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Warm light*

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Darin (apparently, the name of this girl) at her house!

Recently, most of my 3D work are edited in Photoshop in order to have blu-ish white point, which looks surreal and I like it.
It’s a bit chill-y though when you look at artwork. So lately, I began to miss the heartwarming vibe my artwork usually gave in the past, and here it is, bright & warm sunlight! :) 
M r - S u n  S h i n e 

• Character Modeling: DAZ3d for base model
Zbrush for more customization
• Rendering & misc. modelling:  Cinema4D
Photoshop for post effect (mostly color adjustment)
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This looks great man!
But damn, if you look at this from that a different, the proportions of her face are kinda creepy lol
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I want to go exploring in her world! It looks like so much fun!
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Thank you~! Fuh by Emoji-kun Me too!
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The lighting is very, very realistic, it looks like a photo.
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Love your style :)
It looks very unique to most character/daz3d models!
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Thank you~! Fuh by Emoji-kun
It's all about style. ;)
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Ohh, it's very cute! :) And this "old-photo" effect is cool! :thumbsup:
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god i really love your works <3
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Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] you are absolutely welcome
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Now that you mentioned.... Serp Yerr 
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:aww: very pretty :)
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Thank you as always spiti~! Fuh by Emoji-kun How are you doing? =D
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you´re very welcome :aww: thanks, i am fine :) and you?  
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Very good solid work!!!
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Long time no see man! Fantastic work! :D
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