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My Bio
I'm glad that you visited my online home, can't thank you enough.

Me? I’m graphic designer and illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. I do various things- mostly illustration, icon design & graphic design. and I love to do the experiment on new way to work.


I love to create arts that inspired by simplicity of nature, ordinary little thing and everyday life around us. Create arts that have feeling and emotion, imperfect, like us human being. Art that encourage people to take action, to follow their dream, and to inspired them return something to society. And most importantly, arts that made people - relax and peaceful. :)

I always wish my arts will be the place for people to come and see, to relax their mind, a little oasis among the distractionful and hasty life nowada....oh, um, I think I have to reply to that notification right now, sorry. *click* :>

• Contact | ติดต่อผมได้ที่

Email: teekatas(at)gmail.com
Website: www.raindropmemory.com

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Games
Planetside 2, Skyrim, FFXII
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Paintool SAI, Maxon Cinema4D

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Hello. Are you okay?

I've used your icon sets for years and was hoping maybe you were still releasing more. Sad to see that this page isn't still active. 😓

OH So many memories of growing up in Japan.

Hi me Laura Hamster 👋

thank you for sharing your beautiful art! the first and only icon pack I ever downloaded was one of yours, many years ago. the cute little illustrations always make me smile!

I hope you have a great day:):)