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Sunshine Lady

Good day sir! Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

Authentic Raindropmemory girl have to stay under the direct sunlight, shown as example in this illustration!
The background image are the combination of my old works, such as
 Gadgets Glued by Raindropmemory and Contemporary Cat by Raindropmemory

Also, here's rough painting steps →…
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How lovely this piece is.
twmproj's avatar
your work looks cool, its like looking in 3d. nice!
ultracold's avatar
Absolutely lovely. Warm and fuzzy summer adventures! Please make more~!
Sheiicute2k's avatar
So beautiful, Can I take it to do my story's cover? I will credit
BGK-Bengiskhan's avatar
That mix of traditional and modern rendering effect gives a really unique style, I like it! 
kpran's avatar
These are so beautiful! I love your imagery!
Baekyou's avatar
it looks like real XD
Raindropmemory's avatar
AlbinoAsian's avatar
wow so breath-taking!
cherrypantsu's avatar
I love the colors , so beatiful , impressive work and shadows look great too.
paintausea's avatar
Wow...but -coughs- turn down the blur ;s .. you  might want to blur certain objects less or more in perspective, but still great job.
Raindropmemory's avatar
Thank you~! Fuh by Emoji-kun I'll take more caution using blur effect. :)
kanegasuki's avatar
This is the best - so refreshing and soft, it really made my day sweeter.
Darkrabbitdesigns's avatar
i love the  way you have done the lighting in this picture its has a photo like quality to it. The interesting things floating around the tank i think:)  the details in the foreground and background are really well blurred :) such a great picture :) 
Cappippuni's avatar
Awesome use of depth of field and lighting here, also love how the birds looks. Love love it!! \(◕ ᴥ ◕ )/
Raindropmemory's avatar
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] Thank you as always!
LutherTaylor's avatar
so beautuful!!!!
Raindropmemory's avatar
EpicMyst's avatar
I love the atmosphere of this! Also the very 3D feel to the picture. The shading has a very 3D feel, and then the depth of focus with the blurred plants in the front. It's really amazing!
Raindropmemory's avatar
hehe, Thank you as always~! :> 
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