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pls buy #1 lol i'll consider any $/points offer although i'm hoping for at least $20-25 ;; he's been sitting around for a long time while i considered keeping him but i never use my characters very much so i just want to sell him offfffff
new year adopts (closed) by rainfreezer
also some other old characters i never used
selling ocs!please let me know if any of these designs are yours and you don't want me selling them! i don't really remember exactly how i got some of these/how much i paid for them so please forgive me ;;
both points and paypal!! prices are flexible, just offer!
  ~ $3 / 300 :points:
 ~ $40 / 4000 :points: (includes art by whispwill and neoriceisgood)
~ $7 / 700 :points: (includes art by rrrai)
 ~$5 / 500 :points:
edit: thank you to everyone that participated!!! pixel winner is SweetMelony (17) and drawing winner is nevaeh-lee (25)!!!!! they have until 3/14 11pm to reply or i will reroll~
Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.20.14 PM by rainfreezerScreen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.29.02 PM by rainfreezer

THANK YOU!!! i just hit 3000 watchers so here's my first art raffle event to thank you for supporting me, especially those who've been with me throughout my hiatuses/disappearance lol.. i wasn't sure how to pick/distribute prizes since i don't have that much time but i hope this works! feel free to suggest a different way ;;;

  1. watchers only!!! (new watchers welcome)
  2. post a journal/poll featuring this raffle (optional but appreciated)
  3. reply to my featured comment with a link to your journal/poll for a number (you'll be entered for both prizes!)

    ends march 12 - 10pm pst, winners will be selected randomly and will have 48 hours to respond!

1 winner each!

 pixel (icon + tiny OR pixel doll)
3 soft nerds by rainfreezerGinger by rainfreezerCato by rainfreezerNiko by rainfreezerFlower Pup by rainfreezerPonko by rainfreezerYurio by rainfreezer

 drawing (chibi OR fullbody)
tiki!!! by rainfreezerIyova by rainfreezer
Neiret by rainfreezer
(fullbody example is old, it'll be more like the chibi's shading/line style)
if you'd like to support my work with a donation, please check out my new ko-fi page!!
Buy Me a Coffee at

now that it's become pretty common i thought i should give it a try too c: i'll see how it goes and maybe i'll do some random gift sketches for supporters in the future or something
comment design ideas/prompts you'd like to see from me and i'll use them for inspiration!!!

i've always been meaning to do some adopts and i've always felt really weak with designing so i think i just gotta do it O: also cause i've literally designed like 1 thing in the past few years lmao

so yeah im hoping to do a batch of adopts; it'll be an auction so i can see how much people are willing to pay for my designs and i'll go off that for future flatsales :3

commissions notice!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 10:43 PM
Hobbyist General Artist

Comment Skin

if i ever take too long and you'd prefer a refund, just let me know!!!

im currently stressed about SAT since im taking it in march and haven't studied that much and im also working on my AP art portfolio but i barely have anything done ;;;;; so technically any extra time i have i should be spending it on those but i feel so bad since all my commissions have been sitting around for months now so im happy to offer refunds!!!

or if you're extremely patient i'll do my best to chip away at them until my week long break next month (that i should devote to AP and SAT ;; ) during which i'll try to get through everything for sure!! ahh man i seriously wasted my winter break i don't even know what i was doing ; __ ;


icon by memedokis

she's like the one of the few characters i actually designed myself LOL but yeah i've been inactive and i never really drew my characters anyway so i thought i'd try to send her off to a better home.... her price is higher because i originally made her to be my fursona so she's got some sentimental value

Starting Bid: $20/2000 :points: (minimum increment of $5/500 :points:)

Autobuy: $150/15,000 :points: (if you autobuy, i will draw a bust/colored sketch of her for you!)

Ends: October 14, 10pm PST

Art of her by others:

Nv4mkx by rainfreezerRainfreezer commission by RillrexRainaroo by xMizuOkamiRainfreezer Birthday Gift! by shaina773Aether by xMizuOkamiCold Night Lights + SPEEDPAINT by DarkWolfArtist You're going to miss me ~ Aether ~ by Kaleoscope2869148 by rainfreezer

please let me know if any of these designs are yours and you don't want me selling them! i don't really remember exactly how i got some of these/how much i paid for them so please forgive me ;;

both points and paypal!! prices are flexible, just offer!

chilly by rainfreezer  ~ $3 / 300 :points:

Character by rainfreezerRain By Whispwill-d75ojh3 by rainfreezertumblr inline mzfnjpdOw61qgyjis by rainfreezer ~ $40 / 4000 :points: (includes art by whispwill and neoriceisgood)

tac by rainfreezerSQUIDS by RRRAI~ $7 / 700 :points: (includes art by rrrai)

