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Final Fantasy - MINI Rikku by Rainheart94 Final Fantasy - MINI Rikku by Rainheart94
"Look, I know I can't just sit around and do nothing. I can't stay still in one place. I have to keep busy. Not like you, Yunie!"

So, I finished Final Fantasy X-2 a few months ago, and I gotta say, it's definitely better than most people say it is! It's definitely challenging and requires you to do a ton of level grinding, there are lots of bosses that are almost impossible to defeat, though luckily most of them were optional. The story itself was very interesting and had a kind of bittersweet ending (At least for me, Tidus coming back sounds very forced and I'm glad I didn't get it). The characters are all fun and engaging, especially Yuna! I much prefer this version of her far more than the one from the first game, and her chemistry and relationships with both Rikku and Paine are engaging and well written, too!

I'm now trying to get through Last Mission, and while it isn't nearly as fun as FFX2, I fully intend on finishing it so I can see more cutscenes of my new favorite girl trio!
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