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Memory of Us

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I want to try Hayao Miyazaki's watercolour style for so long, rough pencil line, soft, clean but always refreshing, and here comes the time!

A simple & clean one. Nothing fancy here, just our beloved Chihiro & Haku.

I think about making Spirited Away wallpaper pack (with this style) after I finish my exam. What do you think?



ไม่มีอะไรมากครับ เกิดอยากลองทำสีน้ำสไตล์ลุงมิยาซากิดูบ้าง เส้นดินสอหยาบๆ สีน้ำใสๆ ซื่อๆ แต่ดูแล้วสดชื่น(หมายถึงของลุงแกนะ;)

เนื่องจากวาดฟรีแฮนด์ไปหน่อย ท่อนซุงที่พาดลำน้ำเลยดูไม่มีที่มาที่ไป...ตายตอนจบ!
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Aw! It's so cute~ I love those two! xD
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there Cute togrther. :)
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i want to use this in my school's newspaper ,thanks!~
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Haku and Chihiro ahhhhhh....STUDIO GHIBLI- LOVE
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Wow this is gorgeous!!!:wow:
งับๆ สวยมากงับ
WeLNiuXtea's avatar
omg! so cute <3 I love it :heart:
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Your art style is really adorable~! :heart:
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It really looks like them :O <3
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i like thank u
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I hope you will still consider making the Spirited Away (such a charming film!) wallpaper pack----maybe for mac OX?? really love this one, makes it feel like spring and rain showers and thunder and warm sunshine
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this is really cute^^
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awww that's super cute!!! I love it ^^
wanna do a totoro one? :D
so cute! i love it !
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O.O OMGosh!!! ur amazing!
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Absolutely wonderful :heart:~
Your drawing's technique makes such a difference, it shows such meaning :)
And I love how much white you left, it makes it simple, just like the moment!
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