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Cyclops - AN MCU costume concept

By rainingcrow
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I've been doing a few designs now for a potential MCU x-men... but so far it has been x-men characters outside of X-men costumes. I did Wolverine… with his classic, pre x-men uniform and I did his counterpart in Sabertooth… by showing that their uniforms shared a common source...

This time around I wanted to go all out on a costume that is everything I want the X-men's team costumes to be. From the modern fabrics to the bright blue and yellow, I wanted to fully display the big features and how I would want to tackle them. Bright red badges and shields worn proudly to display an openly heroic and public persona. 

I chose Scott to represent everything that I feel like the X-men should be visually. Scott is the public face of the group. He is the leader. I wanted his costume to look like something modern, cutting edge, maybe a little futuristic, but ultimately somewhere between a police officer, military officer and maybe even a ships captain. He is the true blue hero... and I feel like the x-men, once made public, would be as well known as the avengers.  I also specifically chose to base this costume from existing SHIELD uniforms... because I figure that if you are Charles Xavier, building this team in the world that knows of the Avengers and after SHIELDS public fall from grace... you would take those things into account... Maybe divert a few orders of SHIELD tech, uniforms, etc... and then modify them to the purposes of your team. 

This IS purposeful. There is direct intention of a specific public image that they want projected here. Mutants are hated and feared... the idea here is to present the image of a team that can be trusted. Something that looks official... a sign that the mutants police their own.

Because of that, I also wanted to present a couple of variants to the public hero costume... A stealthier more subdued version complete with cowl, and then that same costume as covered by the blend coat... Truthfully, no, Scott would never simply blend in so long as he were wearing his visor. Its pretty conspicuous but at some point these heroes, are going to need to work in the shadows or disappear into a crowd...

I didn't armor him up very much because Scott's power is more of a distance weapon... but he did need to be able to fight. He may not be a brawler, but dude is perfectly capable when the occasion calls for it... so I wanted his costume to also reflect that.

Btw the actor under this costume is Jared Padalecki. He is a wonderful actor who has a strong screen presence. He can pull of the physicality and the heart of someone like Scott Summers in a genuine sort of way. 

I figure with nicknames like Stretch and Slim... He's a few years younger than my choice for Wolverine and significantly taller, but also looks like he could honestly give him a decent run in a fight.

btw, I also have Storm now………………
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I LOVE your X-Men designs. Scott looks BADASS and I never thought I'd say that about Cyclops, I am ENVIOUS of your Logan designs, and I have yet to check storm, but I'm sure she looks great too. I'm not sure if you're planning it already, but I'd love to see how you'd translate my girl Rogue into the MCU in your style. You could get a lot of mileage from her starting green costume from Avengers Annual and then lead into her X-Men team uniform that could be the 90's Jim Lee version or whichever you think would be best. But, I'd LOVE to see your Rogue
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She's next then. ;)
THE-R3D-PRIEST's avatar
This is great, If you could find a purpose for his ridiculous harness though, THAT would be something else. Great job!
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lol, rescue carry maybe?
artistboy456's avatar
I’d love to see more of your Mcu concepts!
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pick a character. I'm game.
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Umm wow :-0, well I’d love to see a Mcu concept of Storm aka Orono Monroe.
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sounds like fun... I'll get started on that. Keep an eye out for it.
artistboy456's avatar
I sure will! I can’t wait to see it!
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Nice design! I love it how you combine the 90s suit & the astonishing suit into one. Also, what actors did use choose for Sabertooth, & Wolverine. Both of them look familiar.
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I thought I mentioned it in the description for each of them... Sabertooth is Kevin Durand and Wolverine is Christian Kane.
fishgutsconquersall's avatar
Alright, Jared Padalecki would be a pretty good Cyclops. Great idea.
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Back to basics, huh? Nice approach. You know Stan Lee stole his appearance from the Comet and simply removed his powers of flight, right?
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I could see similarities, but the comet often has lots of red plus the stars and moons on his costume. The visor, general shape and cowl are all pretty obvious but that type of thing happened a lot with some of the designs back in the day.

What I wanted to do, and What I've tried to do with each of these is to distill each characters design down to their most enduring and iconic looks, establish a purpose behind them, and allow for the visual representation to tell us about them even if there were no words present. 

It is an effort to strike toward the heart as it were... which could easily be seen as back to basics, but in a lot of that effort there are things like materials, accessories, and explicit functionality that do pull them into a wholly new arena. which means that while it is basic in its core, the components are with consideration towards world building and an establishment of untold story through communicative details. 

For instance, the cyclops costume at the VERY end of x-men Apocalypse is basically the same breakdown when it comes to things like the colors, the lines and the basic structure…

Yet the nature of each, despite their common traits, demonstrate very different stories and approach toward showing the audience not just about who Cyclops is but who in fact the x-men are in relation to the world around them.

Fox's x-men throughout the series have been represented as a group of very privatized and isolated individuals engaging in battles because they held some personal stake in their relationship with the opposing force... and they determine their uniforms most often not thru direct intention or planning, but simply by the convenience of availability. They tell the audience, don't ask about the uniforms. Don't question them. They aren't important. They are pre-existing. They were either there and you should simply accept them, or "look, we found these convenient flight suits that were made for someone else"

Which is a valid if not lazy execution of the material as it relates to their place in the story but my X-men concepts are a team that has looked at the world around them, planned to publicly become a force for good and then specifically chose to present themselves in way that accounts for the image that they wish to project while still maintaining that each uniform serves the individual purposes required by its wearer. These aren't a group of mutants simply fighting to save their friend or to defeat their private enemies, they are a group of heroes consciously choosing to fight for the rights of their entire people while protecting complete strangers as part of their mission.

