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Kvothe vs. Aslan

Patrick Rothfuss recently posted a blog post where he wrote a scene with his character Kvothe in a smackdown with Aslan.

read it here [link]

Thanks to [link] for the skin texture brushes.

and thanks to Eoin Macken for supplying his bone structure. I promise to give it back relatively unharmed.
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This is like one of the BEST pieces of writing i've ever read and it's not even canon!
Patrick Rothfuss is a genius.
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Why does he looks like Nicholas Cage?
You done great by the way :)
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LOL - I didn't use Nicholas Cage for the model, I used Eoin Macken. That's funny though.
Uchiharthur's avatar
well he's more good loking than cage...
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You're credited and sourced. :D
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I just read that blog. Great interpretation of the scene!
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I read that just the other day ^^ This is a wonderful piece of art to go with the snippet.
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Thank you. :) It certainly inspired me.
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Those books... do wonders for everyone's inspiration I think. Can't wait for the third installment!
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I think Kvothe would win, no doubt ;)
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As Pat wrote, he'd talk Aslan around, but only because he's a good person, and there's really no reason for them to have a physical fight.
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Hi Val! I had tablet issues, so wasn't able to do anything digitally (also, very busy with work and such)

I might pop in at IFX, if I continue to be able to have painting time. I did start a dragon the other day.... ;)
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Rain! How are you?
It's been so long since we've seen a post! Fantastic to see you are still at it! :)

Hope to see more from you. And perhaps we'll see you around IFX?
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