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[PTS Trade] Prideful Nerds by RaindropLily [PTS Trade] Prideful Nerds :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 5 2
[Adv. BB] Through the Golden Fields Feat. Midnight
“Come on Callie, it's going to be fun, we haven't been here in ages,” Mackenzie laughs as she closes the car door behind her. She tosses out a pokeball and Luke steps out of the shining light. His arms crossed as he looks between Mac and the younger sister still sulking in the car, a Shiny Purrloin on her shoulders.
Mac looks to the car and smiles again. She was really hoping to bond with her sister today, and with the corn maze open she thought this was the perfect opportunity. “We haven't been out to do something together in forever,” she speaks. “Just give it a shot for me, please? You use to love coming to the corn maze, I hear they added jump scares this year,” she points out hoping that'll catch her sister's interest.
Callie rolled her eyes and reluctantly got out of the car, her two Purrloin, Bonnie and Clyde, following her at either heel. “It won’t even be that good yet, it’s not even properly dark. It won’t be scary..
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 1
Approval App: Pumpkin by RaindropLily Approval App: Pumpkin :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 14 0
[PTS Adv. BB] Pumpkin Harvest Feat. KinaEclipsed
Ah fall, the crisp season with falling leaves, blue skies, and chilled air, it was Annona’s favorite season. She just loved the unique smell that fall brought to the farm. Perhaps that’s why, even with all the work she had on her own farm, she had offered to pitch in to help a local farmer with his pumpkin harvest. She couldn’t just leave a fellow farm owner hanging like that after all, oh well, at least she could to have a partner who also was helping with the harvest. Speaking of which, where was her partner? She hadn’t bumped into them yet, though she had been chasing Sage, her Eevee, around quite a bit since she arrived.
Coming along with Ann that day were her Eevee, Sage, Peony, her Sylveon, Clay, her Mudbray with a small cart attached to him, and lastly, a Pokemon that joined her farm recently, Marigold, her Rockruff. They were quite the ragtag team of Pokemon, but each had a role to play in helping Ann like they did on her own farm. Sage was good at spott
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 2
[PTS] Mackenzie App Art by RaindropLily [PTS] Mackenzie App Art :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 10 5 [PTS] Mackenzie Application by RaindropLily [PTS] Mackenzie Application :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 14 3
[PTS Adv. BB] Guarding Crops (feat. ShoutingFir)
Gissella frankly couldn’t be more excited about the new adventure she found at the Bulletin office. A job in Grasdale at her grandparents’ farm! There were many other farms in the area, some much bigger, but she would still have a chance to reunite with her grandparents to tell them all about her new life in Ivywood. She was sure that they would be proud to hear her involvement in construction, as well as the new friends she’s made since moving to the cozy little town.
Walking up the short dirt driveway to the house, she waved at her grandma sitting on the porch of their humble home. The ivory haired woman smiled and waved in return. Gissella jogged up the porch, careful of the Larvesta in her arm.
“It’s good to see you, Granny,” the ombre-haired girl greeted, giving her grandmother a one-armed hug. Her grin reached from one ear to the other when the elderly woman noticed the curious Larvesta. “Oh my, and who’s this?”
“This is
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 2
[PTS BB] Playing with Tiny Ones
Barking was heard as the Rockruff ran in front of his trainer. He stopped and turned his head towards her. His tail wagged back and forth before be bounded back to her and started to run around her legs. “Calm down Boulder,” Kat laughed as they came up to the Hatchery. “You’ll be using up all that energy when we get to play with all the baby pokemon,” Kat said happily. The pokemon barked in response before he ran ahead again as Kat walked over towards the doors. She opened them up before walking in and Kat left it open as Boulder followed her.
“Hello there!” a voice came from the counter and Kat looked in the direction where it came from. “I presume you’re here to play with the baby pokemon? We’ve gotten a lot of people in today for that.” Kat presumed this was one of the nursery staff.
“Yes we are!” She smiled in her answer. “We were wanting to come and help after we heard you needed it,” Kat sai
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 1
[PTS BB] Trying Something New
Kat was out and about walking through town, at her feet walking right beside her was one of the smallest pokemon on her team. Little Trix was enjoying the time with her trainer. This little pokemon usually had to play some tricks herself to be able to catch her attention, but today Kat had promised to spend time with her.
“Gothita goth!” Trix said happily causing the trainer to look down at her. Kat chuckled and kneeled down before picking her up. She set the pokemon on her shoulder who sat happily on their new perch.
“There you go, you can probably see everything better up there,” Kat smiled gently. She looked around the shops, she hadn’t paid too much attention to Trix lately and felt like she owed her pokemon a day out. She soon started to whistle a little bit looking through different windows of the stores they passed.
Trix followed her trainers gaze, but then a poster caught her eye. “Goth goth!” She said lightly pulling on Kat’s pon
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 0 1
[PTS BB RP] Transportation Complete??
Sage and Katherine laughed amongst themselves as they made their way down to the research lab. The two girls were excited to do some volunteer work for the researchers, who had just finished working on some new tech. A warp panel! Sage had seen things like that in movies, never in real life! So of course, when they said they wanted some people to test them out, Sage was more than happy to offer her services. Since Katherine was such a daredevil herself, she figured she’d tell her about it and ask her to come along. And now here they are, in the lab with the brand new warp panel. Sage had to stop for a moment and look at it in awe.
“Soooo awesomeeeeeee!” She squealed, squishing her hands into her face. Custard let out a few small growls in response, letting his trainer know that he too was excited. He wriggled into the helmet the scientists gave them. Though they assured them they wouldn’t be harmed in any way, there was always the risk that something could glitc
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 2
[PTS BB RP] The Last Laugh
Sage walked happily out of the practical joke shop in the town, her bag stuffed with all kinds of silly and squeaky toys, magic trick kits and of course, water balloons. Why you may ask? Well, this morning she spotted a group of hooligans playing pranks on some residents and it reminded her of her favorite day of the year. April fools day! Sage loved pulling pranks, but since she moved to Ivywood she had been so busy with her new job that she hadn’t had a chance. So she decided to spend today doing so. She placed a handful of filled water balloons into Custard’s little saddle bag. It was meant for a Blitzle or Mudbray.. but it fit him as well. Even if he didn’t like it, he was happy to carry things around for Sage.
“Alright!” Sage chirped, taking a water balloon in her hand. “Who should our first victim be?” She asked Custard. The little Tyrunt wagged his tail and looked around town. He then caught sight of a familiar Gogoat outside of the spor
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 2 1
[PTS Adv. BB] Time to Race (feat. Hohda)
As soon as the sun was up just starting to show over the horizon, Kat was up and preparing to head over to the park to finish setting up the obstacle course for others that they posted about yesterday. When she had finished getting ready, she attached her pokeballs to her belt as soon as she slipped on her track jacket. She hurried out the door calling out her partner, a pink Phanpy came out of the Pokeball and flapped his ears happily. "Phanpy!" He exclaimed smiling up at his trainer. Kat laughed. "Come on bud! We have to finish setting up some of the course before we start getting anyone if they come they may get there as soon as the sun is in the sky. We gotta make sure we're stocked up on water and all the obstacles are still in place." She explained. "Phan!" Stunt responded. The two of them then took off down the sidewalk towards the park to finish setting up.
Linnea stood in front of the park gates, looking over the mostly set up race track. She had her Mightyena, Wiki, standing
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 1
[PTS Trade] Trusted Partners by RaindropLily [PTS Trade] Trusted Partners :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 9 4
[PTS BB RP] Trouble in the Gardens
After a few more games at the bowling alley, Gissella and Kat stepped out into the street with grins on their faces. It had been an interesting day bowling, to the say the least. The deep red-haired construction worker looked back to her newfound friend with a smile.
“Thanks for inviting us to join you, we had a lot of fun tod-”
“Hera!” A gust of wind blew past the trainers as the large bug took off flying down the sidewalk towards the gardens. Gissella sighed heavily, suddenly a little embarrassed.
   “...That hasn’t happened before? I’ll, uh, be right back!” she shouted as she took off running after Bruiser.
Kat stared in confusion before she took off after her new friend. “Hey let me help if something's up!” She called as she easily kept pace with Gissella.
She gave a friendly smile towards Gissella to let her know that she wasn’t alone in this and that she was there to help.
As soon as they came to the gard
:iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 1 1
[PTS Trade] Fashion is a Gift by RaindropLily [PTS Trade] Fashion is a Gift :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 4 0 [PTS Trade] Simple is comfy by RaindropLily [PTS Trade] Simple is comfy :iconraindroplily:RaindropLily 3 0


