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+ Laptop Paint Tutorial + 10m
By RainCookie   |   Watch
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Published: May 19, 2008
© 2008 - 2019 RainCookie

Q: Why aren't you sanding it before hand?
One or two deviants posted a comment asking why I didn't sand it. I (or my dad) actually did when he accidentally spilled some paint drops onto it but it didn't seem like much. He only sanded down some areas and the others were left alone and recoated the clear rubber spray coated. It's been past two or three weeks now and no paint is peeling or rubbing off and good as new.
Long story short, if you want to sand it, paint holds better so it should be longer lasting--but I disagree with some who claim the paint's going to start peeling after a week or two because mine isn't. Do what you want :0

Q: What laptop is this?!
Sony Vaio PCG TR2L (2004), 11 x 7.6 x 1.4" with a 10.6" screen that weighs 3.1 lbs.

...idk D: that's what the info says.



As a thank you for 10 million views, I present you with a random tutorial 'u' !

Despite all the drama people are making for no reason over pageviews, I really thank everyone for visiting my page and leaving me nice comments about my work :] ^__^ Thanks guys!

I've never seen a laptop repainting tutorial so it seemed intresting when my dad asked me if I wanted to. LOL. I know most people tend to just buy a new laptop once theirs seem old or out of date (which is how we got that laptop shown above in the tutorial; my dad is in the computer business) but seriously D: If it works and does the job, why would you get a new one? '-';

If you have any questions concerning this, leave a comment, no need to note me ^^ :]

And I apologize for some of the blurry images D: I didn't know they were blurred until after I put them on the computer ._.;;
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sweetchocoolat's avatar
you have vaio like me haha

sleepycuber's avatar
wow very useful. im getting a brand new hp laptop. idk if u know about them but there the ones with the little bubble design...its cool and all...but kinda.... (girly-ish...shh!!). well anyway i want to make it white. with silvery sort of designs. do u have any suggestions on how to make fine/delicate designs? also i dont have that much experience with paints so i was wondering if regular old spray paint was ok. (in my limited experience ive seen spray pain come out sort of...sticky when it dries...)
hasoon004's avatar
hasoon004Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thankss...This is useful...Thank you sooooo much :D....
UnikaKittyMuffins's avatar
UnikaKittyMuffins Photographer
I Just realized your running Ubontu! Cool. WHat version?
Starblades's avatar
Starblades Digital Artist
I want to buy a laptop just to try this *-*
punkettegurl09's avatar
Now I can't wait for my laptop to be thrown everywhere LUL.

I'll definitely try this someday <3 Maybe when I get some paint for my laptop. What should I draw though? 8D
RainCookie's avatar
Maybe your avatar? It's adorable *u*
Gaani-Hatchinto's avatar
OK, what if you have an HPtouchsmart and it doesn't have hinges, it swivels.
RainCookie's avatar
Hmm... good question D:
Gaani-Hatchinto's avatar
I'll go get my hammer.... XD
i-like-toast-more's avatar
so handy! thanks for posting this. i've actually been whining about how scratched up my laptop is and now i can do something about it! huzzah! :D
RainCookie's avatar
Awesome! :highfive:

Hope it goes all right! :] Tell me how it goes ~ ^^
ginnalishus's avatar
if i ever took my laptop apart.
(or, if i could manage to figure out how to take my laptop apart)
i wouldnt be able to put it back together... xD

so no painting of laptops for me D:
RainCookie's avatar
lol xD I probably really wouldn't either D; Unless I got help from my dad xD;;
ginnalishus's avatar
it seems parentals are the solution to everything :D

most of the time.
aacrazy's avatar
aacrazy Digital Artist
ur laptop was cool the way it was before. why did u change the color and the logo?, I just dont get it :(
but i guess its good if u have an ugly computer.
Mysticbynd's avatar
MysticbyndProfessional General Artist
Does this tutorial work for macbooks? I know that they have a smoother surface than books like vaios...
RainCookie's avatar
I'm not exactly sure because macbooks usually have clear thick plastic over the actual color (or so with the ones I've seen)

I can't say for sure :c sorry
havockid's avatar
haha awesome tutorial D:
im just too afraid of disecting the computer in the first place ><
tats the hard part D:
how do u connect everything back together again @_@
bah D:

oh well i dun have a laptop nyway XD and if i do it to the desktops ahha.. im sure i;ll get screamed considering they are macs :P

i wanna do sumthign bout my iphone though its so darn scratched T_T help?
MrNicholas's avatar
MrNicholasStudent General Artist
wow!!!! this has to be the only one of these i have ever seen and i really like it!!
MrNicholas's avatar
MrNicholasStudent General Artist
yur welcome!!
:D i really love your styff!!

im gonna go and watch yu now!!
anonymous's avatar
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