


no other male character can be shorter than wolverine especially cyclops

If two heavy characters are fighting, base the scene on gravity and grit not defying it. (ie wolverines liberty spyke matrix move from the first movie) I mean the guy has a metal skeleton... hes not gonna be light as a feather in anything.

sabretooth cant be a dumbass

toad, cannot be a badass

magneto cannot look frail

no drastic continuity changes concerning a characters background,or relationships such as changing where the hell they're from or what their real name is or who they're in love with. (ie pyro in the movies and toad in x-men evolution, rogue and bobby in the movies)

and don't ignore big events happening elsewhere in the marvel universe. If the thor movie happens to say destroy a landmark building ... sorry but that building should either be destroyed or being rebuilt if its shown in x-men etc...

and yes make it a serious movie but that doesn't mean make all the characters serious all the time. people handle stress differently, if bobby taunts someone he's fighting in a life or death situation... that's ok. He does that sort of thing.

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ImdaBatman Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All their classic members. (And Zoidber-I mean Juggernaut)

Is that logo in the corner the same from the third film?
rainingcrow Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
actually I don't even remember where I go that symbol from. I just remember having to research it for a while before I came up with it, but somewhere someone else has it listed as the symbol for the brotherhood. :)
ImdaBatman Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like a radioactive sign. I think in the third film they had an omega symbol. But still cool.
rainingcrow Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yeah i think it looks like a biohazard sign
ImdaBatman Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, that.
Big-Ogre Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
Love it
rainingcrow Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Professional General Artist
OptimusPrime114 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Cast listing, please!
rainingcrow Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
magneto - jason isaacs

toad - Brad Dourif

mystique - gina gershon

mastermind - hugh laurie

blob - ethan suplee

quicksilver - tom felton

scarlet witch - emma watson

avalanche - stephen moyer

sabretooth - sean bean

juggernaut - dominic purcell

pyro - robert pattinson

destiny - emma thompson
jadDino Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. You're crazy!!! You put so much effort into these. I woulda gone crazy already.
rainingcrow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010  Professional General Artist
In all honesty I'm still not satisfied with the background to foreground resolution differences... But at least for the foreseeable future I am considering these two pieces completed.
jadDino Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Until you decide to drive your self even more mad and tweak here and there.
rainingcrow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010  Professional General Artist
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