Celestine Icon by CloudTrapper Celestine Icon :iconcloudtrapper:CloudTrapper 4 1 Hatiro Region by JB-Pawstep Hatiro Region :iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 2 1 Right next to you by OwlCoat Right next to you :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 922 23 Numbuh 97 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 97 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 13 0 Numbuh 75 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 75 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 11 0 Numbuh 70 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 70 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 13 0 Numbuh 47 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 47 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 9 0 Numbuh 41 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 41 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 11 0 And Then I Met You by pinkandorangesunset And Then I Met You :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 15 2 Raven by logancure Raven :iconlogancure:logancure 2,040 44 Puffs and Potions by Shady-Raichu Puffs and Potions :iconshady-raichu:Shady-Raichu 36 1 Boku No Hero Academia - Five Apples by TC-96 Boku No Hero Academia - Five Apples :icontc-96:TC-96 1,258 168 Freya's Basic Water 3 by RandomComicSheet Freya's Basic Water 3 :iconrandomcomicsheet:RandomComicSheet 52 3 Inktide - #22 Expensive by MidnightCollies Inktide - #22 Expensive :iconmidnightcollies:MidnightCollies 11 0 Numbuh 97 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 97 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 17 0 Numbuh 75 by pinkandorangesunset Numbuh 75 :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 15 0



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[PTS Trade] Prideful Nerds
One of my many trades finally done! 
Trainer Apps: ValentineDamien
Your Pokemon: None
Guest Pokemon: None
Items used: None
Valentine (c) glamgoths
Damien (c) RedFireFreak
“Come on Callie, it's going to be fun, we haven't been here in ages,” Mackenzie laughs as she closes the car door behind her. She tosses out a pokeball and Luke steps out of the shining light. His arms crossed as he looks between Mac and the younger sister still sulking in the car, a Shiny Purrloin on her shoulders.

