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Fungiiiiiii Iconset

ไอคอนเซ็ทที่ 10 "Fungiiiiiii" หรือ"เชื้อราาาาาา"



Here's my 10th Icon set~!

ACTUALLY I want it to look like futuristic retro style (with red+cream and black colour) but they turn out to be something creepy in the end~! and that's good~!! So I named it Fungiiiiii~!! (with seven 'i' ) \>o</

Feel free to DOWNLOAD and share them with your friends & family (personal use only,please)

Hope everyone enjoy this icon set. :heart:


:bulletgreen:Beginner's Guide:bulletgreen:
- How to change icon in Windows XP:[link]
- How to use Large(48px) icon size on Windows XP: [link]
- How to change icon in Windows Vista: [link]


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This is the greatest icon set I've ever seen. I love all your icon sets, with how you creatively reinterpret the common folders and apps into gorgeous drawings, but my favorites are this and Hoya Imperial.

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This is original and innovative. I think you are a true artist, coming up with new ideas like this. 
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Wow..I am really amazed..I've never notice it in the first I've open this.But it is a pack of icons..Great job!
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i really love ur icon sets-- but dang this is so good omg 
ur arTT ; A;
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This is so cool! I think this set may be my favorite!
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que bellos!!! lo ame♥
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Thank you again~! =D
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I dont know, I LOVE IT.
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Colors match so well :'o omfg.
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น่ารักมากเลยค่ะ ชอบไอคอน เชื้อรา มากๆเลย ><
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โอ้ว เชื้อรา 55 ขอบคุณครับ ><
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everyone of them is an art piece:)

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So cute! I really love these icons! :)
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โอ้ เซ็ตนี้เท่มากเลยค่ะ ><
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how do you change it to mac ????
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