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I got Seminar about Aesthetics class assignment to create art of any kind with the theme about 'Aethetics' So how about the story about 'What is Aesthetics?'

At first I think about create a poster, but I want to create the 'story' the anyone can read and understand rather than an abstract 'Oh That's so cool!' poster.
Sure that poster can also tell story if the artist carefully place the compostion, but Manga is more easier and direct.
So I choose Manga as medium.

Time Spent
I have to finish this manga before deadline, so I have about 5 hours to do it, and it's a pain! I won't rush to do it again!! (it's fun though)

1.Energetic girl put all of her power to write the school essay about 'What is Aesthetics?' She think hard but 2 hours past and nothing've been done.

2.Then her sister come into her room and ask her to relax outside and buy the most delicious sweets for her sister.

3.The girl enter the Bunny guy's sweet shop and ask what is the most delicious sweet in his store.

4.The Bunny guy then choose some of his sweets and tell the good point of each. Some people prefer one sweets other another depend on their life's background.

Then the girl knows, that aesthetic is alike.

This japanese artist at Pixiv. He awesome! [link]
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unfortunatelly, it's thailand's language, i don't know what it means, i can't read it. but it seems so cute XD