Mac looks to the car and smiles again. She was really hoping to bond with her sister today, and with the corn maze open she thought this was the perfect opportunity. “We haven't been out to do something together in forever,” she speaks. “Just give it a shot for me, please? You use to love coming to the corn maze, I hear they added jump scares this year,” she points out hoping that'll catch her sister's interest.

Callie rolled her eyes and reluctantly got out of the car, her two Purrloin, Bonnie and Clyde, following her at either heel. “It won’t even be that good yet, it’s not even properly dark. It won’t be scary.. well... sorta scary at least, until it gets dark, and there’s still, like, half an hour before the sun fully goes down.” She mumbled, attempting to come up with any excuse to get away. Ugh. These mazes were for kids. Yeah, she enjoyed them when she and her family used to come when she was younger, but she wasn’t a kid anymore. Running around in a dark, dirty maze getting covered in sweat and straw wasn’t exactly her idea of a ‘fun night’.

It was her own fault they were here anyway, she shouldn’t have mentioned the maze in her sister's presence. She was originally just gonna come here to scare the wimpy little nerds that came out terrified at the other end, or have her Pokemon wander through the maze and steal stuff off the lost, confused people inside it. Guess those plans were out the window.

She was snapped out of her trance by her Purrloin, Clyde hissing loudly. She looked down at him, then in the direction, he was hissing at. To no surprise, it was her sister’s Lucario he was snarling at. The grey Pokemon still looked at Callie sternly with its arms crossed. Clyde obviously didn’t like the aura from the Pokemon. Callie snapped her fingers at him, “Clyde. Shut up, don’t be so whiny.” The Purrloin looked up at her and let out a low growl, before lowering his ears and beginning to lick his paw.

Mac smiled slightly, it appeared more sheepish than anything, ignoring the Purrloin’s hiss at her partner. “It wouldn’t hurt to check it out though Callie, I just thought it would be a way to spend some time together. It has been a while since we’ve been out ourselves and had some fun.” Mac adds and thinks for a minute. “If you’d like to we can wait until it gets dark, some parents just bring their children before it does get too dark. They have a ton of other stuff going on, like a few games? They even have some snacks too, if you’d like some cotton candy.” she offers. She truly did want to do something with her sister. Between Callie staying home or causing trouble, and Mac out training to become a Ranger, the two of them barely had time with each other as is.

Luke looked from Callie and her pokemon towards Mac, he could tell by the nervousness coming over her how much she truly did want this. He walked over to his trainer and stood by her side, taking his gaze off the younger trainer and her pokemon. Mac looked over towards him, offering a small smile towards her for encouragement.

Mac sighs a little and smiles again to Callie before it turns into a little smirk. “Fine, why don’t we make this a little competition? Once darkness hits, we’ll split up in the maze, we’ll try and jump scare each other. Whoever succeeds is the winner, the loser has to do something for them,” she brings up.

Callie frowned. Cotton candy? Seriously? How old did Mac think she was? Still, though, she could tell her sister was only trying, she knew how Mac acted when she was uneasy. Callie pinched the bridge of her nose, letting out a sigh, then looking back up to her sister. She supposed a competition would make it a little less childish.. or boring, at least. “Sure, sis, that sounds fun,” Callie said, forcing the corner of her mouth into a small smile. “And snacks sound good, there was a really good vegetarian food stall here last year, why don’t we go look for it?” She offered, at least trying to make an effort for her sister's sake, besides, it was her parents she resented, not Mac. Even when Callie was being the absolute worst person she could be, Mac always seemed to be there for her and would still talk to her, even when she tried to shut the world out.

She began walking toward the stalls, hands in the pockets of her black jeans. Her Purrloin trotted alongside her, Clyde hissing at any Pokemon who got to close, which in turn caused Bonnie to hiss at him, she hated how moody he was. Callie stuck pretty close to her sister's side, she really didn’t want to see anyone she knew while she was here. Especially not the other hooligans she teased all the time, they’d surely give her stink for being here before dark. Luckily they didn’t have to walk far before Callies' eye caught the sight of the food stall she had mentioned. She cleared her throat. “This is it.” She said, pointing subtly to the stall. There was a small line, so hopefully, they wouldn’t need to wait long. Suddenly she felt something moving in her bag, then after a burst of light, Callie’s Salandit popped its head out of her bag, the smell of food was probably too much for the greedy little Pokemon to bear. “Here, go find the stall that sells the Pokemon treats, and keep Smolder out of trouble,” Callie said, giving Bonnie a five dollar bill. The two Purrloin and Salandit quickly scurried off into the crowd to find food.

Callie kicked at the ground, the silence that fell between her and Mac quickly became too much for her to handle. “So.. how's ranger training going?” She asked awkwardly, attempting to find anything to talk about to get rid of the horrible silence.

Mac’s attention was caught by the question and she smiled a little bit. “It’s going well, we’re going to get assigned to a real ranger soon to finish it off,” she says. “We’re all excited,” Mac added looking to her partner who smiled in return. “We’re growing stronger every day, and we’re getting to know the forest a little better,” Mackenzie says with a kind smile, “There was this lovely clearing we found while traveling the paths, I’d love to show you there sometime if you would like to check it out.”

