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Pastel Memories VS




This is my very first visual style for Windows Vista.:) Take about 1 month to finished.

- .msstyle requires Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
- other .dll file require Windows Vista SP1. (32-bit only!)

:bulletorange:The easiest way to change theme is to use Styleselector [link]

:bulletorange:Download includes:

(change back/forward button)

:bulletyellow: explorer.exe
(change user picture's frame at startmenu, and also change two button on shut down panel)

:bulletyellow:Pastel Skies Wallpaper pack
(as in screenshot above)[link]

:bulletyellow:Install Instruction

As always, Your opinion matters~! Critic & suggestion are always welcomed!


You can post direct link to this page, but not host the file on your own server.
The images used in the theme is the property of mine.
No modifications or redistributing without permission.


:bulletorange:Special Thanks to

The first inspiration to create this VS is from minimalistic rein Firefox theme by Naoto Kusumi [link]

:iconukintel: for greatest Vista VS-making tutorial of all time.
:iconpsycob: for his hex editing research & introduces us Styleselector program.
:iconinvaderjohn: for all his help.:)
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Thank you for this lovely work :D