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Gadgets Glued

The 4th illustration, continue from my 3D series →


Fortunately, my cellphone is not smart at all, quite dumb actually, so no cool apps or games for me when I rode the train back home, and therefore it granted me a lot of time to lost in my own thought, and observe what people are doing. For illustrator and designer, I think the observation of our surrounding (the place, what people are doing, what people wear or even how the fold on the clothes look like) is important, in order to create realistic imagery.

Tools:Facegen for face
DAZ Studio for human model and pose
Marvelous Designer for Clothing
Cinema4D for general modelling and rendering
Paintool SAI & Photoshop for post processing


ภาพที่ 4: "ใต้ดินติดหนึบ" เดินทางต่อจากภาพที่แล้วครับ

อาจเป็นโชคดีที่โทรศัพท์ผมไม่ค่อยฉลาดนัก จะเรียกว่าโง่เลยก็ได้ ไม่มีอะไรให้เล่น เลยได้มีโอกาสครุ่นคิดกับตัวเอง หรือไม่ก็มองสังเกตไปรอบๆรถตลอด
ในฐานะนักวาดภาพและนักออกแบบ การเก็บข้อมูลหรือการสังเกตสังกาสถานที่และกิริยาท่าทางของผู้คน (หรือแม้แต่รอยยับบนเสื้อ ว่ามันเป็นอย่างไร) นั้นผมว่าสำคัญ
ฟังดูจิตๆ แต่หมอยังต้องเรียนผ่าศพฉันใด นักวาดภาพก็ต้องเรียนรู้ที่จะสังเกตสิ่งรอบตัวฉันนั้น
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Great stuff! Truly!
Melloiguana's avatar
I really love how you brought this gritty 35mm Film camera feel to your renderings. The Grain, if I am not mistaken, and a little fuzziness of this photo reminds me of some old 1980's photographs that I used to have. Very great compositing by the way!
canttel's avatar
ehhhh the woman to the left of the picture in yellow isnt holding her phone at all
MatiasPage's avatar
These dummies/dolls are used to replace male characters?

At first I thought it represented you in that moment when you were observing. But now I see that sometimes more than one appear in some compositions...

Your work is extremely interesting. I love the light atmospheres you create.
canttel's avatar
thats what im wondering
windy-san's avatar
I love the concept of the image, also the models look like real plastic models! I really agree with you!
Raindropmemory's avatar
Haha, I actually want them to look like real people, - but plastic models are fine! :)
windy-san's avatar
Hahaha, sorry! I think that the plastic feel comes from the things surrounding the people and the clothes, the faces look real ;D
BlackSheep6's avatar
who did you sell your soul to in return for such amazing drawing abilites, huh? (given the amazinggness it was absolutelly worth it ^^) :heart:
Raindropmemory's avatar
Thank you~! Fuh by Emoji-kun 
Just practice everyday! :)
themightyflog's avatar
It it possible for you to show me your method?  This is really amazing stuff.
skyareia's avatar
yes, the message of the image is so true-- it's like, we sometimes view and value our gadgets already like it's already part of us, like a limb that you can't imagine life without. and i like your description too.
casedria's avatar
I love the meaning behind your work :) This is how I feel every time I ride the bus or go somewhere in public... I have a "smart" phone, but I prefer to keep it put away when I'm around people.
Raindropmemory's avatar
hehe, Thank you~ :D:bow: 
medllusion's avatar
amazing artwork!
Raindropmemory's avatar
MsFluffyCheeks's avatar
Its annoying to see people with a gadget in hand when it's nicer to read than to search the internet for unnecessary things.
Raindropmemory's avatar
I think it's more annoy when they're too busy with their gadget, I means, messaging
and blocked the way people walked.

I was like fffffuuuuuuuuuuFFUUrious 
lucia45's avatar
Amazing! I like the description too.
Raindropmemory's avatar
xMaidenxOfxSorrow's avatar
Dayum, I like the description for this piece.

xD the floating phones right in your face. It's like... how can you see what is on the screen?!
Raindropmemory's avatar
Thank you~! I'm glad you like it. :>
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