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ภาพแรกในซีรี่ยส์ครับ จะทยอยมาอีกเรื่อยๆ = D

My first illustration in Oh! Youth series, that I secret work on for a month.
This series will follow the life of a girl, in her semi-ordinary everyday life.

More to come!

The Thai text is the poetry I composed, but it's complicated to translate it to English even I wish it! But it of course, related to the title of the work by the way.
So...please enjoy the imagery and let your imagination run wild as you wish. :)

Facegen for face
DAZ Studio for human model and pose
Marvelous Designer for Clothing
Cinema4D for general modelling and rendering
Photoshop for post processing
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your my idol! great job!!!
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Looks like a dream or a shot straight from a Lynch movie. Your use of details, chroma abberation and dof adds really to a surreal look at times. Very nice!
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Oops, sorry, just saw your comment since eh..Janruary!
Thank you, hehe~! I try to add the ímperfection touch to my render as much as the situation allowed. It's more natural that way. =D
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3D เหรอฮะเนี่ย ว้าว
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ใช่ครับ ขอบคุณคร้าบ~ :D
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wow! I love your works !It looks so cool and real ! *O*
BerryBubblegumCat's avatar
you're welcome ! ^.^
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บรรทัดสุดท้าย 5555555
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แหะๆ ขอบคุณจ้า =D=D
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Stunning lighting effects on this one! c:
maiks-heart's avatar
Oh wow it looks amazing! I love the lighting and it looks realistic. I will eagerly wait for more :D
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Thank you as always~! =D
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Great work! You make them look more and more real each time.
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this looks a little pervy lol
Raindropmemory's avatar
lol it's pervy by accident, I swear! =D=D
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