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Uncharted - MINI Chloe by Rainheart94 Uncharted - MINI Chloe by Rainheart94
"Admit it... you're going to miss this ass."

I got a PS4 during the holidays and I chose to get Uncharted: Lost Legacy before Kingdom Hearts 2.8., a game I've been anticipating playing over Uncharted, but after playing it, I DO NOT regret getting it first. It's surprisingly fun and challenging, and has gorgeous graphics that look amazing on the PS4.

I am familiar with the Uncharted games, so I do know all about Chloe, who is just as attractive and fun in this game as she was in the previous ones. I never played the fourth one though, so Nadine was new for me, but I liked the way she was portrayed here. She was an unusually useful NPC who had great chemistry with Chloe (who, like Chloe, has INCREDIBLE upper body strength). I loved the way she contrasted her and the way their friendship built throughout the game, as well as their constant back-and-forth banter.

I'd say the best part of the game is during the large open-world jungle area, where you get to drive around on a Jeep and crash into things. That was fun.
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