As soon as they got to the front of the line Mac pulled out her wallet, “Go ahead and get what you want,” she offers. “I’ll pay for it tonight.” She grins and pulls out a twenty dollar bill between her two fingers. “Then what would you like to do after this? We still have about 15 minutes before it gets totally dark for us, who knows maybe they’ll bring out some more stuff out for us once the little kids have gone home?”

“Yeah… guess we could check it out sometime.” Callie agreed, despite knowing she’d never fulfilled that promise. Exploring a forest with your family, it sounded like a bad episode of Tarzan. No way. She ordered a veggie burger, which Mac paid for as she had agreed. Callie began to munch her veggie burger, listening to her sister talk. Her three Pokemon quickly rejoined her with food.. and was that a $50 dollar bill her Salandit was holding? Yep. She quickly took it from her and stuffed it in her pocket, without Mac noticing.

“I dunno, we can sit somewhere and enjoy our food, I guess.” Callie offered, to which her sister agreed. So, as it slowly got dark, the girls sat on a bench close to the maze, throwing bits of food to their Pokemon and watching them play, and try to bite each other, in the case of Callies Pokemon. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, it was pitch black, and even a little airy. Callie zipped up her leather jacket, wrapping a scarf tightly around her neck too. She then dipped into her pockets and pulled out her remaining three pokeballs, calling her Zorua, Sandile, and Venipede out.

“Okay you guys, time for the maze. Remember our rules, don’t get lost.” She told her Pokemon. She and her sister stood at the start of the maze with a few other people, then, when the air horn sounded they were off into the maze. The winner got a food voucher or something dumb like that, so Callie didn’t bother herself by racing frantically into the maze, her Pokemon, however, dispersed through the maze quickly after the horn went off. Unknown to Mac, Callie was actually having them loot the lost maze-goers. She followed behind her sister past all the twist and turns, she was surprised at how good her sense of direction was. “Geez, do rangers teach you how to zoom through corn mazes as well?” She said sarcastically.

Mac laughed as she pulled out the remainder of her pokeballs, calling out her own pokemon. The 4 Riolu and Pichu came out from them. All of them started to run through the maze exploring around, the Pichu happily perched on Mac’s shoulder. “Knowing where you’re going when your loss is the best way to get out of getting lost.” She pointed up to the now starry sky. “Following the north star is the best way,” she explains. “The exit is north of us, so it comes in handy,” she said with a small hum ignoring the sarcasm in her sister’s voice. Mac stopped for a minute and grinned at Callie. “Ready for our own game?” she asked. “See who can scare the other first? We can part ways here and make our way out, who either scares the other or makes it out first wins,” Mac explained.

The Riolu stood at Mac’s feet all looking up to the younger sister each grinning to each other, particularly Striker, Mac’s shiny Riolu, and Buster, Mac’s Aurora colored Riolu. Both of them took off deeper into the maze. “Please be careful guys don’t get lost!” She called after them before looking back at her sister. “What would you like if you win?” she asked an eyebrow raised curiously.

“If I win, you have to buy me new spray paint,” Callie demanded. She looked down at her own Purrloin, Bonnie, who always remained by her side. “See you on the flip side.” She smirked, then ran off in the other direction. The minute she turns the corner she stopped running and rolled her eyes. “I’m 14, I don’t play kids games.” She then caught sight of a group of frightened teens.. their pockets looked pretty heavy… they must have wallets and phones in them. Callie smirked, looking at Bonnie who grinned back. “Let’s make this maze worthwhile.. at least..”

After about fifteen minutes of pickpocketing people, then sending them off in the wrong direction, Callie decided to get back on track- Mac was probably close to the finish already if she hadn’t already found it. Callie huffed quietly, knowing she’d have to run to make up time so her sister didn’t get suspicious. She let out a sharp whistle, calling her Pokemon back. The five others arrived back after a few moments, dropping watches, bracelets and dollar bills down at their trainer's feet. Callie stuffed the items in her bag, placing the money in her pockets, she then called back all her Pokemon, besides Bonnie and Clyde. “Good work guys.” She then zipped up her bag and began running through the maze, she’d barely began running when she suddenly bumped into Mac, she shrieked loudly, falling flat on her butt and causing the stolen items to fall from her pockets.

Mac let out a grunt as she stumbled back catching herself, only a small box in her own bag fell out of her bag, the box had popped open when landing on the ground, the lid breaking off, showing an eyebrow ring, one end having a purple gem on it, the other black with a small black skull on it, as well as a couple gem filled bracelets and a choker that had a small stone carved skeleton. Mac shook her head to get her surroundings back before she saw her sister on the ground. She rushed over and quickly leaned down to help her up. “Callie you okay?” she asked before looking at the ground around her and a disappointed sigh left her. “Of course,” she said quietly. She kneeled down to start picking up the jewelry and some of the loose money. She gave up arguing with her sister a long time ago when she did this stuff, she grew used to it. “I’m gonna return these. I’ll talk to you outside the maze,” she said standing back up making her way to the end of the maze. Her team helped her pick up the items and follow her after. Located not too far from the younger sister sat the box, the bracelets, and choker resting on the ground beside it, the piercing still inside the box, hidden just little ways under one of the crop leaves. A little note was on the inside of the broken lid, reading “Happy Birthday Callie.”

