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[PTS Adv. BB] Dance! (Feat. Sami-Fire)
Cerise was definitely excited when she saw that there was a dance company that opening its rehearsals to the public. Naturally, she had an affinity for the arts, and dance was included! She was open to doing some dancing herself, if they let her. When she entered the dance studio, it was with Raine the Espurr and Simon the Taillow in tow. Raine came along because he was Cerise’s partner that came along with her everywhere, and Simon came along because birds and dancing made sense to her on some level. Either way, she thought that the duo would be good partners to have in a dance studio.
With Raine and Simon behind her, Cerise practically skipped into the dance studio, and was standing around trying to figure out where the dancers were. She was taking a moment to steady herself, however; she needed to have poise around others who were poised.
Small footsteps ran in the direction of the trainer and her two pokemon, and appearing down at her feet was a small elephant pokemon, waving
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Proud Boi
Axel got a couple upgrades! And Axel has officially lost his baby spot :meow:

+Leaf Spines

+Cub Ears


[PTS Trade] Little Feathery Friend
Trade with Oylnum! I enjoyed drawing this and am happy with how it turned out! It's their DnD sorcerer, Ashaya, with her owl! This was for a trade through PokemonTownship~!
A Promise Broken
Rushing hasty through the halls sounds of fighting and roars came from outside the castle, loud bangs came from the front doors of the castle as the guards tried to keep the enemies at bay. There had been two different attacks the first used as a distraction to get the king out to help his subjects. That left the Queen at the castle alone with the guards where it was safe. She cradled the young Koopaling in her arms when she heard the shouts outside, though they didn’t disturb the one that was sleeping.

Glancing out the window she caught the sight of smoke and light from the bottom of the castle. “How about we move away from here little one, get you somewhere safe,” she said in a soft voice not wanting to sound panicked. Her and her husband had talked through this in case something was happening. She made her way quickly up a set of stairs before reaching the next floor.

Looking back behind her she heard shouts and it made her move a little quicker. She came to a wall and pressed a brick in, it was a small room inside was a crib. She took a breath setting the child in and covering him up comfortably. “You’ll be safe here,” she said with a smile. She looked back once more hearing the noises getting louder. She had to distract them- they couldn’t find him. “I’ll be back soon... I promise.”

She stepped out of the hidden room and pressed the brick again, the hidden door sliding back into place. The Queen then picked up the pace, switching quickly to all fours to run even faster. She stopped at the doors that lead to the nursery and rushed inside, closing the doors behind her. She felt like she knew why they were here. She caught her breath and looked at the doors taking a step back as soon as the doors came open, her eyes narrowed a growl escaping.

“Faufaufau,” the laugh came and through the smoke that came in from behind him as soon as he stepped through his face was revealed. “Lord Fawful has arrived!” he introduced himself. The small creature looked around the room noticing the female Koopa in front of him her as she glared and let out another warning growl. “Female Koopa have so much fury. I have heard of a little Bowser being hatched.” His grin grew even bigger.

“You will not dare harm my son!” She let with a finishing growl at the end of each word, she stood ready to guard acting as if her son was still in the room. She got down in a protective stance causing the new enemy to laugh.

“Koopa alone does not stand a chance against Lord Fawful,” he said before his expression changed and he glared at her, pulling out from underneath his robes a wand showed up. The Queen tensed up a bit at the sight of it getting ready to fight. “Prince isn’t in here is he?” he asked. “Fawful should’ve figured Koopas would hide Prince.” His fingers traced the end of his wand, a light soon coming off it getting brighter by the second. “Then Fawful shall take the next thing that is in the King’s heart!” He moved the wand behind him as the light was now blindingly brighter. Fawful moved it fast in her direction and the light escaped making its way over to her.

The female Koopa moved out of the way quickly, she wasn’t going to escape without a fight, she had to hold him off, even if her son was hidden she had to keep him distracted. He may just try to look for him after fighting her. “Bring it!” She growled before dropping to all fours and making a mad dash for the enemy.
Takes place before: The Rescue
And that's where I'll end this story! 

This is part of the fight where King Bowser lost his wife, and Prince Bowser Jr. lost his mother. She gave it her all to protect him even if it meant the end of her own, she didn't want her son put into danger, and she lived to that. For years Bowser had kept her secret from his son, the pain of bringing her up always pulling at his heart. He also ordered no one in the kingdom bring her up and he would himself at the right moment. The moment came though once the Koopaling Squad found all her stuff in a hidden tower and BJ went to his father for questions. :meow: Have fun with the feels train~

