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Legendora Icon Set

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I always want to create iconset that inspired by RPG game, and well, it's here, my 7th icon set, Legendora. 

I pay attention to every icon's edge to make sure that there is no ugly white pixel left out.

Enjoy! & Feel free to tell me what you think :heart:

Tools: Watercolour, Photoshop, Axialis Icon Workshop

▒▒▒ Usage Right ▒▒▒

• You can use these icon set for both personal AND commercial project. 
• You can use them as part of design, on website, blog ,app, screen, print, etc. But not separately sell or as part of compilation, like, Cool icon set vol.1No please.
• Feel free to edit them as you like.

▒▒▒ Requirement ▒▒▒

• All I ask is putting credit back to Raindropmemory somewhere, in the about page, at the footer, appstore description, etc. 
Backlink to my website is optional, but always appreciated! :)

▒▒▒ For commercial usage ▒▒▒  
that for some reason, cannot put my name as credit, please consider some donations on any amount you feels like - or contact me about proper licensing fee if you are big company. ;)

This icon set is for Windows (XP, Vista)

:bulletgreen:Beginner's Guide:bulletgreen:
- How to change icon in Windows…
- How to use Large(48px) icon size on Windows XP:…
- How to change icon in Windows…


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Beautiful work!!! I can't imagine how long these took to make, your attention to details incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

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I love the details, thank you.

Gouloudrouioul's avatar

Thank you thank you thank you

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Hola soy de Perú y está hermoso lo vi hace años y me puse a buscarlo . Gracias lo usaré en mi PC

magicinyourbones's avatar

Thank you for making these they're so pretty <3

Flammeye's avatar
This is so amazing! Would love to see what kind of monsters of this game.
naturalBEAR's avatar
FANTASTIC! These will really brighten up my laptop's screen!
EmeraldEyes14's avatar
Love this!!! Wow
swordyx's avatar
If I ever succeed in becoming a game developer, I will beg you to be my artist
M-junko's avatar
I had used it for long time and never knew who was the creator, I´m glad for meet you now, thanks a lot it is very pretty I like very much
operaame's avatar
Maple-beer's avatar
Beautiful! But what about chrome? ç-ç
Daelda's avatar
Beautiful! Thank you for making these and sharing them with the rest of us.
crazy4christj's avatar
These are GORGEOUS!
mnkygrl7's avatar
Wow these are amazing. Really like them even though I don't know the RPG!
Sanderlo's avatar
I've been using and loving this icon set for years without knowing the author (or maybe it's been so long I had forgotten). I love them.
daydreaam's avatar
Omgoosh, all your icon sets are SOOO pretty! Especially this one~ :heart::heart:
I'm so excited to use it on my computer! :squee:
Isccsiss's avatar
Awesome, I love this style!
eelstork's avatar
Hi. I used this in a free mini-game / spoof, here:…
Thanks for sharing ~ if by a bizarre twist of fate I made any $ out of it, I'll definitely send you some!
MasterGuns81's avatar
I LOVE these! Wish there were a Legendora 2 expansion set! Using them on my desktop now
Kalmazett's avatar
Damn, they look really cool. Great job with those °ö°
Independentgirld's avatar
Thank You For them ! I Use them as desktop Icons and i used one on My Blog :
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