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Seriously, stop it.

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Sorry for the stamps, drawings coming soon. P:
I hate comments like these:

''You aren't a true pokemon fan if you don't like the 1st generation''
''You aren't a true MLP fan if you hate/don't like a certain character''
''You aren't a true -insert tv show/video game/band/etc here- if you don't constantly obssess over it''

No, just no.
You might be a huge fan of something, and someone else might be just a casual fan, but you're both ''true'' fans.
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I'm looking at you fans of bungies halo

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i once saw a meme about one of my favorite animes where it showcased a pedophilic ship and it said, “if you don’t ship this, you’re not a true fan of the show” or something like that. and i was like WTF! 
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So true! From the tweet of BestinSlot's Twitter account; https://twitter.com/BestInSlotYT/status/1134815878837678080

"This type of rhetoric does FAR more harm than good. People who disagree with your opinion don't necessarily do so because their aren't 'fans'. That's incredibly conceited."

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The "true fan" rubbish is peak gatekeeping.
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I hate the Star Wars fandom because of how toxic and rabid it really is with so called "true fans" who try to define what it means to be a real Star Wars fan which means hating on the sequels, updated trilogies, and prequels. To them, if you love those things along with the classic Star Wars, then you are not a true fan :roll: Whatever the hell that means.
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If your a fan of something you are a true fan!

It doesn't matter if you haven't read all the comics, watched all the movies/episodes, or played all the games 
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Perfect! Exactly!

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Thank you for making this statement! I'm a Zelda fan, myself, but I don't like Ocarina of Time (yeah, I said it). If anyone were to complain/attack me for it, or say that I'm no true Zelda fan, then they're proving themselves to be nostalgia blind. And I HATE nostalgia blindness!
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Basically just another form of the "no true scotsman" fallacy, which i agree is stupid and needs
to stop.
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I hate those DBZ fanbrats that think you aren't a "true fan" unless you hate Supreme Kai and ride Vegeta's dick.
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I rather ride Brolys dick, sorry i had to XD but i do agree with you
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I wish you can like comments. This one is gold lmao.

I think Shin’s cool.
And Vegeta is a pretty top-notch asshole.
Let’s see the DBZ fanbrat’s reaction to my opinion.
(one bitchy scolding later)
...guess I’ll die.
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"You're not a true Star Wars fan if you like the sequel trilogy."

The Star Wars fandom needs to be with the "true fan" BS.
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I actually like the sequel trilogy, and the prequel trilogy. I like all three trilogies.
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"You're not a true fan of DanganRonpa if you don't like Junko Enoshima".

Note: I hate Junko.
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You're a true fan if you like it. Simple as that.
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The Sonic fanbase say "True fans" like it actually means anything anymore.
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Agreed! good example of this is when "You're aren't true Warhammer 40k fan if you're crossover this with anything else" and "you're Aren't true Happy Tree Friends fan if you're ships Petunia with anyone else instead of Handy or Flaky with anyone except Flippy"
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The Sailor Moon Crystal fanbase, especially with its butthurt manga purists need to read this.
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i do like sailor moon crystal and sailor moon, but i'm not a butthurt fan.
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I see. That's good and I respect your opinion on Crystal (I really only liked season 3).
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