Foox ref by rainfreezer ~$5 / 500 :points:

{ kyle } by rainfreezer RupertKyle by rainfreezer Kyle  by tiqeress  it's a cat thing by meteorcrash~ $50 / 5000 :points: 0(includes art by yuristorm)

Fey ref by rainfreezer~ $?? / ???? :points:

my tumblr + updates!!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2015, 3:45 PM

hey guys! i know i haven't posted in a reallllyyyyy long time or been active much at all but basically
i haven't been drawing digitally for like i don't know a year it's just been so long :c im still drawing traditionally and i've been trying to start keeping up a daily sketchbook, but just... I DON'T KNOW I JUST HAVEN'T BEEN DRAWING DIGITALLY :'c since i don't usually bother posting dumb iphone pictures of my traditional work on here, there's really been nothing for me to post

i only come on occasionally to check my messages and im not sure if i'll be active again (hopefully? it's been a long time though)


find me on tumblr!

haH i don't post art on there either exactly since i don't have many followers and i feel like it's no use LOL but maybe i will soon??
if you message me there you'll be guaranteed a quick response!

i mostly blog photography, art, humor, and exo, so sorry if that's not what you're into > _ <

thanks for sticking around, those of you who still watch me after such a long neverending hiatus :'c

i started my freshman year of high school this school year and with marching band and homework, i've gotten a bit busy and no doubt it'll get worse :000 BUT




Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 10:57 PM

hey, stealing this from Magicpawed hueh
so idk i haven't been doing well with digital art lately; i just don't have any motivation or inspiration for it, and i feel terrible because i still owe a few things. i've been managing traditional art due to the art homework i have to draw for art class, but i'm grateful for that because otherwise i don't know how much i'd draw!

anyways, here are some questions that i stole from magic who stole them from tumblr
just so i can get an idea about what you guys think!

    -what you’d like to see me focus on in my art

    -what you like so far

    -what you’d like to see improve

    -anything that irks you about my art

    -stuff you want to see me draw

thank you if you answer these!

feel free to note your answers to me too if you don't want them publicized for any reason idk haha

happy new year!!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 8:54 PM

happy new year everyone!! 

may 2014 be a year of good things for you all (:

in 2013, 
i experienced the BEST event/situation of my life. i did lose that happy thing after a few months and became horribly sad, but it's the experience that counts! im proud that i got myself back onto my feet, though it hit me hard for at least a month.

i also experienced some of the WORST events/situations in my life. however, i still pride myself on my ability to recover off of these.

there were various other events of differing greatness and badness, so overall this was a decent year.

and again: HAPPY NEW YEAR.

i have made too many of these journals

but i have homework that i do too slowly
my life at home is never good

and other drama with someone
which is actually affecting me the most

i want to draw sad art and just draw colors with these new brushes i found and new tutorials and a new artist

i stlil have 2 trades and 2 commissions
i don't know when i can do them
one of them has been almost a year and i don't have a particularly large amount of points

hit me up if you want a "refund"... maybe we can figure something out
otherwise, i need time to start breaking out experimental art and styles and characters and i SERIOUSLY need relaxation time for personal art but i don't want to do it while i have owed work but i don't want to do that either so i do nothing
i'll do them eventually i guess im sorry if it ends up being a year rizu if you see this and once i get them off me i can finally let myself experiment and actually enjoy drawing
i was gonna relax months ago in august but i didn't want to cancel everything
i should have

birthday *important announcement*

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 9, 2013, 11:36 AM

so today is my birthday!!! today i turn 13.

i joined when i was 9 but i never used my account until i was about 11 and a half, last year.
i know i was an underage deviant but i love art and my friends on here, and i hope i am right when i say i think i was mature enough.

i know at least one person, a friend, who does not support underage deviants and i don't either fully; they can be quite annoying and immature.
however, some are actually just trying to be artists and not causing any disturbances.
i don't want to get deep into this subject though

but yeah haha
i think it's pretty important that you guys know this now
since you watch me and stuff
i feel the need to apologize in a way
so im sorry
but i hope you'll all be okay with me now that im 13
and continue to support me 
i appreciate all of you

thank you q v q

art troubles wah

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 4, 2013, 11:06 PM

agh well i've never really had much art block
but i think i have REALLY bad art block now? like i always still draw random things on my school agenda but when i think of working on commissions and stuff im just like no and also homework is a huge issue by now

i haven't drawn digitally in like two months i've only used my tablet maybe twice since the last drawing i uploaded

what can i do to get back to work please help omfg some of the things on my todo list have been there since like the beginning of the year and im starting to feel bad for making them wait so long

hiatus + give me ur fav songs!!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 22, 2013, 7:50 PM

hey guys so yeah official hiatus
i've already posted several polls/journals apologizing for lack of art but yeahhh now it's a real hiatus
;A; ;^;

