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Basic Info

Full name: Santona of the Sunflare

Additional names/Aliases: Goddess of the Faith

Age/Age Equivalent: 3007 (36)

Birthdate: January 1st

Height: 6’2” 
(Beast Forms) 15’

Weight: 120lbs
(Beast Forms) 300lbs

Gender: Female

Background Info


  • Proud
    • Composed
      • Spiritual
        • Maternal
          • Stern
            • Eloquent

Santona was always destined to be loved, worshipped by the masses in her realm for being a beautiful shining dragon of light and all that is good. as well as walking among her subjects as a beautiful woman. It was no wonder she grew to stand upon a pedestal of moral and magical superiority over her little people, whom she loved just as much as she patronised. But she was still young and naive, with little experience of the world. And when danger threatened to wipe out her entire race, having gone missing and returned as horrible beasts, she was forced to defend her home from the outbreak by slaughtering her own race in the name of the greater good. She was hailed a hero of the land, the beast slayer who put an end to the apocalypse.

But it did not come without cost: Santona suffered a bite from one of them during her battling, and found herself succumbing to the same wicked illness. But she was too good a ruler to go down frightened and alone. She bode her time with deep meditation and herbal relaxants to tame the beast taking over her long enough to find the treasures that would trap the beast behind her holy soul's might.

The Academy: Santona is known as a benevolent Goddess, but she does love to share her wisdom to disciples, the chance to teach at the Crossroad of every known universe is too much an honour to turn down for someone else to snatch up. When she was contacted by Genjy to fill the role of Celestial Arts Head Teacher she jumped at the opportunity. It was only right that if they needed the best, that would be her.

Ability Info

Species: Wendigo & Divine Dragon Hybrid; Dragons of holiness are rare in her realm and revelled for their majesty and power, it wasn't known they could be infected by the Wendigo curse until it happened to Santona.


  • Divine Magic Knowledge- She is considered quite the master of her trade.
    • Dragon Form- A Majestic beast of flight and light magic, her scales reflect light in a blinding ray and she can blast holy fire on her foes.
      • Wendigo Influence- A hidden darkness trapped by the holy shackles and trinity stones on her body.


  • Sin magic- The Wendigo within can hear those that prey on temptation.
    • Dark Magic- It is both weak and strong to Light Magic in a harmonious balance.
      • Shackles and Stones- She relies on these to contain the Wendigo.
        • Dragon Pearl- In her office there is a crystal ball that looks to contain a condensed sun. This is the source of all her power and she must protect it. Destroying it would cut off her connection to her holy magic until she could go through the ritual to bless and create another one.

Important Items:

  • Dragon Pearl- For reasons mentioned above, it's the source of her power

Academy Info

House: Celestial Arts

Companion: Ezyira; Rainbow Serpent- A male anaconda of shimmering amazing colour that likes to laze on her work desk and protect her Dragon Pearl.

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She's such a beautiful goddess, she has so much floof to the point that it looks like clouds are behind her. I love her design and concept but would really like to see her beast form when the time comes to it. Though based on her personality alone, I bet it'd be really intimidating to have a casual conversation with her.
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Picture her laying or sitting on that fluffy flowing tail like a cloud cushion cuz she totally does! 
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A queen that deserved to be revered

Petition to have hours of worship for the literal Goddess
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Prayers for legs looking that good in stockings! :dummy:
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Floof dragon lady! 👀
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👀👀👀👀 Ye!
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