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Peachy Cream screencap redraw

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Dcf9yud-638da8be-b2fd-43eb-a2d7-878c135b1528 by RainbowTashie 
Nowhere near as cute but I tried >.<
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I really do like your art style. There is something unique about it. Perhaps it's the shading and lighting. Regardless, this is a good redraw in my opinion. 
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Thankyou thats really kind of you to say x
I really have no idea how to shade/lighten correctly i just kinda roll with it hehe

I am a bit discouraged that it hasnt seem to have evolved too much this year but im sure it will in time x
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Well, I am glad you haven't quit. You will improve if you stay dedicated enough. Just take your time and it will come eventually. I'll stick around to see your future art also.
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its more that i haven't given any time to simply improving. Just repetition will get you so far, but it needs dedicated time to learn new teqniques.
My commissions have been quite busy so in my down time i didn't really want to draw more and practice new methods, instead I wanted to pursue my other hobbies, then there is the problem of my laptops's power. But thankfully the latter will be solved soon with a hand me down much more powerful one when me and my partner can work together :3

I really appreciate that. It's nice knowing I have your support, I enjoy your company x
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Ah, now I understand. I am not much of an artist, thus I can't provide too much advice. But I hope the new laptop does wonders for you. I know my new one does. It doesn't lag at all.

Thanks, I am glad you don't mind me. I try to be supportive and caring for the people I like. In a friendly sense that is. I'll be around if you ever want to talk about anything. 
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I'm sure it will my current one is terrible i don't know how it runs at all :P

Well you have been aplenty and it hasn't gone unnoticed x 
Same here ^-^
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I am not sure it'll help, but the laptop I use is an HP brand. It cost over a thousand American Dollars to afford, but it truly has been worth it. It's power is incredible with no slow down so far. I am certain it's great for art. I don't know if they anything like that at where you are, but I do recommend the brand if you do come around it. However, the price itself may be an issue. If you can't afford it with your currency, I am certain that there are plenty of other models that may be able to serve its purpose well enough.

Thanks again. I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to speak with someone I may rely on. I'll see you soon.
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They are very cute. Good job, RainbowTashie.
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thankyou so much x
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Ah!!!!  So beautiful!!!!!  Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Thankyou so much i love getting feedback from you <3 <3 <3
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Nah its too cute *-*
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She is really adorable for her nice cute eyes she has ^^ nice redraw :D
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thanks so much x
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Viewing the thumbnail for this image, it doesn't look quite right, but when you look at it in full - it is certainly very cute and well looking :heart:
Les détails sont tout!

Another very rare cutie (I know of 1 image on this site and only a few "externally") with these great earthy colors - and those eyes! - that almost no artist wanted to work with for some reason.

Very lovely :3
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It might be cause i never usually draw from that angle i flipped the image back and forth so many times while making it :P
When you showed me that pic i thought she was super common but i must've missed her i had no idea she was a raremare :O
I know it's a real shame x I just love beiges/peaches/browns I think <3 you know she's cute when i get my butt to actually work on something right now :P

Thankyou x
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Aw, this is still adorable!
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very nice job capturing this ^^
super cute
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