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Hoya Imperial Icon Set

These icons are made for Iconblock[link] :)

My 8th icon set!!! HOYA IMPERIAL inspired by Thai art and something abstract!

Note: I think my work are quite serious lately, being a so-called ' professional' take the fun away when create art, because I have to pay attention to every details to make it looks perfect. :P (ok, that maybe a must-have requirement for stuff like OS icon. So I think I can't complain.)

I miss my usual nostalgic, simple & calm illustration A LOT, so I promise that they will return in my next work.^^

70% Pencilcolour, Watercolour
30% Photoshop


:bulletblue:What you need to know::bulletblue:
:bulletorange: This icon is for Windows, up to 72x72 dpi for XP and 256x256 dpi for Vista.
For Mac OS X Version Download Here ---> include icontainer file for Candybar


:bulletgreen:Beginner's Guide:bulletgreen:
- How to change icon in Windows XP:[link]
- How to use Large(48px) icon size on Windows XP: [link]
- How to change icon in Windows Vista: [link]
- How to change icon in Mac OS X: [link]
- (Mac OS X user only) Use Liteicon to change icon [link]

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Thank you for the beautiful icons!

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woaaa they're soo great!!! but the link for mac version isn't working anymore :(
Any chance of ever seeing these packaged for Ubuntu?
Beautiful as always
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max os x file has disappeared from that site
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Link fixed! Thanks for mention! :)
Download here (scroll down the page to find this set)
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Thank u, amazing <3
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I love your style! Using all of these. :3
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Impresseive design. Good set.
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Oh gosh, this is gorgeous. I love all of your icons, but this one stands out from the rest, with it not so much as cute as it is unique and full of character ♥
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sweety i just cannot get enough of your icon sets- it is so refreshing to find an artist not concerning herself with the design trends of the moment, and instead, doing her own thing & following her own path.

i love the distinct raw, sketchy quality that is characteristic of your work- the coarse crayon/colored pencil-like texture of the lines is brilliant & intimate- your icons carry a sort of child-like charm. it's an unsual- but much appreciated- approach to icon design & incredibly unexpected(!)- especially in the kingdom of the ultra-glossy/aqua/web 2.0 icon. I find it hard not to fall in love with the preciously detailed, sweet, whimsical little objects in each set- i love them :dummy:

Oh- btw- i love the preview image (above^) for this set (which is one of my favorites)- particularly the drawing of the woman, flower, leaves...etc- it's great- you should incorporate it into a wallpaper somehow :love:

Take care- i look forward anxiously for more icon sets! :la:
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^^ Oh, Thanks a lot for your kind comment♥ It really encourage me to create more art!
Thank you!♥
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This icon set has an exceptional beauty!
Congrats!This is beautiful
Love it!
I'm such a fan of your icons. Great work.
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Does this work on Windows 2000 because every time I try to use it, it says something about no icon. D=
beautiful icon set
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awesome .. ^_^
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downloading !!
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Thank you~! ^^ :heart:
Enjoy using them!
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