umm also i guess i just feel like i should interact more??? since no art and no journals or polls lately and im active anyway (just no art)

so yeah link me your favorite songs!! :> hehe
i've been loving ships in the night by mat kearney lately, and wrecking ball by miley cyrus

important updates

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 30, 2013, 9:35 PM

heyy guys!!!
like Magicpawed, i also think i want to get some relaxation and start trying out new things like grayscale paintings, and working on values and colors and stuff like that instead of worrying about owed art

i will be canceling most commissions/trades so i can finally, like magic, start drawing for fun and to start improving on my overall art
also like her, i never draw simply for FUN, and the last personal art i did was around the beginning of the year because i feel better finishing off my owed stuff first, and then i keep taking on new work and it's just a cycle that gets frustrating!

this does NOT mean i won't take commissions and trades anymore!!
i'll try to take on a few near the end of the year or during a break, so you guys can look forward to something!

i will start working on new styles and techniques, and i might ask for ideas and suggestions (: 
i'd love any critiques!!

i really just want to be able to do something else and, most importantly, start working on IMPROVEMENT only
  • tell me what you think i could improve on!
  • suggest good techniques and ideas!
"I want to be an artist. I need to get better. And finally I am breaking free from this shell that is holding me down." - Magicpawed

i will be notifying those of you for which i am canceling!
i am really sorry since i know the feeling of being excited for a piece of art and that after such a long time you don't get to have it... :'^( i really am sorry!!!


Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 9:48 AM

so, school started on monday! we got a surprisingly large amount of homework???? last year was like relax for the first week or like a few easy assignments
but then on the first day this week i got a paragraph and then 2 posters and math homework lol!!!

basically, if im gonna be getting homework at this rate, please expect some inactivity....
i'll definitely still be getting on and checking messages but i'd be drawing less.. cries man i so regret not doing my owed art during summer

i still have 2 trades and 3 commissions, um, i hope to finish them by maybe november or december, taking into account all the stuff i might get from school uGh and also the horribly SLOW speed that i draw at???????

thank you guys for putting up with me, my super slow art, and super slow commissions/trades if i owe you something ;-;
like UGH Darkaiya your commission is like 90 years old

samsung galaxy s4 vs. iphone 5

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 15, 2013, 3:54 PM

lol so i am still going on about this and

i just heard
that an S4 exploded and burned down a guy's home in hong kong?!?!???!???????? ????
and another time a galaxy burst into flames????????

and also for iphone a few times people got electrocuted and one person died and the other two are in comas right now

i will cry please tell me guys is this a real problem that i should be worried about
pleasE help

owed art backup/commission prediction

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 8, 2013, 10:44 PM

OK SO I STILL HAVE 3 TRADES AND 3 COMMISSIONS IM SORRY GUYS i draw way too slow and the trade im working on right now is already going at a decent speed for me usually i take like weeks 

ummmmm tbh all this stuff will probably take me months... since school starts in less than 2 weeks..
i am SO sorry guys i can't believe i didn't open commissions even once this year???? or maybe i did in the beginning but i don't remember doing that idk
im hoping to at least open commissions by november for my birthday??? ;A; umm at the very least i should have finished almost half of it by then at the most i should be done

aghhh i feel bad because people have been asking for a while ;___; im so sorry guys i'll try to get it done but ugh i was happy for the past few months but problems have started springing up again and im feeling better since that life sucks poll aha but it's definitely not helping my artistic motivation ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

new gallery

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 2, 2013, 10:03 PM

i reorganized the folders and renamed them and shoved my stuff into less folders <:^)
umm i guess it's a little harder in some ways to find stuff if you wanted to specifically find something of one art type but it's also easier in some ways??? hhhh

i also deleted some old stuff like old adoptables and i used to post lots of unnecessary sketches and things lol

let me know what you think <:^)
did you like my old gallery better?
is this one better?

hahhhahahahhahhhaahaaaaa i would have made a poll but i haven't made a journal in a while lol so i thought i should socialize some more <:^)


Journal Entry: Fri Jul 12, 2013, 1:38 PM

I AM SO SORRY I PROMISED SEVERAL EPOPLE I'D OPEN COMMSSIIONSOISNOSINS IN SUMMER BUT IDK im not that busy during school it's 8th grade buds can't be bad so it's no problem for me to open them during school 

BUT IM JUST NOT GETTING THINGS DONE IM SO SORRY i've been doing this one trade for 2 weeks bc im not really working on it much i suck :^)

i have a ton of trades and a few commisisons I'M GOING TO SEE IF I HAVE ANY TRADES I CAN CANCEL CRIES A LOT 

i'll get it done someday i am so so so so so sorry guys weeps lmaekye