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Good day sir!

 Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
It's been a while since the last icon set. In the recent years, I found that one of my icon set that people always talking about/ asking for permission to use them on their project is Legendora icon set, the RPG icon set. →   Legendora Icon Set by Raindropmemory

The old icon set is fine, but not without its limitation; there are too few icons to be useful, and the elaborate details, while look great, is not that practical in real use. So, I think this is good opportunity to update it, with my current skill and experiences. The new design will be more simple, yet retain my cute & funky style, as usual. ;p

The new icon set will be called RPG Essential, which will have lite version (free download for anyone as always) and the paid-full version (for people who need to use them on their commercial project) I've dream about selling my stock icon set for so long, and this might be the first one. :)

The icons are all finished and I'm now working on preview image and some details.
Please stay tuned! :D

Llama Emoji 42 (Pinch Cheek) [V2] 

 photo rpgessential_preview_by_Raindropmemory1_zps6837e505.png
UPDATE: 1 Jan 2014. Yes, you still can request! :>

Hi there,

I'm now working on my latest icon set, after a long months without iconwork. 
It will be called Harmonia Pastelis 2 As the name implied, it will be the spiritual successor (well, nothing spritual here, actually) of my old icon set Harmonia…one of my icon set that many people happened to like!

Below is the glance of some finished icons. :)
P.S. with my custom visual style (aka 'theme') for Windows 8 that I'm also working on - still in its baby stage though.
 photo HarmoniaExtended_preview_zps612e446c.png

The old icon was created in 2009, when my style and skill is still simple. Many years have past and many things changed, my experiences, my skill and style, my vision of what my art should be. But I will try to retain the same old cute and simple looks that everyone like in this icon as much as possible. :happybounce:

The new icon set design will gear toward 'stock icon' for general use more than specifically computer use, since I want it to be widespread, downloaded and be used by even more people, but of course you can still use them on PC if you want to, as always. :) 


Happy Time!
You can request me icons you want to see in this icon set too!

I will do almost anything except for fan art. So don't be shy! just comment below right away! :) I will try to include them in the icon set as much as possible.

Hello guys,

I humbly present my official portfolio website...!


Before this I have to use art website as my portfolio (deviantART, Behance), but found that the usability of these website not that good for portfolio site, for example, it takes too many click to gain access to each image in the gallery, and it's cumbersome when you have to send the link to your client, who most of the time never use these art site before.


My Design approach:
I need simple, *no-nonsense* portfolio website, and this website is my answer. I don't care about bell-and-whistle or cool-looking cropped images gallery (which will take another extra click to view it), I just want something that just work, that even my grandma can use it!

Since I have no skill in web coding, I still have to use blogging platform, Tumblr, in my case, with modifed theme.

This website will collect the history of Raindropmemory, since 5 years ago till today. It still need some more page, like 'Download' page, for example, which I will add later.

and of course, feel free to give it a try, and you are more than welcome to share your opinion about it. :) (Thank you!) =D

BIXEL : Upcoming Icon Set

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 10:58 AM

Big, retro, pixel style icon set. I wait and wait for many years, but no one made it happened yet. I mean, there are some - about 10 icons or so...., but not a whole set, that's for sure.
and don't even mention that the icon design 'trend' right now goes to Hi-resolution, and even higher. My hope is null.

I used to heard someone said that 'if you want something, don't wait for other, make it happened yourself'
My experiences in pixel art is very limit, but I don't want to wait anymore. I will make it happened with my own strength.

This will be long-term iconset, so that means I will update it regularly, to include many icon as much as possible.
Coming soon! :)

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Raindrop's Notes #02 :Visualized!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 7:44 AM

Hello guys~!
Now back to our plan of 'unified story' for Raindropmemory I mention about in the 1st part of 'Raindrop's Notes'
Brainstorming is good process, but in order to understand our character better, there is no way better than prototype it.

Let's get visual!

Before we begin, let's strolling around a bit.

A few days ago I bring out my 'archive chest', the box that contain all of my works (that have physical copy)so far. The last time I organize my work into this chest is several months ago, but when I'm organize new work today, I'm surprise that there is not much work to keep like before, maybe it's because I move more and more into digital art?

Speaking of organizing, physical copy is much, much simple to do, because there is no folder, no lists of various files, just a paper, with artworks on it. So it visible to the naked eye right away, unlike folder in computer, which have only name (and have to click it open to see the content)
I use binder clip to keep works in their repective category.

Some works whih have several sheet of paper, like commission works, need to wrap and separate them with small sheet of paper and paper clip.
This good old tongue-in-a-cheek technique is super simple and effetive for paper organizing...It's  there since a born of paper, but I just put in into use.

While I sort through my works, I found watercolor work I've done for certain magazine. It look neat and detailed.
My reaction is like, 'wow, I haven't paint detailed and polished art like this for a long time, since I move to digital art' My current skill in digital painting is still far from my traditional one.

I remember the day when I paint these illustrations with watercolor, I feel so calm and collected, and have a very good focus.  Distraction means nothing to me, because I'm in the flow of focus.
I think the 'flow' I got while working on them is because I'm familiar to traditional work more than digital( - for now), so I can relax while working on it. And when you are subconsciously relaxed, everything you do is A LOT better than when you 'try hard'.  

Though  I'm sure that I can achieve this very same 'flow' effect when I have more experiences and skills in digital art, maybe 5-10 years from now.

Now back to our character development.

I use the blue pencil to do the rough sketch, and black pencil for the real outline. The blue pencil line can be remove easily with

Photoshop (I will explained later)
This blue/red pencil sketch technique is commonly used in Manga industry.