Callie said nothing as she watched her sister leave. She felt awful.. she knew this would happen, yet she did it anyway. She couldn’t resist the temptation.. she let out a heavy sigh, her stomach riddled with guilt for letting her sister down. She knew she was a horrible person, she made her sister feel awful. “It’s her own fault for caring too much..” she mumbled, attempting to convince herself that she was at least somewhat in the right. She picked up the jewelry her sister had dropped in front of her, reading the note before crumpling it up in her hands and throwing it to the ground, a single tear falling down her face.

“I don’t deserve her.. the same way my parents don’t deserve me.” She said to herself as she continued out the maze. She stood at the exit of the maze, her sister had left by this point. Callie sighed, taking her pokeballs out of her backpack and putting them in her jacket pocket, along with the jewelry that her sister had got her. She planned to return it to the store, so at least Mac would get her money back. She swung the bag filled with only stolen goods off her shoulders, dropping it on the ground at the exit. Hopefully, the owners would find it, and if not, at least it was someone else’s problem now...
[Adv. BB] Through the Golden Fields Feat. Midnight
Trainer Apps: MackenzieCallie
Your Pokemon: 
Special Lucario, Special Riolu, Pinkan Riolu, Pichu, Riolu, Shiny Riolu
Guest Pokemon: Shiny Purrloin, Purrloin, Venipede, Salandit, Zorua, Sandile

Subject: Bulletin Board
Word Count: 
Items used: None
ClientTeam Thorn Admin Roxy
LocationAn abandoned field somewhere outside of town
Eligible Jobs: All Jobs + 1
RequirementRoleplay with your partner about your trainer and one of their pokemon trying to navigate the super creepy maze that Roxy has set up!
Expiry Date: October 16th at 11:59 PM EST 
Random Number (1-100): N/A
Character doing Job: Mackenzie

"One of my favorite fall activities is corn mazes! This year I've grown a really complicated one that I need someone to test out before I open it for customers!"
Callie, Bonnie, Clyde (c) MidnightCollies 
Mac, Luke, Flora, Spark, Strike, Cleo, Buster (c) Me~
Approval App: Pumpkin
Name: Pumpkin
Sex: Female
Type: Standard
Creation: MYO
Hatch Location: In Kindle's Paws in Town

Personality: Currently Pumpkin has just hatched, so it hasn't developed, but currently Pumpkin is sweet and acts innocent, she'll end up getting dirty in mud. She usually acts really silly and is a little clumsy at this age, tripping over her own paws. She may be the current baby in the family, but she doesn't let that stop her from exploring. She enjoys cuddles too, especially in Mama Kindle's mane.

Ah fall, the crisp season with falling leaves, blue skies, and chilled air, it was Annona’s favorite season. She just loved the unique smell that fall brought to the farm. Perhaps that’s why, even with all the work she had on her own farm, she had offered to pitch in to help a local farmer with his pumpkin harvest. She couldn’t just leave a fellow farm owner hanging like that after all, oh well, at least she could to have a partner who also was helping with the harvest. Speaking of which, where was her partner? She hadn’t bumped into them yet, though she had been chasing Sage, her Eevee, around quite a bit since she arrived.

Coming along with Ann that day were her Eevee, Sage, Peony, her Sylveon, Clay, her Mudbray with a small cart attached to him, and lastly, a Pokemon that joined her farm recently, Marigold, her Rockruff. They were quite the ragtag team of Pokemon, but each had a role to play in helping Ann like they did on her own farm. Sage was good at spotting things if they were missed, Peony kept Sage in line, Clay pulled a cart to carry things, and Marigold, well she was there mainly to learn to help more.

“Remember Marigold, we’re here to make sure we help get as many of these pumpkins harvested as possible, not play.” The Rockruff looked a little crestfallen, considering Sage got to run around, but he was being scolded at that moment by Peony too. So, Marigold just gave a happy ruff and rubbed her stones against Ann’s leg as a sign of affection. “Good girl,” Ann smiled, reaching down to pet her head before looking back up, “Our partner should be here any moment.”

The young adventurer had trouble waking up this morning but when she had realized the time she was rushed out of the house, telling her younger sister goodbye before anything. Mackenzie ran quickly down the path towards the pumpkin patch. “Oh man, we’re running late, come on Luke!” Mackenzie said looking back behind her, keeping pace with her was her Lucario, Luke. The Aura Pokemon rolled his eyes before barking at her. “Hey! I didn’t mean to sleep through my alarm! I swear I had it set correctly!” She defended. She slowed to a walk as they got closer looking over through the patch. “Look that must be here over there,” she pointed before looking back at Luke who crossed his arms over his chest.  “Come on now, we’re not that late, we rushed as fast as we could, let’s go get introduced and say hello!” Mackenzie said with a smile to Luke. He soon gave a small smile of his own before he walked over with his trainer.