They don't grab a costume at random and say "this will work. let's head out." at the last minute... they go in like police or military and they suit up before training. They suit up before missions. They wear their ranks and specialties marked in visual language. They wear their identity outside of themselves and they have crafted these suits with a lot of personal stake in them. Which is something I think should matter every bit as much in an ensemble cast as it does in a movie like Batman Begins, Iron Man, Captain America or even Man of Steel... These uniforms mean something. They show us what is important about them. They set them apart and yet they tell us as the audience that this group is together, not half baked or half formed or molded from convenience, but out of active premeditation. 

I'd even include a scene, however short or comedic, where the team was sitting around and one of them walks in with a clipboard to announce

"New uniforms are here! Who needs what?"

"Logan, what do you wanna do about the new helmet? Forge needs to know"

"Hank, are you sure that you still don't need any boots?"

 Storm -  "May I have extra resistors built into my crowns com unit?"

Person with clipboard - "lighting protection for the weather queens wind guard check!"

Jean pipes up "Speaking of wind, I think I should have a headband this time too actually, my hair was a problem last month."

Rogue also "Oh sugar, I'd like that too, but green this time. That blue just washes me out... and Bobby needs a long jacket or somethin"

Bobby - "But I don't..."

Rogue - "Sugar, we know you ain't getting cold, but you forgot you was naked last time that you thawed out and the news reporters almost caught you on camera... at least something to toss on after the fightin bit"


Or even a classroom scene where the students themselves are actively voting on the changes like a focus group. 

Just something small but explanatory... Definitely more than showing outfits in cases while in the airplane hangar or "what would you prefer, yellow spandex?"

 I mean that's such a cop out.
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Well that's Marvel when Stan Lee does it. He either takes someone else's work and hopes nobody will notice with the tweaks, and the real things we he tries hard on have a fallout point somewhere. Personally based on what you've just said, I would rather watch you try this version of the X-Men than what we regularly get in the movies. Beyond the better take on the uniforms, this set of more authentic humor segments is far more entertaining than what we are mostly given. And Stan when he came up with most of these in the 60's seemed to have an obsession with giving them their powers through the radiation treatment instead of trying to come up with a more bizarre and interesting way these heroes might have happened. That's why my little entertainment company isn't touching any part of the Fantastic Four until a better explanation of how they happened can be worked out. The part of that story we're going for however is easily Doctor Doom, because that at least though fictional could actually come to be in the right or wrong circumstances. I am going to try the X-Men, but some things or going to be different, like the fact that Magneto is not actually as powerful as he is poorly written. Most metals actually are not magnetic! Which means that the magnetic powers on the artificial metal of Logan's bones should not be affected by that power after researching Adamantium in mythology. However, Wolverine should be vulnerable to enemies with sound wave based powers instead. The world will one day be ruled by artists such as ourselves some day you know who try for a better way to do things even down to "Super Hero" Fiction. I wish you the best of luck with your continued work. It's pretty awesome.   
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yeah, I'm not actually a big fan of Stan Lee for the most part but I won't go into much detail of the reasons on here.

An approach to fantastic four that could be interesting would be to forego the cosmic rays in favor of getting caught in a dimensional rift in space... like say they go into space in 1963, are "hit by cosmic rays" but in fact get sucked into a dimensional rift.

What they perceive as moments is to the world over 40 years, to everyone else, they vanished in a tragedy and then didn't reappear until the present day... When they re-emerge they have been changed due to their bodies being deconstructed and reassembled at the event horizon affecting changes on a sub-cellular level... You could play heavily into the concept of quantum entanglement during the events of the accident directly affects their powers.

This also makes them more interesting as characters because if you take a 1960s family, including a wealthy white man who considered himself progressive for his time, that are now tossed into the modern age, (an age where practically everything Reed had once imagined has been created, his theories proven and the world around him having not only passed him by but seemingly made him obsolete)... Then you can truly utilize their sort of cheesey, campy world view and ideas in a meaningful and mature way rather than simply played for humor. 

and it even gives a growth arc... From the moment they are found, Reed is lost until thru the characters growth arc he discovers that he still has plenty to contribute and that once adjusted to the new technology, he is still one of the smartest minds on the planet and that he still has a place in the world, if not even a more naturally vital place in the modern day and age than in the time that he left. It would solidify the family aspect because it separates them from the world and makes them rely on one another as the only familiarity they each have left. (also, Bens heartbreak over losing his wife can be for more than just because she couldn't handle his physical change... If she died while he was away then not only could we empathize with him more easily but his anger toward Reed is doubly relatable...)

Or on the Magneto front, instead of focusing on the control of metal, focus on HOW he controls metals...He is an omega level mutant... but it's not because he is some giant magnet... His powers are actually the ability to control and influence the movement of naturally occurring EM fields.  He is capable of controlling not just ferrous metals, but anything that is capable of conducting electricity. He can actually create force fields, make himself fly anywhere on earth and even fry someones brain by interrupting their neural signals... It is not usually utilized but it is cannon.…
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This is awesome! Really clever casting idea. I agree, he could be a good fit.
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