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Hey all! I'm not super active on this account, and the art is very outdated. You'll see me slip on for the occasional ARPG or adopt shenanigan, but if you reach out and I don't respond for a bit, that is probably why. Take care, thanks for visiting my page!

You can find me on the following media sites if you can't reach me here:


Discord: Rainflight#2653

Favourite Visual Artist
FavoriteTaboo // Thedorkydoodle
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Alan Walker // Train // Coldplay
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The Maze Runners // Outlaws of Time // The Oath
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N.D Wilson // W.T Batson
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Riding // Skiing
Tokos has been such a great experience, but it's gotten to be that time in life where I need to downsize as I don't have as much time as I used to! I am also going to have a really short summer to work between my first day of college and graduation, so the extra money helps, ha. So I'm clearing most of my babies out. Please take good care of them for me :la: :heart: :bulletgreen: Please note prices are estimated, and may not be perfectly in tune with the economy. Prices are based on Tokota value, slots, and art/hp. :bulletgreen: All prices are OBO, so feel free to offer even if it's lower than the marked price, but the marked prices are AB. :bulletgreen: I'm only taking PayPal. :bulletgreen: Payment is due within 24 hours of the acceptance, unless a week extension is absolutely necessary (If this is the case, please tell me up front.) :bulletgreen: If you believe I am reselling a toko for more than I bought it, please feel free to gently remind me! I do my best to keep up
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Hello traveler! Often raffles are celebrating something, but I felt a raffle in the middle of what can be a bleak transition season was in store haha Alternatively this could be an early St. Patrick’s Day raffle- either way! Long story short! My longkota and 50 sphinx are breedable! I never thought I’d see this day, and I want to share the love with players who aren’t here yet while these are still considered somewhat valued
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Geno Tracker

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1) Female - Natural Mane Average - Healthy Dire 25% - Canarctos dirus ee/Aa/tt/nM/nC/PngPng/nSl+R/nBr/nSm/nL Marked collared restricted seal lilac brown with pangare, bearmarks and starmarks --Hereditary Traits:-- Patience to Rainflightt 2) Female - Natural Mane Average - Healthy - Spinal Defects Dire 50% - Canarctos dirus Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/PngPng/nSd/nBl/nBr/nFl/nSm/nMrl+l/nS Marked collared rose black merle with liver points, accents, pangare, bearmarks, flecking, starmarks, saddle and blanket --Hereditary Traits:-- Hardy Passionate Thrill Seeker https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/887813046/4948148333 4) Female - Natural Mane Average - Healthy Tokota - Canarctos venatori ee/AA/TT/nM/nC/nSd/nSl/PP+s/nS Marked collared seal rose tawny with saddle and rose points https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/881869221/4948626664 Male - Curly Mane Average - Lame Tokota - Canarctos venatori ee/Aa/Tt/nC/nA/nSd/nPb+R // ee/Aa/tt Collared tawny restricted piebald with accents and
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here is the link to breeding with Kenai!


hello your first link of open commissions doesn't work?

Hey hey! It’s most likely an outdated journal/link, so I’ll whip up a new one and get back to you on that if it’s alright?
Added you to m watch list.  :)
I'm offering commissions!
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