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Rosa's back to remind you all that she has moved accounts! And she also has an update for you.

Yep, I know I do this all the time, but my last journal was pretty broken up. All the links to art was deleted, and thus, I must remake this. X'D

So anyways, as you know, or hopefully know, that I am no longer active here, and haven't been for quite a long time. :'D

I am moved over at LADY-R0SA


Here's some of my art that you might be interested in!! :heart:
<da:thumb id="663208614"/><da:thumb id="664853873"/><da:thumb id="666202104"/><da:thumb id="667775825"/><da:thumb id="668685633"/>

Rosa, my fursona, and my other sona's references

<da:thumb id="654619424"/><da:thumb id="656707911"/><da:thumb id="657434546"/>
I don't draw her as much as I would like too, but hopefully I will more often in the future.

Darkest Lies

which is a story that I have finished and remade all the covers for.
Darkest Lies [Cover] *Updated* by LADY-R0SA DL: Wilted Flowers [Cover] *Updated* by LADY-R0SA DL: Bruised Hearts [Cover] by LADY-R0SA DL: Deadly Secrets [Cover] by LADY-R0SA DL: Foregoing Regrets [Cover] by LADY-R0SA DL: Haunted Promise [Cover] by LADY-R0SA


is a comic I have started. However, I've been working on rebooting it in a new format and making it even better than before! Or hopefully anyways. My plan is to reboot it in a form of a story book, so less pictures, more words, however there will still be plenty of illustrations to help out with the story telling.
Here's the cover, however please keep in mind, that this story is outdated now. I've already started planning it. It's completely different now. Like, the first story isn't even about Canvas! It's actually about Jet now. X'D
<da:thumb id="610412229"/>

Okay now time for the update portion of this journal!!

About 3 months ago I have made a new account specifically for all the Fanart I have drawn/will draw. This is so people who prefer only my fanart can go and enjoy while people who like my personal art can watch me at LADY-R0SA

:iconfalchi0n: :iconfalchi0n::iconfalchi0n::iconfalchi0n: :iconfalchi0n::iconfalchi0n::iconfalchi0n: :iconfalchi0n::iconfalchi0n:

As you can probably tell it's still rather Fire Emblem centered, given the name FALCHI0N, the page design, and the icon as of current is Chrom. The name though is the sword name that Marth, Alm, Chrom, and Lucina use, however I do draw and post other things on there aside from just Fire Emblem. That's just my main focus and interest as of current.

Things I do post are, Fire Emblem, Warriors, Pokemon, and other things that I will hopefully draw for, though these three are the main things.

Here's some art I've posted there

Fire Emblem
Ranulf by FALCHI0N FE Collab - Lethe by FALCHI0N Lady Of The Plains by FALCHI0N Chrom: Spring Exalt by FALCHI0N

REUPLOAD | Into The Wild by FALCHI0N Like Fire by FALCHI0NMy Quarrel Is With You by FALCHI0N Warrior Cats Characters | A-L by FALCHI0N
REUPLOAD | Favourite Pokemon by FALCHI0N REUPLOAD | Leafeon by FALCHI0N<da:thumb id="676170661"/>

Nhozemphtekh by FALCHI0N Varjak Paw by FALCHI0N Pit by FALCHI0N<da:thumb id="668876188"/>

Anyways, that should be all! I hope you guys continue supporting me, and enjoying the stuff I post! Thanks much and have a good day!!

------ Rosa


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Shaded-Velvet Featured By Owner May 8, 2016
you unwatched me because I stopped drawing warriors.. ur so mean
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EpikBecky Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
ey man,wanna chat? I'm lonely and have no messages hah ;w;
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EpikBecky Featured By Owner May 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
okay so on my poll about the mistystar song, thousand eyes and the woods got 5 and 6 votes. since I can't personally choose between the two, which do you think fits her more?
this is for an MAP I'd like to host, by the way, if that helps with your choice ^^
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EpikBecky Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist


you know that adoptable I brought from you a few months back and named felicity? well I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of a unique personality for her. any ideas? (she is a good character though, she isn't evil or anything)
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