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OZ reimagined

posted in 2008

After hearing of a pending Oz remake I went back and re read the Original book.

Forget the musical, forget the technicolor splendor of glittering ruby slippers on an almost adult Dorothy. This is the crew as I saw them while reading.

The Cowardly Lion, I think of him as a tribal member that lives solitude in the woods after being shunned by his tribe for not going thru with a particularly brutal initiation ceremony that would have solidified his position. Think of a disinherited native prince.

The Tin Man, as described in the book chopped of everything because of an enchanted axe... One item at a time. The way I see this is that he went through several procedures to get prosthesis made and installed by the local tinsmith so he looks a bit mismatched... I think of him as a robot who's face is incapable of expressing his emotions... he clearly feels them, but believes himself to be inhuman and heartless due to his current mechanical conditions... think data from star trek next generation.

The Scarecrow... Simply stuck with the book description.

Adair Tishler as Dorothy with Silver slippers included

illustrated version can be found here…
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my god...I would never had - had the patience or the talent to do that....simply beautiful...if you love Oz you may like my new book NORTHERN OZ....all new lands all new characters....go to and it will have the art work and book...not asking you to buy the book just thought you might be interested......