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So, I had the honor to be a guest artist for Paralogos species ^^ If you buy any of these, make sure to join their group!

They're 12 USD via paypal or 1200 dA points each. To claim, write a comment below. Once I recieve the payment, you'll get separate full resolution file of your paralogos.

Fosil Helix Ammonite Fosil Helix
Level 1 - Not living
This palarolos posses the word Ammonite, the fosils of ancient ammonites. Because they couldn't make themselves large piece of rock, their body is full of spirals resembling not only outsides of those fosils, but also what you can see, when you cut it in half.
Owner: mewhaku

F2U Lil Leaf Small-leaved Linden F2U Lil Leaf
Level 2 - Living, not conscious
Leaves of this creature are the same, as of the small-leaved lime - they're small, heart shaped and has dark green colour. Flowers of linden are known to be curative - but please, don't try to make tea out of this paralogos, they wouldn't be very happy... Those trees grow all across the Europe.
Has a companion - lime hawk-moth (Mimas tiliae), larvas of those moths feed on linden leaves.
Owner: mewhaku

Mockeries - Feathers Hoatzin Mockeries - Feathers
Level 3 - Living, conscious
The hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin) is a bird species from South America. They are considered to be the closest relatives of dinosaurs. They have a claw on their wings for climbing trees. They aren't good at flying, well, this paralogos neither.
Owner: Calliopius

Paralogos are closed species, which means you can't make your own without permission of owner of given species.
Please note, that my english isn't perfect - I apologize for any mistakes in this text.
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Hey there! Could I purchase Linden please? With Paypal.