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Takua takes revenge

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He did it! And it was not very difficult for him. ))

I don't hate HF. I just... don't like it. It's still hard to realize that Bionicle could have been replaced with such a uninteresting and substitute product. Still, some comics were good - thanks to Greg and Damaso. Greg managed to make those stupid stories look good enough, and Damaso's style greatly supplemented Greg's work.

Well, how it happened twice: firstly I read the first comic of every half-year story (actually, issues 1 and 5) and came to conclusion, that everything is not so bad... Then new Tinseltown Toons series released and all illusions were loudly crashed.

So-o-o -- this picture is kind of my answer to Bionicle replacement and to all who thinks that herofactory is better! =)

Bionicle, Hero Factory © The LEGO Group
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I like both HF and Bionicle but think this picture is pretty humurous! :)
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On the bright side, one less villain for the Hero Factory to worry about, but DANG that was screwy! Even Stormer was stunned to see that much strength in one Matoran!
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MakutaZuulHobbyist Artist
BIONICLE 1 - 0 "Hero Factory"
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dr-dread1234Hobbyist General Artist
RIPOFF, literally
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RyanonicleStudent Artist
TAKUA SMASH!!! The Incredible Hulk :shakeloki:  WIP PLZ Emoticon: Hulk Smash Hulk Smashes Loki 
This is why I don't have a hero factory folder, it just goes in with bionicle
Now I suddenly want to see this happen in the canon reboot
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RainDHStudent Traditional Artist
Element protectors rippin some hf-heads off? =)
This one in particular biosector01.com/wiki/images/th… he's gotten some attention saying he's the new Takua
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RainDHStudent Traditional Artist
Oh god, this face... XD I think I'll try something with him soon.
I am an inspiration aren't I?
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This is amazing
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S9y1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hero factory should just die.
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Spartan545Student General Artist

Heroes: How can something that small be so strong?


Tahu: Because he's a Toa of Light!

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I'm looking at this while listening to old Bionicle songs, dramatically increasing the awesome factor for me. As for my opinion of Hero Factory: I don't like it, but don't hate it, either. I'm kinda in the gray area of "I don't give a flying damn" here. However, Takua, Jaller, , Hewkii, Newparu, Vakama and Onua were always favorites of mine.
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cutemute34Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My personal opinion was that Bionicle was on the downward swing already, and while I'm not happy it ended in the first place, I'm glad it ended while it still had some dignity intact.

As for Hero Factory, I think that it's a good idea that they took in a really stupid direction. If they'd treated it with a somewhat more mature mindset, instead of the power-rangers-esque thing it is today, it could have been a lot better.
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I totally agree with you, mate. Shame Bionicle couldn't have gone out on the same note it started with...
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Marsthemusiclover Traditional Artist
Well, I don't dislike HF, I'm actually ok for the most part with it ^^ Don't get me wrong, I love Bionicle forever and have always loved it since it first started off, but they did run for almost *if not even more* 10 years. I still love them to this day, but I think that we should all smile because of the legacy that Bionicle left behind, not cry because it's over. It gave us great happiness and saddened us when it ended, but I think it had a good run while it lasted. I was slightly iffy about HF, but, while their story isn't as good as Bionicle was, it's still decent *personal opinion*. I kind of wish we could all get along like good human beings/Bio-Hero-whatever people and end this conflict, or maybe I'm asking too much. :shrug: On the picture though, very well drawn and very well detailed ^u^ I never knew Takua would lose it like this D: I love Teridax's comment. So like him, the undeniable King of Shadows :worship: None the less, Great Job and keep up the good work! Bionicle Forever! :iconpeaceoutplz:
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BioTronicDudeHobbyist General Artist

you are an epic artist doing an epic drawing

congratz your a badass now XD
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Koona-9Student Traditional Artist
Aww Little Takua, and is that Tahu cheering him on? Really good. :XD:
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TimscorpionHobbyist General Artist

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plasmaumbrareonHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i like them boht evenly. but,with ripping off von nebulas head,i would do the same,cuz hes not really much of likeing since hes such smart elic.
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Night-of-Any-ArtHobbyist Artisan Crafter
wwwooooaaahhh...............it took me about two minutes to digest the whole picture.
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