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March 2, 2013
[down to earth] Iconset by ~Raindropmemory is a beautifully simplistic icon set with a very warm and rustic feel to it.
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[down to earth] Iconset


PNG version here → [link]

Hi there

This is my submission for Gaia12 project ( , the art project the aim to celebrate the beauty of nature.

At first I create the icons using vector art in Illustrator, but then found that my icon at that time doesn't relate to nature at all, it look too pure DIGITIAL.

I decide to scrapped everything and made a new one.
and This icon set above is the result.

I try to create these icons using the most natural way possible, or at least - LESS DIGITAL possible. I sketch on paper, paint with watercolor. Though I still have to use Photoshop to turn them into proper icon.

What this icon set have:

• Pixel not Perfect icons for general use on your PC.
• Unscalable, future not proof, But at-this-moment proof, so feel free to use them.
• Not Hyperrealistic
• No smooth gradient
• Confusing icon perspective
• Bland, mild, dull color, no eye cathing color, not follow good color theory
• Asymetrical, Organic, Life, Imperfection.

I would like this icon set to serve as inspiration for people to spend more time with nature, less screen time,

even just looking out of the window is an great achievement!


Usage Right:

Feel free to use these icons as you like in any of your project, commercial or not. Some credit mention me somewhere is appreciated. :)

My other icon set you may interest: :)
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I love all your icons! [Cat Emote] Love

Vonzie12's avatar
i jUST WANNA say that ...I love your icons! :)
Mythikun's avatar
4 years and I still used them :c You may not know this but this and ther works of you have been my friends for this time u.u World has burned down, but I still have my pc, with this happy icons ^^
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You have the most amazing iconsets! They are so cute and unique, and you are an amazing artist! :D I use them all the time on my computer! :heart:
These are so cute
cherrypantsu's avatar
Adorable it hurts :'3 in good way.
jazztoff109's avatar
i love your icon sets! would you be able to make a icon for spotify??? :P
Raindropmemory's avatar
I might, for the next set. 
Thanks for suggestion! : )
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WoW! Simply beautiful! 0.0 and soo adorable .///.
Raindropmemory's avatar
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Your welcome~
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Daer Raindropmemory , Can you make an icon set about FROZEN ?
LeonelNikolaz's avatar
The first thing I thought was the ending of Wall-E ._.
Yulibm's avatar
stunning icon set! Love
Raindropmemory's avatar
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so lovely, excellent work as always!!
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