Bowser, Bowser Jr., Lord Fawful (c) Nintendo
Avril (c) Me~
Trouble Comes in All Sizes
Get to know the Koopaling in mine & MidnightCollies Koopaverse!!
This was a huge collab done between the two of us! I sketched and lined while she colored! We're both happy with the end results of this group pic!
Order Left to Right:
Iggy Koopa:
The brains of the bunch, creating many different inventions for his those in the group, Iggy is one that thinks up a plan and wants to stick to it. He isn't one to get down and dirty, but he's happy to loan his inventions to his siblings and the twins. He'll stick in the back of the group sticking to his own plan unless it has to come to his twin brother Lemmy, he's protective of the younger twin, afraid of where his small size will take him. Iggy wields the light yellow wand, this wand allows him to toss out green colored fireballs and gives the brainiac a few moments of super speed.
Lemmy Koopa:
The smallest of the 7 Koopaling siblings, he's a ball of energy and is often found balancing on a yellow ball covered in darker yellow stars. He's often confused and has a little trouble seeing, but that doesn't stop him, he enjoys making his siblings and friends laugh and that comes with often making his own jokes. He enjoys having some fun, this small koopa wields the green wand which allows him to shoot larger and bouncy yellow balls to toss at his enemies and throw them off.
Gemmie Gina Koopa:
Gemmie is one of the most uncontrollable of the koopalings, while most are eager and quick to follow orders, Gemmie is slow and easily distracted, and of she’s doing something else she focuses on getting that job finished first. She’s ever so slightly feral, doing things such as eating with her hands, misusing the most basically of cutlery and even walking on all fours occasionally. Gemmie is all about having fun, if something bores her, she’s likely to walk away from it or sit and complain until she’s not bored anymore. Gemmie wields a mint green wand which she uses to make illusions and small distance portals, which comes in handy for attacking.
Larry Koopa:
Larry is one of the calm of the minions, he enjoys a good laugh and having fun with his fellow koopalings causing trouble to the neighboring Mushroom Kingdom. He'd rather reason with others than try and go in causing havoc first, but that only comes when around other Koopalings, when the Mushroom Kingdom is involved he'll enjoy blowing something up and torturing some Toads along with it. He holds the orange wand which allows him to shoot sky blue colored fireballs, the wand also allows him to jump a lot more higher than any of the other koopalings and he'll use it to ricochet off the walls when he makes contact.
Ludwig Von Koopa:
The leader of this fine squadron, he'll take point in the group especially when they are out on the field causing trouble. He butts heads a lot with the young prince often thinking Prince Bowser shouldn't lead the group thinking he's just doing it on his own and just to order them around. He thinks of BJ as a spoiled brat thinking he just wants to get his way and what he wants for sure. He usually doesn't take none of it, most of the koopalings in the squad hate it when Bowser Jr. orders them around. Ludwig holds the blue wand and it allows him to shoot out lightning often leaving a paralyzing effect on his opponents when attacking.
Prince Bowser Jr:
The young prince of the Koopa Kingdom himself, there are points in which he enjoys being around the Minions often joining them to cause havoc on the neighboring kingdom. He'll order around the other koopalings, but he does enjoy their company even if he refuses to admit it to them. Bowser Jr. is known for breathing his own fireballs when it comes to facing enemies with the Koopaling Squad. He may be on the short end for being young, but that doesn't stop him, he's known to be really ruthless and causing trouble to those that aren't subjects within his kingdom.
Daria Koopa:
This young koopa is the only known winged koopa within this minions and would rather have her hands on some bomb-ombs than a wand. She enjoys watching and causing explosions. She's been known to cause some sort of explosion in the castle at least once a week. Daria is really good at timing and knows when to have the squad out of the way before a bomb-omb explodes, she's a pro. Don't make her mad because she does have a temper on her still having some savagery from her time with Lord Fawful. Royal or not you threaten her or especially her sister your asking for a broken arm or leg, your lucky to just get a punch in the face from her.
Wendy O. Koopa:
The only female between the two clutches her parents had, but is one of three girls in the Koopa Squad. Out of the three she is the most feminine, often wearing lipstick and nail polish. She tries hard to get makeup on Daria and Gemmie but often fails. She's still as fearsome as her brothers though and enjoys the havoc when it comes. She's not too much of an action koopa though mostly using her wand to get her out of tough events. Wendy holds the purple wand and it allows her to shoot golden rings towards any opponents and these rings tend to shock whoever they touch.
Morton Jr. Koopa:
Morton is more brawn than brains, he'd rather punch first ask questions later. He enjoys fights and violence more than his siblings, so when any of the Koopa Squad starts the fight he'd rather encourage it to continue than put a stop to it. No one knows why he's like this, but he's known to also be the first line in when they decide to storm the Mushroom Castle if anything and he makes quick work of any Toads and guards. Morton wields the red wand and uses it to call on spiked balls in which he'll use to attack.
Roy Koopa:
The coolest of the cool within this group, he's one that, as well as Daria, is known for his explosions, but his specialty comes with using Bullet Bills in his own hand carried canon. Sometimes he and the winged Koopa in the group will join in together on causing one major explosion. They get along like two peas in a pod often borrowing explosions from one another. Half the time no one in the castle knows who caused an unknown explosion within the castle walls. Roy doesn't use it too much but he holds the black wand which allows him to cast strong energy blasts towards those he attacks and when making contact they'll leave off an explosion. Roy uses his wand as a last resort since he enjoys using his canon more though.
Headcanons (Reason for changes):
Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, and Ludwig have the same general appearances. Some of them also got some muscle added to them which was Ludwig, Morton, and Roy. These three also got some spikes added to their tails.
Bowser Jr. (BJ) was one of the most major changes. We first of all changed the Prince's age. Instead of being somewhat of a young toddler he's older around the age of the Koopalings. He was also given a couple spikes added to his tail to mimic those of his father's. This help fit the lore of our Koopaverse more and what we came up with for the fanon. 
Wendy was another one that got more details added to her, we first of all added some hair on her. Why does the only girl in the Koopaling Squad not have any hair? So we added some, we also changed her heels to more of a sandal like heel. We also liked the idea that Wendy paints her nails a lovely shade of pink and she keeps them filed down.
Morton and Roy just got some minor changes, they stand up straight a little more than in the canon Marioverse. It was just a lot easier to draw them this way in my opinion. It was my decision to add this to their design. The two also gained some spikes to the ends of their tails.
Koopalings (c) Nintendo
Gemmie, Coloring (c) MidnightCollies 
Daria, Sketches/Lines (c) Me~
Koopaverse, headcanons (c) Me & MidnightCollies 




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