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Korra and Balsa

Korra(Legend of Korra) and Balsa(Seirei no Moribito).

If they meet,I think they will become good friends.

And Balsa would be a good teacher :)
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oh my god ....... my wife and my wife's wife Bunny Emoji-79 (Shy Blush) [V4]

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That is a real nice one - I would love a meeting of the two :)

I want to ask in a humble way, if I could
- set the colors on black & white
- print and
- recolor this artwork (with credit to the artist) to learn more and do my actual best to do justice to your artwork and the scenery?

You can see some examples in my own 'gallery'.

Best wishes
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Thanks for ask, it's ok if you credit me and my artwork link :)
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Thank you so much 🙏 I have done my best and had fun ^_^

You can see my version at:…
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Balsa is so cool, that she doesn't need bending or magic :)
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yes!!!!I thought it is a project what Korra need! She can teach Korra strong inside,not outside (bending)Clap  
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Balsa is awesome, not enough of her on here! Korra is a fan too. :D (Big Grin) 
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La la la la we are fans toooooo
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Korra, you Balsa wanna be XD
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I think Korra could learn a lot from Balsa, mainly about patience.
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You're right :D (Big Grin) 
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Two great female heroes!  Their character designs seem similar to me as well.
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I adore these two characters. Great mashup!
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I've always imagined that these two would get along very well too.  Great pic! 
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Never noticed the similarities before, and I like both of the characters crazy much. Korra could use a level-headed mentor like Balsa. (Sorry, Tenzin, you're too excitable.)
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 Oh yes, I think so,too. :D (Big Grin) 
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Korra so excited
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Kora: Wow! Whoever said "never meet your heroes" was so wrong!
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I love both, this is cute Love 
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Wow, you're very right. I never thought about this. eager:
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ahhhh! Balsa fanart!   *squeels and faints*

yes, they would be good friends~
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Eye of the Tiger is playing in the background of this picture--I'm sure of it.
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