Mackenzie waved over in her direction. “Hello there! Um, I apologize for assuming, but I’m guessing your my partner for harvesting the pumpkins correct?” she asked before rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. “I was supposed to meet her here about 10 minutes ago, but my alarm hadn’t gone off and I slept in,” she laughed her explanation. Luke stood behind her shaking his head a little before returning a small smile to the trainer and her pokemon that were with her.

Ann turned in the direction of the voice, she had been looking out over the pumpkin patch to get a vibe of what was to come, plus she just loved crops. “Hm? Oh! Yes. I was waiting for my partner to arrive. I had hoped I didn’t wander too far from the front of the farm. Sage gets a little too excited sometimes and likes to dart off.” She gestured to her Eevee, then her Sylveon, “Peony keeps him in line most of the time.” She walked over to bridge any gap that was left and extended her hand. “I’m Annona, but you’re welcome to just call me Ann. I have a farm of my own a few miles East of here.” Clay gave her a snort, the Mudbray clearly trying to correct her, “Er sorry, South East. Clay’s very particular about directions, but he’s a great wagon puller.”

All that left then was her Rockruff to be introduced, who clearly noticed the last of being mentioned and started to tug on Ann’s pants leg, giving small whimpers wanting acknowledgement as well. “Oh! And this is Marigold, she doesn’t really like to wait at home so she kind of follows me everywhere.” She chuckled a little as Marigold puffed herself all proudly only to run over and rub her rocks and neck fur against the newcomer’s leg, a sign of affection and greeting.

Mac laughed a little before she leaned down before scratching the Rockruff behind her ears. “Why hello there,” she said with a gentle smile. She looked up to Annona, “Name’s Mackenzie, but of course you can call me Mac,” she smiled before standing up straight again, she indicated to the bipedal pokemon right behind her. “This Lucario here is my own Partner, his name’s Luke, I have the other’s too!” She pulled the pokeballs from the belt that was around her waist before tossing the five pokeballs into the air. “Come on out everyone!” She said. Soon popping out from the pokeballs were 4 Riolu, two looking extremely different while the other two looked completely normal, followed by one little Pichu.

Mac pointed to each one as she said their names, “The Pichu is Spark, my Pink Riolu is Flora, the purplish one is Buster, and these two are Cleo and finally Strike.” She said with a smile. “We’re all here to help with the harvesting!” She said, “And again I apologize for being late! We’ll make up for it for sure!” she said happily. “Where should we start?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet all of you.” Ann said as she glanced at each of the Riolu and the Pichu in turn. She was a little surprised by how many Riolus Mac seemed to have, but it was a good kind of surprise. “You really don’t need to apologize though, we’ve got plenty of time to get all the pumpkins harvested.”

Peony gave Ann a tap with her ribbon, when the Sylveon stepped out into the light more it was apparent she wasn’t just your typical Sylveon, she was actually rather special herself. She gave a point at the pumpkins and then towards Ann’s wrist as if to say they needed to get a move on anyway even if there was time.

“Oh right, I do have to make this week’s dinner preps tonight, so we can’t take too long.” Ann had completely forgotten her typical weekly schedule, oops. “Alright well, I suppose starting at the furthest end and working our way back would be the smartest choice, that way we feel more like crossing a finish line at the end.” She pulled out a small paper that had a blue circle around a select patch, “This was the one that we were asked to take care of, and with everyone’s help I know we’ll get it done in no time.”

Mac nodded. “Alright then!” She grinned towards Ann before stepping over heading towards the end of the patch. “Come on everyone!” she calls out to her team. Her team quickly followed behind, most of them smiling happily. “Rio!” Called out Cleo as she raced past the others. “Pi Pichu!” Spark said jumping along the top of the pumpkins before jumping up and landing on Mac’s shoulder. Mac looks back to Ann as she stood among the pumpkins. “So are all ready for harvesting? Or are there some we’ll have to leave to finish growing?” She asked just to be sure.

“Rio!” Flora asked before lightly tapping the top of one of the pumpkins, a hollow sound easily heard, the other Riolu gathered around some different pumpkins each ready to pick up a pumpkin and pack them to the wagon. They each waited through for a command to start harvesting them. Luke stopped at one of the bigger ones right beside Mac and looked back towards Ann. “We’re all ready when you are, I just absolutely wanted to be sure on harvesting them all,” Mac laughs a little bit.

After catching up with the energetic bunch, Ann took a look at all the pumpkins. “I don’t see any large green or vibrant yellow patches so I’d say they are perfect for plucking.” She crouched down looking at the one nearest her, the color was perfect for a pumpkin for this season, such a lovely orange color. “Back up the wagon slowly Clay! You don’t want to run anyone over.”

Looking rather offended that Ann even said this, Clay the Mudbray slowly backed the cart up towards the group with a heavy snort after lining it up with them all. He gave an impatient stomp of his hoof, not that they were in any sort of hurry, he just was being stubborn and salty.

Meanwhile, Peony, Sage, and Marigold started to work as a team to gather the pumpkins. Well, at least for the most part they worked as a team. Sage and Peony seemed in sync with each other, both pulling at the same time, Sage holding some on his back while Peony balanced it with her ribbons. However, Marigold seemed unsure of how to help them. She would try pulling with them only to roll back and tumble against another pumpkin with a whimper. Eventually though, she was able to pick up a smaller one in her mouth, half dragging it to the wagon all proudly.

