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Merry Go Round beta screenshot



:bulletred:If you want to try the 'beta' wallpaper, it's here: [link]

*drama begins*


I lay another glance on preview image of 'Natsu', [link] my first icon set. I read the artist's comment that I myself post a year ago back then. It said:

I like art that have warm 'handmade" feeling, the non-perfection and non-symmetry. Therefore I create these icons with handmade drawing and traditional watercolour painting. So, this icon set is suited for people who love simply natural looking more than digital look.

Icon that is... not perfect?I used to said that.
But it's like I forget what I said completely lately. The way to become professional force me to create the ' perfect art' (in this case, a perfect iconset) with smooth edge, perfect outline, etc.

No, not this time. Art should be fun.

Therefore I decide to create something that back to basic, simple and down to earth. Icon that remind me of simple life, icon that the beauty is its imperfection.

*end of drama*


:bulletblue:Progress: This time my watercolour (wallpaper) is very freestyle, I don't care about smooth gradient or perfect painting. I just follow what my hand leads. I think I'll made a few more wallpapers and include them in the pack.

but...I think the icon need some tweak (I think the outline is too bright - (but hey, that's the imperfection I want, right?) :/

:bulletgreen:What do you think? What do you think about imperfect icon and painting? Feel free to share your opinion. :heart:


:bulletorange:Note: The japanese text on the polaroid is from Oku Hanako's Garnet [link] It can be translated as:

I will store the days I spent with you in my heart
so that I won't have to remember them
Even if one day I'll fall in love with someone else
You will be always special and dear to me

sweet, eh? : )


Vista Visual Style by ~psycoB
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First I must say that I`m a big fan from your icons!
And I really like to use themes from people who made themselve.
Yes,I like the good + perfect style from a "perfect" icon but I prefer handmade work from people like you!
handmade things shouldn´t be perfect,
it give´s the work their own charme and I prefer this!
Thank you for sharing your great work!!