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RainbowSnowHeart's Commission Information

If you are here it means you must be interested in a pony plush. Well, if your wish is to have a life companion pony to hug and cuddle with then I can help you! I believe they can bring the greatest joy to people. Wanting one myself is one of the reasons that got me into plush making too, and I know how having such a plush can literally be life changing for many.

Life-Size is 39''+ (99cm+) of pony height from hoof to top of the ears/mane for standing pony, and 50''+ (126cm+) length from hoof to hoof for laying down ponies.
is around 22'' (55cm) standing pony, hoof to top of ears/mane

Price: Starts at €1000+ for adult life-size ponies. For half sizes average estimate around €500.
Other ponies (fillies, princesses etc) TBD in the future.

Price will depend on pony complexity, actual size and gadgets/clothes/optional if requested.

I use the best materials I can acquire and strive to make my ponies as durable as possible as they are meant to be cuddled and handled. Due to that, they are very flexible and even if they cannot quite stand on their own they can be moved around in different positions and satisfy all of your cuddling needs! The standing pattern in particular is very dynamic for cuddles, and can also just sit on the couch beside your desk, smiling at you and welcoming you home from work every day. Or even sit on your very lap when watching movies!

Important information

If you commission me at the moment keep in mind I am still quite new to plush making. Although I have completed a few plushies so far which turned out well enough for me to feel I can deliver a good product, I still have a lot to learn. For example, I currently do not have a laying down pattern ready yet, but if somebody requests that I will get right to work to make it happen and I am confident of being able to do so, which is why I am offering that option. That goes for everything else as well, if you want a stallion, or some specific details or optional do not hesitate to ask about them, as chances are I will most likely be happy to accept the challenge and learn what I need to make it happen. This learning process though means that it might take a bit longer to deliver a plush, if it has several aspects I still need to learn about and the result may vary in style as I will be trying to improve my patterns with every plush I make.

>> At this very moment I will not take commissions in chronological order, but I will pick the projects that I believe I am able to deliver best, which means ponies with relative low complexity, or a limited number of "new things" to learn <<

Main plush information

  • Made with soft Shannon cuddle 3 (Will offer faux fur for mane/tail as option later on) and stuffed with soft, high quality polyfil.
  • Eyes appliqued with either satin (more shiny, lively looking but arguably more delicate) or Kona cotton, and 3D or 2D eyelashes, at commissioner's discretion.
  • Cutie mark appliqued with minky for best blending in with the body and softness to the touch.
  • Weight! The ponies are quite heavy as I put bags of poly pellets in their legs, which also helps with stability in certain positions. The weight might make them harder to handle though, so I will offer the option of lower weight if preferred (or even higher if that is a preference).
  • Any extra details, modification, outfits etc will be considered and discussed about it's feasibility.
  • NSFW modifications accepted! Discuss in private for specifics and details.

Payment and Terms and Conditions

Payments will be handled through PayPal, unless that is not an option for the commissioner, in which case we can discuss other ways of payment. I will require an upfront payment of material costs after the commission has been agreed on, before I start any work on it. In regards to known canon, SFW ponies, payment can be completed at any time but must be paid in full before shipping.

>> OC's, NSFW and more obscure canon background ponies will require full payment up front before I begin work on it and no refunds will be made in case of cancellation <<

This is because while the canon ponies can still be sold if a commission is cancelled, that is not so easily true for OC's and modified ponies.

In the same way, if I feel the plush might be hard to sell if the commission is cancelled, even if it is a canon character I might request partial or full non-refundable payment before the pony is completed.


A commissioner can cancel their commission at any time before the plush is shipped out, and any payments after the initial materials payment will be refunded except PayPal fees.
The materials payment may partially be refunded only if and when I sell the plush, that is to protect me from having to return money of my own because the first payment was already invested to buy materials.

In case of cancellation of any plush (OC included) I reserve the rights to complete the plush and sell it.

I also reserve the right to cancel a commission myself at any point in time if problems arise, with full refund issued if problems are on my side.

Additional terms of service:

  • Changes: Ideally you should be very clear about what you want before work on the plush has started. During work, only very limited changes can be made, mostly on pieces not started yet. I will listen to your requests and try fulfill them but I reserve the right to not modify the original design and to request additional payment if the changes I agree on require additional materials or work time.
  • Shipping: The price does not include shipping.
  • Import taxes: Every commissioner should research their own country's import fees, I am not responsible for any extra costs the commissioner is required to pay to acquire the plush.
  • Damage: I take no responsibility of any damage done to the plush due to shipping or commissioner handling. There will be no refunds for plushies getting damaged. I might consider in the future to offer repair service, for a small fee and payment of shipping costs.
  • Resell: You are not allowed to make profit off my plushies. If one day you feel you would like to give it away, you may resell it only at lower cost of what you have paid. Or gift it to a friend.

Additional Information

I will by default be posting some of the work in progress (WIP) images about projects in my WIP gallery. If you do not wish that to be the case, if the plush is a gift or such, let me know. Generally I won't be posting that many there, and most WIPs will be shown privately to the commissioner so that they can be kept updated on the work and discuss with me about the progress of the plush or anything related to it. These images are for private use only and not for sharing.

If any delays arise I will make sure to keep you updated. Also, due to living in a very small space with limited storage I will most probably be unable to work on multiple ponies at the same time. That means that while I might be able to do some kind of non space-invasive work on another commissioned plush during any downtime of the first one, generally I will have to complete one full plush before I can start really putting together another one.

Commission requests

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note here or email me at and please describe as best as you can what is it you wish, so I can not only make a correct price estimate, but also have it easier deciding if I can take up the challenge. Especially in regards to OC's as many reference images as possible, from different angles (if available), would be very welcome. Let me know as well about outfit, gadgets and provide me with a reference image of the eyes expression you would like your pony to have. I will not do open mouths, but I might consider wide grins and smiles showing the white teeth.

Do not be afraid to message me to ask about anything! I will be more than happy to discuss with you about the pony you want, and make sure I can deliver to you the perfect waifu! :heart:

>> By commissioning me you agree to have read and accept all that is described in this document <<

© 2016 - 2021 RainbowSnowHeart
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