Mac laughed before she leaned down and picked up the one directly in front of her. Luke followed the process and picked up his as well. “Shouldn’t take us too long with all of us working together,” Mac said walking over to the wagon, the adventurer made sure to watch her step, making sure no pokemon got underfoot, or there weren’t any other pumpkins in her way. She set the pumpkin down inside the wagon, she stopped for a minute and thought. “Luke!” She called over as he looked to her. The Lucario walked over with his held pumpkin. “Mind climbing in and moving them to the back? We can make a some kind of assembly line,” she asked. Luke tilted his head and soon nodded, he stepped up into the wagon and moved his pumpkin and the one that Mac brought to be back of the wagon. Mac moved to pick up the next one and handed it to him which he set down near the others. “That should help us out a little faster, that way we don’t have to keep climbing in and out,” she said looking to Ann.

Flora looked among the different pumpkins, watched as Cleo and Strike helped each other, as well as Buster and Spark. She wasn’t as strong by herself, and there wasn’t really anyone else on the team to help her.“Rio,” she said quietly soon her attention was brought to the young Rockruff dragging the pumpkin. Her ears perked up a little and she rushed over. “Rio ri?” she asked curiously offering to help her carry the pumpkin to the wagon.

Ann blinked, seeing the teamwork between Mac and Luke. It was pretty impressive, reminded her of her Pokemon when they helped her on the farm, which just made her smile as she watched for a moment. “That’s a wonderful idea. It also keeps us from piling too many in one place and then having to move them in the end. Plus then they can be stacked up better so none of the smaller ones get squashed.” She brought a pumpkin over, offering it to Luke for in the wagon. “You guys are really a great team, all of you.”

When Flora came over and offered to help Marigold, her tail instantly started to wag. She stopped dragging it, letting go of the stem to give a happy Rockruffy bark of thanks. She then once more grabbed the handle in her teeth but instead of dragging it, she waited for Flora to help however she wished to help. Marigold felt a lot more confident that someone wanted to work with her, she was still trying to get the hang of doing things with others so it wasn’t often someone worked with her voluntarily.

“Looks like everyone makes a great team.” Ann said amusedly as she went to get another pumpkin, passing by Sage and Peony as they brought over their’s for the wagon. “So how did you meet your Pokemon?” She asked curiously, attempting to make small talk.

Mac looked over to Ann for a minute to think about the question before her smile grows a little bigger. “It’s a different story for each of them, Luke, he’s been my partner for forever, ever since I was little. He was given to me as my father, then I got Spark as my starter once I got my job, everyone else I’ve met and asked them if they’ve wanted to join my team. My father is very familiar with the use of Aura, him and his own Lucario, I’ve wanted to have my own team of Lucario and Riolu for forever and I’m well on my way,” she explains with a bright smile. “I’m happy to call them my family.”

Flora smiled wider and walked over picking up the opposite end of the pumpkin. She rotated it so she was walking backwards while Marigold was walking forward towards the wagon. “Rio!” She said happily, watching her step as she directed Marigold. When they got closer she looked up to the trainers. “Rio!” She said catching their attention to try and get some help getting the pumpkin into the wagon.

Ann smiled, nodding as she listened. “That’s amazing, kind of like my own story actually.” She chuckled and bent over to pick up the pumpkin from Flora and Marigold. “Thank you, you two.” She gave them each a pat on the head in thanks after putting the Pumpkin in the wagon. “When I was a little girl I grew up on my family’s farm, my dad gave me a Mareep, she’s back at the farm, who is keen on not evolving.” She smiled and looked at the others in her group. “The rest, we just kind of found each other along the way. It’s kind of neat how no matter the different paths someone can go down, there are similarities down each of them.” She picked up another pumpkin, just continuing this casual talk for a little while longer.

Marigold was so happy to have been praised by her trainer, thanks to Flora’s help, that she started running in circles a moment, barking happily and then jumped on Flora to rub her stones against her affectionately in thanks, soon darting to another pumpkin. She wanted to do another good job before all the pumpkins were picked.

Peony and Sage looked at Marigold, both of them shaking their heads at her. Sage was mildly perplexed by the Rockruff’s energy, while Peony was rather amused. Marigold reminded her of Sage when he first joined the farm. The two of them placed another pumpkin at Ann’s feet, who put it in the wagon. It looked like the wagon would be full soon, the pumpkins picked.

“Yeah it is,” Mac agreed with another kind smile as she picked up one of the remaining bigger pumpkins. Luke was getting closer to the edge of the wagon as it filled up, most of the pumpkins managing to fit within it. “It had looked like this wagon wouldn’t of been able to handle all of the pumpkins,” Mac laughs a little before handing the one she held to Luke. Luke set it down towards a space at the bottom of the pile setting some smaller ones on top to make more room for the remainder. “This wasn’t as hard as I thought, was a good way to interact with everyone.” She grins. “We’ve been working a lot on teamwork.”

