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This is for :icondamaged927: Anime/Manga contest in 'Coffee' Theme.


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Before every exam, I (and everyone) may have this experience, when there are too many books to read and too little time left. (Because we use all the time to chat, surf internet, play games, do all the useless thing, blahblah.......-_-")

and in the desperate night, what's better than a cup of hot coffee from your kind sister, who always concerned with you? : )

(Well, these are all my imagination!! Since I have no sister and I'm a guy *_* .)

result update: I lose again...haha XD...
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this is from 2008! man! 10 years, i know is difficult but some day you could post some drawing like this again. tchuss
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Hahaha I love the picture, it made me even happier when I read your last sentence in the description x)  I am also a guy and sadly have no sister lol  
Yay for warm memories, even if they're imagined! 
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Amazing art piece ^_^
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very kind plot!
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Love your style.
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I love how you draw *-*
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i love it!fits perfectly to what I have written!
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I have tomorow 4-6 tests I'm playing :3 ok study hard
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looks like my sis and me! i love ur drawing- style!!^^ verrrrrrrrry cute >3<
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You're very talented :) love this piece so much! :heart:
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I really like it! :heart: Its really kawaii! I want the stuffed cat. lol:P
lol. WOW. All my friends say that having a younger brother is a hassel.. But I actually really want an older brother or even a younger one... I have a younger sister though... :)
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I just love your art! I spend hours and hours traveling here in his illustrations! Your talent is wonderful. Surely you'll always be my inspiration.
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Wow, the little sister looks exactly like me... Except missing my glasses. And the older one looks exactly like my older sister... Thats creepy... And the fact that I wait till the last second to study seems pretty right as well...

Amazing! : D
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It reminds me of back in the day when i use to ge to school, and my mom would bring me something warm to drink :)
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yeah,i also do late night study if i have an exam. :3
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This is reaally adorable! *-* i Love it.
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this is adorable!!!!!! it reminds me of me and my sister!
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poor thing! But I have a sis(though she's younger) but she'd say something like "Go make ya coffee yourself!" if I'd ask her for a mug "sigh" (I'm a girl,btw). This drawing is really awesome, it has such a warm feeling about it^___^
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