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First, sorry for super lame title, but that's I can think of. Here is characters design for animation I did for my office, it was rejected though.
But who cares, I like them very much.

Recently I just got my first ever day time job, and I have to face with quite different timetable than my previous freelancer life that I used to be. I failed spectacularly to manage my time and energy. Thus, my absence from online world.

But my inner self always tell me that I cannot procrastinate forever. My day job made me money, but cannot fulfilled my inner self, because it’s not what I *really* want to do, paint or create.

Anyway, I’m back (hopefully regularly) (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
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Really nice colors and characters :D.
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They look so cool! GL at work~
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Thank you~! :thumb332184508: 
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i can sense the energy within the characters, the colors of the uniforms and the bg blends really well, and I simply think that these characters are amazing, so ignore the rest of the people who don't like it. ;)
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Thank you very much for your kind words! :)
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anytime, hon anytime :D
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Great work! It's been a long time since I saw one of your works and it's rare to see you make a traditional media. It looks wonderful!
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Thank you very much! =D
Actually, I always used traditional media (watercolor) in my art, even though I move to 3D recently.
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Oh! I'm sorry I didn't notice before. ><
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ooh the colours! you are very talented! 
I just love the way you shade and use highlights :clap:
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OMG, welcome back ; v ; 
I've been watching your arts since 2010, you're the first one that inspired me so much thus I decided to join in dA ( also wanted to be an illustrator in the future ), and it saddened me while the time you disappeared...
I'm so glad that you came back ; v ; . And yet, congrats on your first day-time job <3
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; v ; Oh, I'm really touched by your words. Thank you very much!
I'll continue to work hard to make more great art!
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you're welcome as always ; v ;
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