“Rio!” Flora calls out with a pokemon like laugh before nuzzling back in return before Marigold had jumped off of her. Flora jumped back to her feet quickly and followed after the pup to one of the last pumpkins in their section of the patch. She helped Marigold pick it up and they made their way back to the wagon to put one of the final pumpkins into the wagon with the others.

When the two had gotten over, Luke jumped down from the wagon grabbing the pumpkin from them and setting it on the top before closing the back of the wagon. Mac dusted her hands off against each other. “And there we go!” She smiles. “All done and ready to go.”

Sage scurried over, using Peony’s help to jump up in to the back of the wagon and drop a tiny pumpkin he had found on to the wagon. He also took this chance to make himself at home and comfy because after all that he didn’t want to walk. “Eevee!” He called to Peony who soon joined him in the wagon, very dainty like.

“It was an excellent way to build teamwork huh?” Ann looked around at the Pokemon, smiling at Marigold. “I’m really glad you were here to help. I think you and your team were just the team to help Marigold learn the importance of hard work and teamwork.” She picked up the little Rockruff, who was smiling and her tail wagging excitedly. “Now we have plenty of time to go home and make dinners once we drop the wagon off with the farmer.” She began making her way back down the path to the front of the farm where they had met up.

“Ruff!” Marigold was so excited at the thought of food, but then again, she didn’t want to leave her new friend either. She wiggled free of Ann’s grasp, running back to Flora with a happy bark, wagging her tail, as if to say thank you. Marigold had had a lot of fun doing this, she didn’t really want the fun to end, but food was a calling that all of Ann’s Pokemon seemed to answer to in a heartbeat. So, she steadily followed along behind Ann, half wanting to stay and half wanting to go home.

Mac chuckled. “That it was, we might as well join you in dropping off the wagon before we head home ourselves. If you are ever needing help on your own farm though, we are free and happy to help. Besides it’s nice that Flora made a new friend outside of our team. She’s usually really shy of new pokemon,” Mac explained as they walked down the path out of the pumpkin patch heading towards the house that stood right along the edge.

Flora’s own tail wagged happily, a bright smile on her face. “Rio rio!” She said as she and the remainder of their team followed after Mac. Spark ran on all fours before jumping up and making himself comfortable perched on Mac’s shoulder. “Pichu pi!” he said small sparks flying from his cheeks.

Mackenzie laughed again. “I think all of these guys would enjoy either helping or just hanging out again. Say we do a lot of hiking through the forests around Ivywood and we know it pretty well. Would you like to join us on one some day when you’re not so busy on the farm?” Mac asks as she stopped once they reached the gate to the farm. “I don’t know too many people in town, surprisingly especially since I’ve lived here for over ten years,” she laughs sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. “It would be nice to hang out with others, and I hope that doing this basically qualifies us as friends.” “Rio rio!” Her pack of Riolu said in unison towards Ann and her pokemon all of them waving happily as if saying they did want to meet again. Mac smiled holding her hand out to shake with Ann. “What do you say? Until we meet again?”

“I’d say it definitely qualifies us as friends.” Ann smiled softly, extending her own hand and taking ahold of Mac’s to shake. “I like that idea. I think everyone here would agree that it’d be a lot of fun to meet up again.” She agreed, giving Mac’s hand a shake now. Once the handshake was done she unhooked the wagon from Clay. “And a hike does sound like quite a fun thing to do sometime, Sage loves the woods, it’d be nice for him to get out on them more.” She watched as Marigold once more gave an affectionate friendly nuzzle to Flora before picking up the Rockruff to head home. “Until next time then. I’ll-” A snort came from Clay, “We’ll be looking forwards to it.”
[PTS Adv. BB] Pumpkin Harvest Feat. KinaEclipsed
An advanced RP done with the amazing KinaEclipsed! I had fun with this and it was great having you chosen as a partner! Hope we can team up again on a future Adv. BB!! X3
Trainer Apps: MackenzieAnnona
Your Pokemon: 
Special Lucario, Special Riolu, Pinkan Riolu, Pichu, Riolu x2
Guest Pokemon: Rockruff, Special Sylveon, Sylveon, Mudbray, Eevee

Subject: Bulletin Board
Word Count: 
Items used: None
Client: Young McDina
Location: Pumpkin Patchwork Farms
Eligible Jobs: All Jobs + 1
Reward: Pumpkaboo
RequirementRoleplay with your partner about your and one of their pokemon helping harvest some pumpkins.
Expiry Date: October 2nd at 11:59 PM EST 
Random Number (1-100): 45
Character doing Job: Mackenzie

"Hoi there! If you have some time I could really use some help harvesting these pumpkins for market. We've had a bumper to bumper crop and could use some extra hands! I'll even throw in a free pumpkin on top for the help!"
Ann, Marigold, Clay, Sage, Peony (c) KinaEclipsed
Mac, Luke, Flora, Spark, Strike, Cleo, Buster (c) Me~
[PTS] Mackenzie App Art
I love this team so much, and am extremely happy with how it came out! Just to update Kathrine's application now :heart:
Trainer Apps: Mackenzie
Your Pokemon: Special Lucario, Riolu x2, Special Riolu, Pinkan Riolu, Pichu
Guest Pokemon: None
Items used: None



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