So here is the first sketch of characters. Right now the girl on the leftmost is the one that stay true to what I think the most, the others are still not quite the images in my mind, so I have to redesign them later.

As you can see there are both black and blue pencil line. Let's remove the blue pencil line! (next photo)

Note that I found this trick somewhere on the internet long time ago, (and obviously I'm not the one who invent it and I would like to thanks anyone who invent this technique - it's just simply awesome)
Fire up your Photoshop and navigate to 'Channel' tab.

Now select the 'Blue' channel, this will remove anything with blue color. As you can see above, the blue line is magically gone.

We need to convert this image to grayscale in order to retain our current edit. Go to Image ---> Mode ----> Grayscale
Now your document will turn into grayscale mode.

In order to be able to color the image again, we need to convert it again to RGB(or any CMYK, if you plan to print it)
Go to Image--->Mode--->RGB Color

Now just clean the sketch with Brightness/Contrast as usual. I always check the 'Use Legacy' box whenever I cleaning the sketch. And...done!

Drawing after cleaning up.

Now it's time to paint.

As usual, adjust color with Color Balance(Ctrl+B) and Selective Color (Image-->Adjustment--->Selective Color)

I can't decribe exactly how to  archieve this color tone,
all I can say is : it's personal, it's diffrent for you and me, and you have to try it yourself, expereince how it work.

You only need just 2-3 option and they all easy to use.
'Color Balance (Crtl+B)
Selective Color (Image-->Adjustment--->Selective Color)
and also some adjustment in 'Brightness/Contrast'

and that's all for today.

Thank you for reading! :)
Next time on Raindrop's Notes #03 : Make Way~!

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Raindrop's Notes #01 :Rebuilding the Rain

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2012, 9:10 AM

Hello guys!

I decide I will create this 'Raindrops Notes' every once in a while to update things and thought happened with Raindropmemory.
Alright, start from today, No.1! (and Thank you for your attention as always)

When I look at all of my works lately, even I feel good that I have various style, one thing still bother me.
It still lack of story, I mean, unified story. In order to strengthen the identity of Raindropmemory, I decide that I have to create strategy and system for my future work, like good artist should do. No more aimlessly work.

For me, there are 2 types of art.

Art with story and Art without story. This doesn't means it's good or bad, both serve their own purpose.

I have pencil sharpener with the look of red bear, it's cute but it never told me any story.
But I love art with story! Therefore I will create it, like Manga I read, like film I watch.

I'm a firm believer in the power of story, because I think people tend to 'cling' to story.

There is story everywhere. from bedside story mom told, to love fiction, to story in every Manga we read, to the conversation we gossip with friend, and in art.
Story have power to tell people something, to teach people something, and more importantly, to let people in and be a part of it. I think people can relate themselves to art better, if there is story to relate.

Without story, art is quite scary. I feel this everytime when I walk in abstract art gallery.

4. Of course, I think there is *some* story in most of my illustration up till now. But what it lack is 'unified' story.
I currently don't have one, even though I have some 'character' that appear in my various illustration. However, there is no concrete plan or system about it.

This is what I'm now developing: unified story. Story that hold Raindropmemory together.

Characters, Themes, plot, etc. Actually, I began working with this 'story' several months ago, but to no avail. It always end up hidden in my stack of notebooks or piece of paper. I also try many software to help me collect my thought, Evernote, for example, but it face the same fate as my sketch notebook: forgotten.

6. After intensively research and experiment on idea management/capturing, I found that the most effective way for *me* is to make the idea 'visible' to the eyes as much as possible - the same way when people stick inspiring photos on the wall)
When I see it, I'll remember it, and no more lost ideas in the piles of notebook.
Therefore I would like to buy a big whiteboard, but due to my tight budget, I have to resort to other alternative: my glass sliding door. Above is the brainstorming for several characters in my story.

7. The brainstorming on the glass door work well, but I feel the urge to visualize what I just brainstorm. Visualize is always be the fun part of brainstorming.

Raindrop's Notes Next time: Visualized!

Raindrop Portfolio Update #1 App!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 6:26 AM
I haven't update my commission work in dA journal for quite a long time(because I update most of them on Facebook page ,so it might be a good idea if I write one. :la:


#1  My icons on free Android App

My Korean developer fan made 2 free Android app using my free icon sets! (he give me very proper credit, don't worry :) The names are 'Banana File Manager' and 'Cute memo'

Android fans, feel free to give them a try! both are


:bulletorange:♥ → Banana File Manager….
:bulletgreen:♣ → Cute memo…..


#2 My icon set is featured on 'Rockstar Icon Designer' book!

♥ I got featured in a book 'Rockstar Icon Designer'(from Rockable Press)… :) It is only a VERY short portion though(just my very short talk, and my image of icon Summer, Love & Cicadas) So you won't find my new work here.

☻ Though this book is a must have for anyone who want to take icon design seriously!! It explain deep details from the history to the process of icon design, with easy to understand example! Well, if anyone interest in designing icons. :)

☻ Note that since this book is about icon design and it's very academic and informative, so you may find it boring if you expect cool icon collection or inspiration or don't really want to know it that much.


#3 iPhone App for Kids

The App called 'Kombikids', an iPhone/ iPod/ iPad app (Update: and Android too!)</i> for kids 3 years or above. Basically it's picture matching game.  I responsible for almost everything visual-wise (illustration, layout/presentation design, icon) but ultimately, big thanks goes to the programmer guy who put my static images into action, and nice and smooth too!

:bulletred:Apple Store link -->……

:bulletgreen:For Android users,
There is FREE version to try! :) --->…..