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Horseland OC: Seabreeze

By RaindropLily
Full Name: Seabreeze

Name/Nickname: Sea, Breeze

Age: 6/7 Years old

Breed: Australian Stock Horse

Gender: Female

Discipline:  dressage, campdrafting

Homeland: Australia

Current home: Just moving to America for a new start with her owner

Owner: Charlotte (Char) Williams

Sire: N/A

Dam: N/A

Siblings: Unknown

Mate/Crush: N/A (I was thinking Jimber)

Personality: Breeze is extremely nice and helpful to horses that are nice and are interested in her. She takes well in dressage, but campdrafting is her top. She is hardheaded and will stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves. She isn't much of a fan of stuckup snobs and will tend to ignore them if they talk to her.

Bio/history: Breeze was just a young filly when she met Char one day at a horse auction her parents had taken her to for her first horse. Char was outstanded by the young filly and told her parents she wanted the filly. They weren't so sure at first, but after some talking they managed to get her Breeze. Char named her Seabreeze because of the highlights in her hair, but she just called her Breeze for short. The two of them are best of friends to this day and have been together for years not leaving each others side.
Horseland (c) DIC Entertainment

Art (c) Me
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Love her design!
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And Seabreeze looks beautiful!
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She's a real Beaty:)
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Thank you~ I'm working on her owner next~
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I don't care how old I am, I love horseland XD 
I love her good job! 
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She's soooooo pretty~!!!!
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*giggles* Sooo pretty~!
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Well only over my Kindle ;3;
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