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In Spirited We Love Icon Set [Repost]



MAC OSX version ➜ Download from HERE

➔ Repost of my 'In Spirited We Love' Icon set (2008) That somehow got deleted by dA yesterday. dA sent a note, tell me that my deviation(this icon) is violate the policy...

But which one? At least tell me dA.

☎ Though I think why it got deleted is there are some user complain about 'virus' when they download this icon set, but to be clear I check it everytime I got complained and never found a thing.

and to make sure, I scan this files many times already, with
- Microsoft Security Essential
- Avast!
- and Avira

all updated and latest version. and found nothing, not a single speck of virus.



Big thanks to Leo of IconArchive.com to find the source of this virus problem. It turns out that Avast! found that one of my icon file have 'bytes' that looks like one of trojan horse, so it flag it.

Well, in short, this file and all of my file don't contain any malicious things, ever. and I have upload the update version, so anyone who have problem with downloading and Avast! block it, please try it again, I'm sure it'll work flawlessly now!

If you still get warning when you download this icon set, Please help me by provide the information:
● Web browser you use,
● Antivirus software you use.

So that I can investigate it.
Thank you! :D


You can use this icon in your desktop, blog, website, commercial or not.

All I need is
1) Use it as it is (don't modify it)
2) Some little credit to Raindropmemory, somewhere you see fit.

That's all.




How to change your PC icons in XP ➝ [link]
How to change your PC icons in Vista/Windows7 ➝ [link]
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so cute! love how these look on my desktop :)